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Offering help in overcoming the significant challenges facing pubs is the key theme of Pub Mentor, the brand-new joint initiative from Coca-Cola Enterprises' Open More Business and the Publican's Morning Advertiser. This calculator demonstrates the gross profit advantage of trading up to 200ml juices or tonics from 125ml. The dashboard dial shows incremental profit advantage of trading up (assuming same number of units sold).
This calculator demonstrates the gross profit advantage of trading up to 16oz serving from 10oz. While the sheer volume of soda that Americans consume is decreasing, the number of bottles and cans that they are buying is increasing.
So, at Coca-Cola, the silver lining of Americans cutting down on soda is that the company can charge more per sip of Coke, as customers purchase smaller, less cost-efficient bottles. An additional hidden benefit of cutting down the size of packaging is that it gets Coca-Cola brownie points with anti-obesity advocates.
If you are a handmade jewelry designer and you haven’t yet heard the story of Origami Owl, please stop what you are doing and study this for at least a few minutes. From those humble beginnings, four years later Origami Owl had retail sales last year that surpassed, get ready…. From a business model perspective there are many reasons why Origami Owl has achieved this kind of success. That is, focusing on designing jewelry that has a built-in component that encourages REPEAT purchases.
The product encourages getting all kinds of charms to use with the locket, as well as many different styles of lockets that match a range of memories and emotions that a potential customer might want to express. If a current customer comes back to you after the original acquisition cost is made, you do not incur that acquisition cost again. Well, from a business standpoint that might be alright as long as what you are doing stays in demand and on trend. But what if trends switch away from your favorite technique, or a new trend emerges that you could take advantage of if you jumped on it quickly? Trends change all the time, but it can be uncomfortable to change directions from a technique you’ve gotten so good at. As it points out in this excellent article from Forbes, McConaughey completely transformed himself as an actor to play more serious roles. You are talented and you can learn new techniques, or you can take your existing favorite technique and present it to prospective customers in an entirely new way. So if you’re not having success selling your handmade jewelry, put your creative cap on and come up with some ideas for rebranding your business. If one doesn’t work, then throw it away and try another one until you find one that works. On the other hand, if you start the conversation with words that make it obvious that this is going to be some kind of sales pitch, your potential customer will smell that out quickly and then up go their defensive walls.
So why say something that puts up a wall between you and your potential customer when you can ask them a simple question instead that gets them excited and talking about something they love?

As jewelry designers you have the opportunity to use your talent and creativity to transform something that is ordinary into something interesting and beautiful. They teamed up with Japanese artist Yuko Kanatani to create a line of tights that is, dare I say, exciting!
So rather that thinking of your jewelry as necklaces, bracelets, and earrings, try thinking of some ideas about how those product transform ordinary things like shirts, arms, and hairstyles into something exciting and extraordinary. How does that beautiful necklace you created make the woman’s shirt more beautiful, interesting, etc.? This is the kind of marketing work you need to do to set yourself apart from other jewelry designers. This is the kind of work that forces you to build on customer emotions which leads to increased perceived value.
And that ultimately is what enables you to command higher prices and higher profits so that your business can grow and thrive instead of just survive. Do you think these special designer tights will be priced at the same level of the run of the mill boring solid colored tights? Do you think the product cost of the designer tights is significantly more than the boring solid colored tights? But Nike will pull in significantly more profit from the designer tights because they will command a much higher price. Just as Nike does, you too have to constantly be thinking about how your jewelry designs ENHANCE the value of other things your customer owns, and how you express that value in a way that resonates with your target customer.
Now I would invite you to think about the target customer for the F-150 (hint: males who like powerful machines), and the risk that Ford is taking by making this switch. Now, it’s very possible that the new aluminum panels are actually stronger than steel.
Instead, I predict they will invent a new word for the aluminum alloy they are using, a word that sounds tough, and work relentlessly to show that it is stronger than actual steel.
What words can you use instead of “beaded” necklace, for example, to enhance the perceived value of your designs? I can say from having worked with many jewelry designers that it is VERY easy to fall into the trap that Seth talks about here. Simply, they want to know what your jewelry is going to do for them, for example, make them more beautiful, make them stand out from the crowd, etc. That’s the storytelling that Seth is referring to and it is a MUST if you want to build a thriving handmade jewelry business.
Remember Coke’s example as a reminder of how easy it is to start focusing on internal issues of your business that have NOTHING to do with making your clients happy. I came across this on Yahoo today and I thought it was a great example of how a low quantity manufacturer has to price final items, and how a mass manufacturing company has to price items.
And then later in the article talks about Sofia’s collection at K-Mart priced at under $50. The point is that K-Mart can afford to use some type of Cost Plus pricing formula because they sell A LOT of quantity.

On the other hand, the designer swimsuit company sells much less quantity so they have to charge considerably more.
Yet, many handmade jewelry designers follow the same type of Cost Plus pricing philosophy that K-Mart uses. True, the multiple will be higher than K-Mart’s, so maybe using a 3X or 4X material cost pricing formula. But that still isn’t nearly enough to bring in profits that you need to THRIVE, not just SURVIVE.
However, the president of Coca-Cola North America says that’s a good thing for the company.
By serving smaller cans and bottles, Coca-Cola is able to do just that, without necessarily cutting sugar from the recipe. When you sell something you have to invest a certain amount of time and money to make that sale. This means that you massively increase your profit per customer each time a customer comes back for a repeat purchase. Which word invokes a more powerful emotional response that impacts perceived value of a jewelry piece: bead or crystal? Market indices are shown in real time, except for the DJIA, which is delayed by two minutes. Positioning the curser over a chart value will generally bring up the detail as a text box. Coca-Cola debuted "PlantBottle" packaging in 2009, which is 30% comprised of plant materials. The new PlantBottle that Coke debuted this week is its first to be made 100% from sugar cane plastic. Chicago Mercantile Association: Certain market data is the property of Chicago Mercantile Exchange Inc.
Though those are currently the only two sources of materials for its PlantBottles, Coke said it it also looking at converting fruit stems, peels and bark into plastic in the future. The company estimates that it has eliminated 319,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere as a result -- the equivalent of CO2 emissions from burning 743,000 barrels of oil or 36 million gallons of gasoline. The company says its goal is to exclusively use PlantBottles in place of petroleum-based plastic bottles by 2020. Heinz ketchup bottles, plastic cups at SeaWorld and certain test models of the Fusion Energi hybrid sedan use PlantBottle plastic.

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