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I'm all about helping you live in harmony with your gadgets, but every so often we all need a push, a symbolic shock, a wake-up call to recalibrate some aspect of life.
After offering a version of this quote to Lifehack, I realized that the quote is even more important than I first thought, so I decided it must be expanded and repeated. When the end of life is reached, almost everyone regrets not spending enough time with family over the years. Let this quote remind you of how precious life is and how fast time flies, especially when you have children. For more of my quotes, which are meant to inspire you to live happier and healthier, please take a look these posts containing my original quotes on love, happiness and success.
You'll also find amazing tips for living a healthy lifestyle with your personal technology in hand.

Superseller Pokemon Go was supposed to be launched on July 20th in Japan, but following an email leak, gamemaker Niantic decided to postpone the release date to avoid overloading in the system. Related Posts25 Amazing 3D Game Characters Design Masterpieces for inspiration UPLOAD HERE - User submitted images will appear in Daily Inspiration page.
Psychologist with a passion for offering the world the most actionable wellness tips available.
Please take a moment to think about how this quote relates to the life you've built, your digital habits and how precious time is to you. Just know that you're at high risk of missing out on countless chunks of time with the people you love just because you had to be on your phone. Greg Kushnick, the Founder of Techealthiest, strives to offer readers the most actionable tips on the web for living powerfully.

One of the reasons behind the email leak was due to the posting of launch details by it's sponsor's, which found it's way to the internet.
Many parks and several hotspots have been created, where people can walk around and gather weapons and power to make the game even more enjoyable. McDonalds is the first paying sponsor in Japan and it plans to allocate places in more than 3000 stores for people to actively participate in the game. So once the launch happens in Japan, there may be plans to extend sponsorship to other parts of the world.

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