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Once we imitate his attitude, true Christians will model their personal relationships on Jesus.
Christ was humble, in order to obey God and serve people, He was willing to give up His rights. When we see the need to serve others, we will look into the concerns of others, there needs to be the utmost subtlety. It is no more an intrusion in their concerns to inform them of their condition, and to attempt to lead them to the Savior, than it is to warn a man in a dark night, who walks on the verge of a cliff, of his jeopardy that is in store; or to arouse one from sleep whose house is in flames. In like manner, it is not meddling with the concerns of another to tell him that there is a glorious heaven which may be his, than it would be to inform a man that there is a mine of golden ore on his farm. The true purpose of life is to consistently channel your thoughts, decisions and actions to reveal your greatest positive potential that you were on earth to witness. Instinctively before discovering mind maps I used to read large amounts of text or books and simplify, often dramatically, right down to a single word to aid comprehension and recall.
Space Reading encompasses dilute to meaning; I use it to ponder chunks of text and I find that “keywords” tend to attract my attention even when reading text as a whole rather than word by word. Dilute to meaning is pretty much scan reading yet plucking out relevant words to grasp an overview and then, better still, incorporate the keywords into a mind map.
I hope you enjoy viewing my Mind Maps – there are hundreds more planned here at the Mind Map Inspiration Blog plus ongoing creativity and drawing tips. Also available: E-Books designed to help you create stylish and artistic mind maps of your own. If you know someone who could benefit from this post and others here at the Mind Map Inspiration Blog please share with them. In this brilliantly original and highly accessible work, Thomas Szasz demonstrates the futility of analyzing the mind as a collection of brain functions.
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Now, this is just one of the definitions listed, there are plenty others and they are not so pleasing.
The funny thing is that with this on my mind, I get on facebook and find a discussion on this very topic, thanks to a fellow facebook friend, Maxwell Lott.
I also asked some of my male friends and I have been laughing at the responses that I have gotten.
The Lord Jesus Christ should be our model, we should fashion our lives in harmony with His wonderful example.

It is when the poor, the fatherless, and the injured and the impaired must be sought out in order to be assisted and relieved. We should seek to alert the sinner, being perceptive to his needs, and lead him to the Savior. It is for the man's own interest, and it is the office of a friend to remind him of these things.
These low, menial tasks performed for others are done for them when they are unable to do the work themselves.
Strong's is a well used and well known dictionary which gives the meaning of the Hebrew and Greek words which were used. As we have looked further into the meaning of the Greek word that was used for 'mind' we have gotten a far deeper meaning. It requires an element of self-trust; feeling that if you are meant to read it you’ll see it. The danger is of course, that you can misinterpret or incorrectly “label” during the simplification, so you do need to practice and experiment with non-important matters. I like to extract a few keywords from the text and then review this small list of keywords before finding one keyword that encompasses it all.
A man has a good deal amount of knowledge about tools, cars, the outodoors, knows how to act around women by being a gentlemen, but is not always serious and can have fun with them. He has that image of outdoors, strength, confidence, and ruggedness, but what about his character? They are too tranquil and modest to press their situation on the attention of others, and they need that others should manifest a generous care in their welfare in order to relieve them. He does a man a favor who tells him that he has a Redeemer, and that there is a heaven to which he may rise; he does his neighbor the greatest possible kindness who informs him that there is a world of infinite woe, and tells him of an easy way by which he may escape it. The object of this reference to the example of the Savior is particularly to implement the duty of humility. During that period after bowing, greeting and kissing the guest is offered water for washing his feet.
We read in Strong's definition of the Greek word whose number is 5424 is: the mind or cognitive faculties. God wants us to have this understanding that we are to daily strive to have the mind or thinking of our Lord Jesus Christ. One of the recommended elements of mindmapping; using single keywords helps enormously in seeking answers. Using techniques such as 5W1H and mindmapping you can begin to summarise what you are reading or learning. Here on earth, He humbled himself to the degree that He without reserve died a criminal's death.

You can approach life expecting to be served, or you can look for opportunities to serve others. Each one is intrusted with a portion of the esteem of the whole, and the conduct of one member affects the character of all.
This is not an improper interference into their concerns, and it should not be so regarded. This was the highest model which could be provided, and it would make manifest and confirm all the apostle had said of this virtue. After the various greetings,a servant would help the guest by pouring water over their feet. After a re-read I discovered I hadn’t really missed much at all; in fact I had gathered the essence, yet I still found it tricky. Men are clean, well groomed, and can have a very short beard to portray that image of ruggedness.
We are therefore to promote, in every way possible, the welfare of every other member of the church. The chief foundation in the case is that we are to make the Lord Jesus our example, and are in all respects to frame our lives, as far as possible, in conformity with this great model. Then the servant, with his hands would rub the guests' feet and wipe them dry with a napkin. The point here is, that he left a state of unspeakable majesty, and took upon him the most inferior form of humanity, and completed the lowliest offices, that he might benefit us. Every member of the church has a claim on the sympathy of his brethren, and should be certain of always finding it when his circumstances are such as to demand it. They stand up for what they believe, take responsibility for their actions, help others, they are self confident, physically stong and in shape, have a sense of humor, generous, honest, and are considerate. Men are brave and do not need to show off for their friends nor do their sway their opinions because of their friends. Shit they dont know cause that definition change every ten seconds, While they laughin screamin adapt nigga adapt lol’   I have fun reading his threads. Now even if you are biologically a man, this does not mean you fit my definition of all the components of what a real man is.

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