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If you are familiar with any of the above, you can conclude that your mindset is rather on a negative default incline. You might not be aware of this, but just like physical exercise, mental exercise requires efforts.  Even those who may actually like to exercise would tell you that they still have to make the “effort” to get up and go. To push ourselves into thinking a certain way rather than our “default way” also requires efforts.  It’s a mental exercise and that can be hard to do, because our brain, just like our body can be lazy and resist such effort.
Because of the combination of both our negative thinking default setting and our mental laziness it’s not always easy to create positive thoughts in our head.  This is the main reason why it’s easier to entertain negative thoughts than positive thoughts. Do you know that most people out there think by default MOST of the time, meaning that they are almost never aware of what they’re thinking about, and therefore, not aware of the negativity that is constantly brewing in their mind? They are so entrench into negative thinking that is part of their life, and they don’t know how to think otherwise.
Most likely if you are what we would call a “normal” person, you like your house to be clean and without clutter.  You like your body to be clean and look good and presentable.  But what about what’s going on in your head?  How is it? I’m not saying that you’re some kind of pervert here.  No, I’m talking about the mental clutter that prevents us from being fully happy. I’m not talking about rich and wealthy here – as I mentioned above, many of such people still have a very crowed and messy mind.  I am talking about cleaning up the mess that clutters you mind and prevents true happiness to come in.
Become aware of the clutter in your head, and start getting rid of it by switching from a negative thought to a positive one.
As I mentioned above, it’s not easy to make the brain “think a certain way”, because it creates an effort.
If you’ve never ran before, the first few times you are going to make yourself run it’s going to  hurt.
However, after a while as it becomes natural for your body the hurt will subside and a better condition and muscles shapes will take place instead.
But just as physical exercise, the more you’ll practice, the easier it will become, and if you keep doing it, you can and you will replace your negative thinking programming into a positive one.
As I was reading your post Sylviane I had to take a moment and think back to the way I was raised and try to remember if my parents talked more negatively then positively. Wonderful topic as always Sylviane and I do hope that those who would really like to do better will take what you’ve shared to heart and start making those changes as well. I’m so glad that you became aware of your negative thoughts and changed things around.
I have my daughter who will be leaving to University in September and of course it is her first time to leave home and the family and OMG, all I think about is negative thoughts although I know how I raised her and I know she is a disciplined kid but still. Thanks though for mentioning that with practice we can overcome those thoughts and start thinking positively even if it will take energy, it is worth it to change as Life is only lived once.

However, we need to remember that thoughts are powerful and have the power to “attract”, so we don’t want to have them overpower us until we bring about negative stuff in our live because of the low vibrations that negative thoughts release in us. Try to test yourself and replace any negative images you have about your daughter going to the University by a positive image.
So while building the new muscle tissue takes some time and repetition, so do the brain’s neurotransmitters in response to different thought commands. Yes, those negative thoughts come from the way our society works, and it’s usually encouraged by the media that loves to concentrate on such worldwide negativity. When others talk negative I try to not give them fuel of response, it is just easier that way.
I’ve been around some people who totally sapped my morale by destroying my positive thinking about things I was happy about.
You said it all when you mentioned that mental exercise is just as hard as physical exercise.
We do have to be honest with our self and realize it is easier to talk negative than positive. Attracting positive vibes is never impossible despite how many misfortunes we may have gone.
When people find out that I speak 3 languages, the first thing I hear is, I could never learned another language. Although I sometimes experience negative thoughts, I usually go through life with a positive attitude. Have you ever wonder about this, and why is it important that you understand to know this?  But most of all how can we fix the problem?
For example, if your computer is set by default to open with a Google home page or a Yahoo home page that’s how it’s going to open to every time.  In order to change such home page default, you need to change the settings.
Are you someone quick to criticize others without giving them the benefit of the doubt?  Do you have a tendency to criticize people, gossip about them, as soon as they have their back turned?  Are you thinking the worst most of the time? This negative thinking by default affects everyone and anyone, wealthy and successful people as well.  As a matter of fact, I know of a lot of “successful people” who are very much affected by this as well. If you’ve never lift weights before, the first few times you are going to lift weights it’s going to hurt. She is a regular contributor to Huffington Post, International Living and Chamber of Commerce. It takes more energy to think negatively than positively yet that’s what many people do. They never pumped me up saying I could do anything but they never told me I couldn’t either.

My mother never told me that I couldn’t do something, but she never told me that I could do anything either. And as you mentioned, with practice we can get away with those, and turn them to the positive ones which we all want. They do not allow me to have a clear mind about people that I encounter and this prevents me from focusing my attention more rather than on other people. A lot of times worries will translate in lots of dark thoughts that we seem to be totally drowning under.
It has to do with believing what society (a collection of mind-related ideas based on fear, judgment, opinions and beliefs) tells us to think. At first it’s uncomfortable at best, but it will makes us feel better, and yes, stronger. I’ve went through exercises like this and realized that when I thought of a negative thought a little imaginary red flag went up in my head. In order to get to the mindset I have to really believe 100%, and once I believe, then it’ll just come naturally. As you said, once you put in the effort to clear out the clutter and starting thinking positive, it’ll be second nature to you! I admit that I tend to think more negatively than positively and I need lots of practice to do to get away from those negative thoughts that haunt my mind and it just doesn’t let us enjoy life as it is. This of course is the price we pay for living in a negative society where bad things do happen. Just like we build muscles in the body that may have been dormant for some time, the brain has neurotransmitters that need to be activated to new thoughts while the old ones that responded to negative thoughts have to stop being fed. When I realize that I cannot control others and it really doesn’t affect me in anyway if they are being stupid, it no longer becomes my problem. It would have been great if we were raised with positive thoughts and the ability to understand happiness is what we feel inside not material things or other people. I know of someone who was lucky enough to grow up in a rather positive environment and things have almost gone great with him his whole life. I remember when I was a kid my parents kept telling me I think I am Polyanna because I look at life in a positive manner.

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