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Professional Website Templates, Flash Templates, Custom Web Design Themes and Free Web Layouts. You will find a great deal of valuable information about our great website templates, latest releases, and professional advice on required systems and software to use. It’s calculated that more than half of the travelers purchase travel packages, book tickets and make hotel reservations online. Since travelling is always exciting and of great demand, travel agencies, airlines companies, tourism bureaus, and other vacation planning businesses need to have professional and eye-catching online presentation in order to attract more customers. The Willis Tower (formerly Sears Tower) in Chicago, with its signature black aluminum and bronze-tinted glare-reducing glass, was the tallest building in the world for nearly 25 years. The step-back design of the structure was designed by the architects as a direct result of Sears’ space requirements.
An assortment of features has kept the tower active, inviting, and efficient over its operational life.
CTBUH has determined that 106 buildings of 200 meters’ height or greater were completed around the world in 2015 – setting a new record for annual tall building completions. A group of 20 Belgian real estate professionals traveled to Chicago from May 25-29 to visit several tall buildings, and related developments as part of a CTBUH Belgium study trip.
A recent seminar of CCHRB, co-sponsored by CTBUH, thoroughly examined the question of how cities should deal with existing, outdated tall buildings.
For the third year, some of the sports challenged staff members and friends of CTBUH participated in the SkyRise Chicago stair climbing race. CTBUH staff braved the chance to climb up all of the 2,109 stairs to the 103rd floor of Chicago Willis (formerly Sears) Tower. This article describes some of the events which took place in the Council's long, and sometimes complex, history of measuring tall buildings. Members of CTBUH staff had a unique opportunity to see the in and outs of the Willis Tower (formerly Sears Tower) in Chicago.
Chicago’s Willis Tower, once the world’s tallest building and one of the city’s top tourist attractions, is up for sale.
Photographer Scott Olson captured an image of lightning hitting the Willis Tower on Wednesday night, June 12. Chicago is the birthplace of the skyscraper and artist Al Boardman has created a short film using motion graphics to honor five of the city's notable tall buildings.
Carmine Bilardello of Willis Group is interviewed by Jeff Herzer during the 2013 CTBUH London Conference at The Brewery, London.
Tony Long of CBRE is interviewed by Jeff Herzer during the 2012 CTBUH Shanghai Congress at the Jin Mao, Shanghai.
As one of the world’s foremost experts on supertall buildings, Adrian has contributed greatly to the development of this highly specialized building type. The ongoing and ubiquitous project of modernism has acclimated humanity to the universality of the tall building as a type. Biography about Lynn Beedle and the Council on Tall Buildings, narrated by his son David and shown during the first annual awards dinner. Over time, the average height of the 100 tallest buildings in the world has been steadily increasing.

Please enable printing background colors and images to preserve the full website experience when printing. In Internet Explorer, click Print - Page setup and check the Print Background Colors and Images box. In Google Chrome, click Print then check the Background colors and images box under the Options section.
In Mozilla Firefox, click File - Page Setup then check the Print Background (colors & images) box. It is common sense to at least try and sound like a human being rather than a corporation yet so many organizations hire ghostwriters and the personal touch is lost.
Automating the entire process to save time is also tempting but can backfire spectacularly as the owner of one marketing firm found.
A Connecticut fruit basket seller offered coupons for free chocolate-dipped fruit for the first 100,000 people to become fans of the company on Facebook. Mahalo allows people to post questions and offers cash to the person who gives the best answer.
Research suggests that the most active companies online when it comes to posting comments and replying to customers are also the most successful. Clearly, this is extremely beneficial because it keeps your company in the spotlight but by the same token you can’t post new comments every 2 minutes as this will only irritate your fans.
The above may seem to be disparate tips but they all have one thing in common: You need to be more active on social media networking sites.
I would have to say that Google Plus is slowly creeping up on facebook and Twitter, after all what google wants google gets. I am social lover ever since I was hit by a Google update and this post was really what I wanted to know and work upon. Below is a showcase of stunning templates created specifically for travel company websites.
Completed in 1974, Willis Tower set the standard for supertall skyscrapers around the globe, both in its innovative design and graceful styling. The designers were required to develop a building that incorporated not only very large office floors, which were necessary to Sears’ operation, but also a variety of smaller floors which would be more suitable for tenants requiring less floor area. From recently constructed skyscrapers to the modern marvel of Willis Tower, which held the tallest title for 25 years. For most companies, expanding their online presence with the help of social media simply means setting up Facebook and Twitter fan pages, posting occasionally and reacting calmly to negative comments. While outsourcing is often necessary for larger companies, they need to be strict with the messages that do get posted as the idea is to establish a rapport with visitors to your social media sites and the only way to do that is by engaging them in conversation and answering their queries with genuine concern. Unsurprisingly, every single coupon was snapped up within a few days with many of these fans becoming long-term customers of the company while overall sales increased dramatically. Give them a voice by conducting a Q&A session online using sites such as Mahalo, Yelp and Yahoo! Use this to ask important questions about your company that can be answered by customers for a $50+ reward. This makes sense since the modern consumer wants to be listened to and expects their voice to be heard.

They don’t want company updates to flood their Feed as it may cause them to miss out on items posted by their friends. Although we can’t guarantee that the effort you put in will be rewarded, we can guarantee that doing little or nothing will lead to outright failure. Take your time to browse through all the list and choose the one that matches your requirements best.
With 416,000 square meters of space, the building is comparatively large for its height, with its foundation and the first 50 floors taking up an entire city block before the building begins to narrow.
Meanwhile, a 2009 addition to the observation deck affords visitors with vertigo-inducing views of Chicago via “The Ledge,” a series of boxes with transparent floors that extrude from the top of the building.
However, you need to expand on the above if you really want your company to stand out online. When the cost of the merchandise and advertising are taken into account, it was a very expensive exercise but it worked! You are pretty much guaranteed to draw a huge number of respondents who will think long and hard about an answer and may well provide some insight into your target market as an added bonus.
The Facebook Fan Page is the prime example of how to market a company through social media.
You should also use the Insights tool on Facebook because it helps you to see how many people view your page and News Feed posts. This innovative design was not only structurally efficient, but it also managed to be economical as well. Although the Willis Tower was built in an age before sustainable design matured, the building’s owners have recently implemented several sustainable elements, including low-flow fixtures that conserve more than 38 million liters of water annually, and high-efficiency lighting systems that help curb electrical loads.
A New York company tried this but their IP address was tracked and it was fined $300,000 because employees posted false positive reviews without admitting that they were part of the company.
Your company may not have the resources to do something similar but you can try and do it for free. If you use this tool correctly, it will give you a closer connection with your customers and target audience than ever before.
It has proven to be a remarkably influential design typology, and has been used in most supertall buildings built since the Willis Tower, including the Burj Khalifa.
A bookstore in Oregon tried asking for Facebook and Twitter fans outside its store and managed to increase followers of both accounts twentyfold!
You can set up an account for free and answer questions about your business while discovering how many people are viewing your page.
Since anyone can ask or answer a question, the standard of replies is typically low so a well-thought out answer stands out.

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