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AboutWe are a $250mm early to growth stage venture fund focused on investing in advertising technology, financial technology, and security.
The site design was done by C2 Media, a digital agency that has been developing some of the best looking websites in the country. The listings also look somewhat too plain, almost like the entries were just imported from their offline database.
These negatives aside, the site is way better looking and more functional than the Directory Publishers’ own Yellow Pages website, which looks like a relic from the Windows 95 era. Would really be great if more local businesses launched great looking websites such as this one.
Very Nice website,but not sure if i really need an app for a directory,i think a mobile website is better. The current trends indicate that people prefer to use apps on smartphones, rather than opening websites. Except where otherwise noted, content on and from this site is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.
Assuring the overall success of “a project” from start to finish – from initial planning (sometime as early as the business case and budgeting) through to completion of the project (which may or may not include “end-user adoption”).
Assuring smooth communications and collaboration – within the Team and across the organization. Partial – “manage” the product backlog and burn-down charts.  They facilitate Sprint backlog planning and review meetings. My view is that in many smaller, development-oriented organizations (or stand-alone teams), there is not a need for the Project Management role.  I’ve also found this to be true in more mature Agile-oriented organizations where Agile has become the defacto approach for running projects – including non-developmental activities like operations, support, and planning.
As shown in the chart below, I believe that most of the traditional PM role can (over time) be handled by someone like a Development Manager combined with a Product and ScrumMaster. Implementing an Agile development approach takes more effort than just sending staff to Scrum, ScrumMaster, Product Owner, and PMI training.

Key partners enable Stussy to successfully launch its new Magento ecommerce website and create a unified customer experience showing you can be cool and smart. We learned that it doesn't matter how "cool" a website looks, if it doesn't function and isn't easy to navigate we lose potential customers along the way.
Stussy’s new website features an integrated blend of product visibility, branded content and user-centric shopping experience. With ecommerce moving to the center of many retailers’ strategy, ensuring their ecommerce website design is utilizing best practices like quick view modals, persistent cart feature or personalization are crucial in 2011.
With future plans to continue its expansion of its ecommerce business throughout Europe and Asia, Stussy will be leveraging the scalability of its Magento ecommerce platform and Rackspace hosting technology.
By choosing great partners like Digital Operative and Rackspace; Stussy is well on its way to executing on its future plans for mobile, social and other emerging technologies. When Shawn Stussy began selling hand-screened tees along with his surfboards around Laguna Beach more than 25 years ago, he single-handedly redefined what casual fashion looks like, and means. Digital operative is a boutique digital marketing agency that strives to create innovation, passion and relevance for its client partners through emerging digital platforms - social, mobile and ecommerce. Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases. The website serves as a portal to search for over 350,000 companies in their online database with profiles for Zimbabwean companies. We have tested the Android app and it runs smoothly but keep in mind it does require an active Internet connection if you download it. Take this listing of local internet provider YoAfrica for example, it would really be helpful if people could interact with the page; maybe rate the business and put a comment, or maybe check out related businesses, or even a link to save the contacts of the business to outlook or something. We have partnered with Zimbabwe Yellow Pages on this project, and will be continually working to update the site and the apps (including the BiNu app when it is ready).

As organizations and projects get bigger – or as projects become programs and span multiple Geos, cross organizational boundaries, or have distributed development teams, there is a need for a role that can handle cross-team task coordination, budgets, overall program status, risk management, communications, process change, and roll-out planning.
Located in Europe and North America, we specialize in dramatically improving organizational performance by addressing all facets of your project ecosystem.
The first to draw inspiration from the then very underground subcultures of skate and surf, and combine them with burgeoning music scenes, a work wear and sportswear aesthetic, Stussy fathered what is now an explosive product category of the apparel market. Offering services in the areas of strategy, design, marketing and development; DO continues to work with brands that want solutions born from collaboration and innovation.
Web Development Companies should provide cutting edge solutions to client, we are expert in giving best web solutions to our global clients..
The only shortcoming we noticed is that when one searches for a business they have not listed it only shows a blank page, without stating that the business is not listed. As we improve upon the quality of the data we currently hold, we will be adding features like mapping to the apps, and will offer a richer user experience on the site. They have many sister companies they have started under their belt and have come to us with all of their graphic design needs.
Stussy’s new website is built on Magento’s ecommerce platform and utilizes Rackspace’s hosting infrastructure to deliver a truly balanced approach for experiencing the brand and shopping for product. Andy also said on working with the team at Digital Operative, "DO understood the direction we wanted to move forward in. With offices in San Diego and New York, Digital Operative finds itself working with brands and companies all over the US.

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