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And what you generate the revenue for is just a varied as why you have a website in the first place. Perhaps you just want to make enough money to pay for the cost of the website, or perhaps you want to use the money to support a team, for donations, or for your church kitty. However you choose to spend the money you generate from your website, the bottom line is that there are a number of ways you can us it to earn income.
The nice thing about Google Adsense is that Google already knows what your website is about, and therefore they can automatically place ads on it that complement your website. For example, if you have a website about movie reviews, Google will figure out that people who visit your site are probably into movies and may display ads for local cinemas, or trailers for movies. If you already have a Google account, such as a gmail account or a Google+ account, then you are half way to having a Google Adsense account. Select the Business tools from your Google account and you will see a link to sign up for Adsense.
For websites with a smaller amount of traffic don’t expect to earn a fortune with ads.
With Affiliate Marketing you make a commission on a sale of a product or service that is referred from our website. Unlike Ads where you are trying to get people to simply click a link or an image, with Affiliate marketing you are trying to make a sale of another company’s product or service.
If you manage to sell the other company’s product, then the company gives you a commission on the sale.
Affiliate Marketing works best when the product you are promoting is a good fit with the topic of your website. Keep in mind that if you are going to promote a product by another company you need to do your due diligence and ensure that the company is reputable, because if people are not happy with them, then they will also not be happy with you. We chose Bluehost as our partner because they have such a great track record and we feel good about promoting them. Think of a product or  service that would be a good fit for your company then check out their website, or approach them directly to find out if they have and affiliate program. There are also a number of Affiliate networks you can sign up with and then pick and choose which products or services you want to promote to your website visitors. This might seem a bit obvious, but if you have a product, your website is the place you should be selling it.
That does not mean that if you are an oil company that you should be selling oil on your website.
When I was Executive Producer for Scholastic, the largest children’s book publisher in the world, the Web was a not fully understood by the higher management. Of all the means of generating revenue from your website, having content that produces recurring revenue produces the greatest amount of income. If you are service company then your main goal may be to promote and sell your services via your website.
One of the most direct ways of generating revenue from your website is to ask for donations. Adding every means possible may be a bit over the top for some websites, but mixing and matching ways to generate income is valid and accepted on for many sites. In as little as one coaching session, your clients can be purchasing your products or services from your webpage or email with a credit card, debit card, bank account or their own Paypal balance.
Install Buy Now and Donation buttons and make it easy for your customers to pay you online. Shopping cart functionality allows your customers to browse your selection and buy multiple items from your website. Set up Subscription and Recurring Payments so that your customers can order and pay for ongoing service or product subscriptions quickly and securely. Offer your products and services at an offline workshop or event and then process your customer’s credit card transactions with Virtual Terminal.
Point your customers to a customized Thank You webpage after their transaction is complete. And a very cool side effect our clients report after installing their first Paypal button is that their business feels real to them in a brand new way, because now they can officially begin receiving money for their products or services. Video surveillance in hospital settings can help provide high-quality, affordable healthcare. Following are ten use cases for video surveillance in hospitals using a Cisco Video Surveillance solution and the hospital's existing Cisco network. Healthcare facilities hire patient observers (sometimes called patient sitters) or assign staff to monitor patients at risk for falls or on suicide watch, and those who are confused or agitated.
Healthcare organizations can lower the costs of patient observation using high-definition (HD) video surveillance and two-way communications.
In crowded emergency departments, there is a risk that busy personnel might not notice when a patient loses consciousness in the waiting room, or when an admitted patient has not been checked at the required frequency. Drug diversion is a problem not only in the main pharmacy, but also in satellite pharmacies, dispensing areas on the floor, loading docks, and other areas of the hospital. Hospitals can also use Cisco Video Surveillance and Cisco Physical Access Control solutions to begin capturing video when someone enters a controlled area, enabling security staff to visually identify people using stolen badges. Some hospitals track infants by giving them a wrist or anklet bracelet with an embedded radio that issues an alert if the infant is moved outside the nursery or unit.
By deploying video surveillance cameras in nurseries and other areas, hospitals can capture the suspected abductor's image to include with the alert. Hospitals can also use video to monitor patients with diminished faculties resulting from psychiatric or neurological conditions, head injuries, drug use, and so on. Video surveillance also helps prevent theft and hoarding of equipment as diverse as wheelchairs, medical equipment, televisions, and furniture. To plan an effective response to pandemics or disasters such as earthquakes, hurricanes, or shootings, hospitals can deploy mobile video surveillance cameras on the scene, increasing situational awareness.

During the successful exercise in Oakland County, officials could view real-time video feeds from the dispensing sites for early awareness of problems such as too many citizens flowing into a particular dispensing location. Unnecessary healthcare costs result from false claims filed by workers or patients reporting falls, needle sticks, and so on. Video surveillance also helps hospital safety and facilities teams monitor parking lots and other public areas for break-ins and suspicious persons. Cisco provides all of the technology that enables the use cases in this paper, as shown in Table 1. The crazy popular augmented reality game Pokemon Go is now available for users in Malaysia via the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.
ARTE360 VR is a VR video application that shows you around various, beautiful places in full VR goodness. BombSquad VR for Cardboard is an arcade game with platformer elements where you must avoid all kinds of bombs, capture flags, and have a good time. Cardboard is the Google app that they recommend you install when you first get your cardboard.
Cardboard Camera is a Google app that allows you to take photos with your device for viewing on Google Cardboard. End Space VR is a first person flight shooter where you pilot a space ship and shoot down other space ships. Hardcode is a newer VR game and one of the few that requires both a VR headset and a controller game pad.
Insidious VR is, admittedly a promotion for the Insidious movies but the VR experience it provides is actually fairly intense and does well to show off the power of VR. Sites in VR is an application that shows you various landmarks from various countries in beautifully done VR. Titans of Space is a guided tour application that shows you around our solar system along with a few stars.
Today you can take Pac-Man for a stroll anywhere in the world on Google Maps (so long as there are enough streets for him and his ghost buddies to get around on). We know you’ve got better things to do today; but are they really as much fun as this? Drop in a few virtual coins here, and then look for the Pac-Man box which will appear in the lower left corner. We do not offer web hosting as that is not our expertise and so it makes sense for us to partner with a web hosting company, as anyone who uses our products will need to host their website somewhere. If you did not get a scholastic book through school you could get it through your local book store, and then through Amazon, but Scholastic would not sell books through their website.
You could offer free useful content, but then offer more in-depth content behind your pay wall. There are a multitude of Gurus on the web who tout subscriptions as a means of generating revenue from a relatively small amount of work.
But keep in mind that if you want to set up a subscription service to teach people how to climb Mount Everest, then you had better have climbed Mount Everest yourself.
Radio Paradise, a website that streams commercial-free music, supports itself purely from donations. If the person donating does not have a Paypal account, they can still use a credit card or debit card to make a donation. A novelist may sell products (her books), sell services (how to write books), accept donations, and have Affiliate links in her site to purchase book related paraphernalia, and still include Google Adsense. Using Paypal is one of the fastest and easiest ways to get started receiving money on the internet.
You then easily transfer those funds into your own bank account that you set up when you start your Paypal Account.
Save frequently used invoices as a template for easy invoicing in as little as three steps. For example, offer a payment plan for larger priced items or automatically bill a client on the 1st of each month.
Even if you are contemplating needing a more sophisticated shopping cart service down the road, having a Paypal account is a smart decision for any one doing business on the web today. Hospitals can begin with one use case and later take advantage of the same infrastructure to add others, increasing the return on investment (ROI). Unlike private-duty personal care assistants, a patient observer's sole responsibility is to notify staff when the patient engages in potentially self-injurious behavior, such as getting out of bed without assistance or pulling out tubes.
With the Cisco Virtual Patient Observation solution, trained staff in a central operations center can observe multiple patients over the facility's existing network, quickly alerting staff when intervention is needed (Figure 1). More risk occurs when large groups crowd the lobby to wait for news about friends or family.
The system can also be programmed to send an alert if the threshold is not crossed for a defined period of time, indicating that a clinician has not checked the patient at the prescribed interval (Figure 2). It is more effective to transmit video over the network for central storage than to store it locally, because centrally stored video remains available even if the perpetrators damage local equipment. Although radio frequency identification (RFID) tracking provides early awareness of possible abduction, hospital personnel do not know what the abductor looks like, and might let the person pass through a door with the baby hidden.
Personnel can view the image on desktops, smartphones, and digital signs throughout the hospital. Video analytics software can detect when these patients cross a threshold, and then send an alert or take another action. Hospitals can affix RFID tags to assets ranging from wheelchairs to medical equipment, and track their location with a Cisco wireless network. Viewing real-time video feeds helps personnel ascertain the number of people requiring care, which immunization stations have long lines, and so on.

The goal of the exercise was to quickly mobilize vaccine-dispensing locations and the incident-command structure to provide access to life-saving vaccinations. This intelligence helped other officials make decisions based on accurate, up-to-date information. Cisco also offers complete professional services, including planning, design, implementation, operations, and optimization. It’s becoming the latest platform for totally immersive apps and games that show you all kinds of stuff and let you do all kinds of things. You’ll be able to do things like look at mountains, explore old, iconic buildings, ocean scenes, and all kinds of other stuff. It features guided tours of places like the planet Earth, the city of Versailles, and more.
It’s a simple premise but takes a steady hand and some patience to make some really awesome stuff. It’s kind of a directory of VR content that you can find on the web all in one easy place.
This is a third person shooter where you march through a campaign and kill lots of bad guys. There aren’t a lot of options in this application just yet, but there is a good couple of dozen VR videos that help show what kind of storytelling and cinematography can be accomplished in VR. Along with a visual experience, the app also contains fun facts and information about the various celestial bodies so it doubles as an educational experience. This might be true if, say you are a Doctor, then perhaps it is not that difficult to set up a subscription service for doctors.
Another is the safety risk resulting from substitution of saline for morphine, for example.
Video analytics software that detects loitering can send an alert if an individual remains in a drug-dispensing area or adjacent area longer than a specified time.
For example, when a confused patient wearing a bracelet with a radio transmitter passes by a Cisco Digital Signs display, the sign can play a prerecorded video of that patient's family member asking the patient to return to the room. Using the Cisco IP Interoperability and Collaboration System (IPICS), first responders could communicate directly using any device, including radios, push-to-talk (PTT) phones, IP phones, and PCs with client software. By deploying video surveillance cameras in lobbies, hallways, and other areas, hospitals can refer to video evidence to defend against invalid claims. Using Cisco technologies atop a Cisco network eliminates integration challenges, helping you experience the benefits of the investment sooner and with less risk. With this app, you’ll be instructed on how to take panoramic photos that you can then view in your Google Cardboard in 360 degree goodness. It shows content from YouTube, including 360 and 3D content, includes a VR video player in case you have local files you want to watch, a VR browser, a VR camera, a 360 VR photo gallery, and a spot where you can view all of your VR apps. It also supports local multiplayer which means you can do VR battle with your friends in the same room.
You’ll be able to visit temples, mosques, tombs, palaces, museums, and even lesser stuff like inns, old houses, and parks. Some people have had issues with the app and it doesn’t seem to work for everyone, but it is a fairly enjoyable experience if it does work for you. This is great for parents wanting to teach their kids or anyone wanting to learn a little bit about the solar system. Some healthcare facilities must ask the patient's family to provide sitters, imposing a burden for working family members.
Video surveillance can also help hospitals identify healthcare personnel who divert drugs for personal use. Hospitals that integrate Cisco Wireless Location-Based Services with Cisco Video Surveillance can automatically send an alert to appropriate personnel when items are moved outside a prescribed boundary. Cisco Video Surveillance Manager streamed live video directly to the emergency operations center as well as to participants' mobile devices. It’s not overly complex yet, but it is one of the very few ways you can make your own VR content without spending a ton of money. There are some bugs here and there that the developers are working diligently to correct, but it’s definitely worth a shot. It’s quite a bit of fun although you absolutely will have to have a controller to play it which will cost you extra. There is a metric ton of content and it’s a fun way to spend an afternoon or show your kids some world famous landmarks.
Do keep in mind that the app is having difficulties with several devices and you cannot move it to the SD card.
Let’s look at the best VR apps and games as well as the best Google Coardboard apps and games available right now!
With this game, you’ll need a second device running as a controller or a separate, third party controller. Silly names aside, this is a fun, immersive experience that has you diving off of buildings while performing stunts. The game utilizes tilt controls so it’s totally hands free and one of the more intense gaming experiences you can get on VR. It’s a bit tedious sometimes according to user reviews, but otherwise, this is a great place to start.

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