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Programs That Pay You to Read Ads or Emails, Surf and Search or Refer Others I am always adding new sites to this list, so check back often. Huge news breaking from New York times, and it casts a dark shadow over the current struggle with ISIS. I found a particularly unusual shell casing in the dirt at the American Flat ruins this morning. It was pretty confusing at first - the case thickness looked ridiculous, the strange indentation and holes towards the rim (and especially the retractable bit), coupled with the presence of a primer that had obviously been pierced by a firing pin, all gave me the impression that it was an actual casing and not some sort of toy, gas cartridge, airsoft implement, etc.
Browse Beautiful, Fully Customizable, Wedding Invitations, Save The Date and other Wedding Stationery. Rather than throwing a traditional bachelor party, take a manly adventure with your closest pals using one of these 20 gripping bachelor party ideas.
Some may offer luxuries like massage, spacious rooms, and swimming pools while others are more on the rugged side and require hands-on participation in real ranch work, such as herding cattle, fixing fences, and more.
From catamarans to yachts to full-fledged cruise ships, party boats come in a variety of shapes and sizes.
Driving fast, getting dirty, and catching air in dune buggies, dirt bikes, or ATVs is a great way to celebrate your last days as a bachelor. Patience, surrender, and balance are just a few things you can learn from surfing that will come in handy as a married man.
Whether you’ve been doing it your whole life or never tried it, invite a group of friends to celebrate your bachelor party with a weekend surf excursion. The trip will add to the experience and give you even more opportunities to bond with the guys. If surfing’s not for you, take your fellow bachelors on a snowboard or ski excursion instead.
If your bachelor party will take place this summer, save money and relax with the guys at a bachelor party BBQ. A bachelor party fishing trip with friends is an affordable, fun way to create fond memories and celebrate manhood before tying the knot.
If you’ve ever fantasized about hitting the open road mounted on a metal stallion, indulge yourself by taking a motorcycle guided tour with a group of friends for your bachelor party. You can purchase guided day tours, weekend tours, or cross country tours that last more than two weeks.
A classic bachelor party activity, touring a brewery can be fun, interesting, and very tasting. If you and guests are planning a pub crawl or in search of new, fun ways to drink, try renting a pedal tavern for your bachelor party. Pedal taverns are 16-person, bicycle-powered carts that you and other passengers peddle and a guide steers to bars around the city or anywhere else you want to take your bachelor party.
These are popping up in cities big and small and are an affordable, unique alternative to party buses. Whiskey tasting can be a little pricey, but it’s your bachelor party, splurge a little. From football, basketball, and soccer to monster trucks, WWE, and UFC, attending a sporting event can be an exciting, memorable experience, especially if you’re watching your favorite team or athlete. Adult speedways feature faster cars and more difficult courses than you’d find in traditional go kart facilities.

At Wedding Paperie we pride ourselves in providing exceptional wedding stationery and wedding invitations as well as personalized customer care. A lot of established site owners and Bloggers are running scared of being downgraded for a whole range of factors that they THINK will displease Google. So… am I right, and the so-called Big Cheese bloggers and SEO experts wrong?  It’s difficult to believe I know, and yet that is the surprising conclusion that I have come to.   So, how come I disagree with many of my elders and betters in the blogging world? If you want to know what linking strategies Google really likes, and what it is really likely to get you penalized with Page Rank downloads, you cannot do better than going to the Webmaster Blog, Webmaster Guidelines, and the Webmaster Youtube Channel.  Only there will you find everything that Google is actually ‘thinking’ and doing. My recent surfing of online articles about Google’s Panda and Penguin Upgrades, has revealed that 99% of the Commentary about what Google rewards, and what Google penalizes is nothing more than opinion. By comparing what Google says, with what Bloggers think Google says, I’ve come to a startling conclusion: most of these opinions are not true reflections of what Google actually said in it’s freely available, published content.
And almost without fail, I think they misinterpret what Google actually ‘said’.  And without fail the goal of these articles is to spread unnecessary fear in the minds of their readers. Have they caught this fear mongering trick from the newspapers, TV news, and politicians – because journalists and politicians have always known that fear is what grabs people’s attention best?  Spreading fear, sells. Almost always, the TV program or Politician manufacture these ‘fears’ themselves, even though there is no genuine reason for fear.  They tell you something scary (which usually isn’t true) and then build their Content or Policy on protecting you from that false fear. Then they tell you how to get rid of this new ‘threat’ (often allegedly dangerous) by buying their cleaning product!
This is an age-old advertising Agencies sales tactic – hitting the viewers with the old ‘One, Two, Three’ knock-out sales trick. In fact, I’d like to think that these ‘What Google said’ websites would themselves risk being pinged by Google. It’s not complicated.  Google has always said it rewards high value websites, with high-ranking, relevant links that provided good value to its readers.
Google is not some malevolent all-powerful super power that is looking for all the sneaky ways it can, to find ways to Downgrade your Page Rank and damage your SERP results.  Google is not out to get you, unless you do the things that Google tells you it will penalize.
Have you ever checked out some of those extremely expensive SEO sites and found out what they Offer as part of their high priced ‘Services’? They literally have armies of highly qualified ‘SEO People’ searching for, and finding, juicy links for their customers.  Isn’t this using Unnatural Linking methods? Soon, Carol Love will cost you a small fortune, …Bonus Carol Love is currently free, so get it while it’s hot!  Yes that’s a joke.
And consider subscribing to the RSS feed to have future articles delivered to your feed reader, or by Email. You can spend your lunch hour in different ways such as taking a stroll, surfing Facebook, or having a relook at your work schedule for the day. If you can participate in a Google Adsense affiliate program, you can earn even more by putting up advertisements which are relevant to your blog.
I’m always on the lookout for spent brass in the desert hills near home, since there are almost always a few casings to be found if you look hard enough. Ranging from cross country motorcycle tours to laid-back BBQs, peddle taverns, surf excursions, and more, here you’ll find everything from simple and cheap bachelor party ideas to life-changing experiences all men must try before getting married.
While almost all guest ranches offer horseback riding, acres of land to explore, and gorgeous natural settings, each one provides a unique experience.
Choose one that suits your guest list and budget and take your bachelor party out to sea for a memorable, unique experience you and guests will never forget. In addition to skiing or snowboarding, you can add to the experience by staying in a high-end cabin or at the ski lodge, only steps away from the slopes. You can make your trip even more affordable by camping out instead of staying in cabins and living off the fish you catch instead of eating out.

Whether you go near or far, your road trip with friends will leave you relaxed, enriched with fond memories, and ready for life as a married man. This is a great choice for those who enjoy long rides, beautiful scenery, and cozy quarters. Check with breweries in your area to see if they offer private tours or any specials for large groups. You can plan a private whiskey tasting at a bar or attend a public whiskey tasting event or a whiskey tasting festival. You can even join leagues, private or public, and test your skills against others for prizes. Here’s why I disagree with most SEO opinion published on the internet: I check to see what Google actually says!  Yes, it’s a radical idea isn’t it? Create a fear (that no one worried about before the Ad told you it was something to worry about).
Justify the fear and increase the anxiety level – to make the threat sound credible and real. Isn’t this a version of Paid Links?   Both these SEO practices are at the top of Google’s hit list. I think the main thing is to understand the basics but don’t get bogged down in endless SEO tweaking. However, if the duration of your lunch break is 60 minutes or even less, then you can utilize it for various moneymaking purposes.
They still make a bang, but the projectile’s simply a wax marker that will show any hits in vivid color.
Interesting alternative to other forms of training ammunition, like airsoft & paintball weapons, or simple blanks. If not, take a bachelor party trip with friends to one of these Top 10 Sand Dune Locations. Make it a potluck and ask guests to bring a side and beverages or keep it simple with just a few main dishes. Get inspired for this unique bachelor party trip idea by checking out Travel National Geographic’s Top 10 North American Train Trips.
Yes, I know, that’s a big call but…this humble not-quite-newbie blogger sees no reason at all to fear the wrath of Google and its Penguin and Panda algorithm updates, or the Googlebot web crawlers either. Most bloggers only need to get the basics right and then concentrate on writing high value Content on a regular basis plus promotion via Social Media and getting links with other websites in their own niche. The escalating inflation is making our life difficult day by day and it is getting harder to raise our income to finance all our necessary expenses. However, if we can use our lunch breaks wisely and stop wasting our valuable time, then we can surely make some good money. List of Paid to Read, Surf and Refer Programs to Join Mintvine – Fun site that allows you to cash out quickly.
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