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Fifty-one percent of businessmen say that content generation is crucial to lead a prospect on his journey from being a reader towards becoming a buyer. 94% of readers share what they see on the web because they feel like it will be useful for others.
Blogs which continually provide factual information develops a remarkable reputation across the web. Moreover, reliability is also affected by how polished, error free and professionally written the blogs are. Dotmailer provides 10 easy steps to align both your email marketing and social strategies to work together to help you dominate your online presence. On Monday a court in Miami, Florida threw out criminal charges against a man accused of illegally selling Bitcoin.
The defendant, Michell Espinoza from Miami Beach, was charged with illegally selling and laundering $1,500 worth of the virtual currency in a deal with customers that turned out to be undercover police who said they wanted to use Bitcoin to buy stolen credit card numbers.
Judge Teresa Mary Pooler ruled that Bitcoin was not “tangible wealth” and “cannot be hidden under a mattress like cash and gold bars,” adding that it was not backed by an accredited bank or government agency. Observers say that the ruling exposes how state statutes don’t account for bitcoin and digital currencies – a gap that could ultimately lead to legislative action both in Florida and beyond. These days it’s down right impossible to turn a blind eye at just how powerful video (especially livestreaming) is to your business. Periscope, the live streaming video mobile app purchased by Twitter in February of 2015, has been the talk of the town since its official launch on March 26, 2015 and it’s hotter than a Arizona tar road in July.
Unless you save a Periscope’s stream they are somewhat temporary and will disappear after only 24 hours. There are many ways you can use Periscope for business from insider videos to live Q&A sessions and beyond.
Facebook originally introduced Live back in August of 2015 to only an elite group of users for two primary reasons: to control the demand on the bandwidth and to hopefully set a higher standard for the videos streamed so there’s less “noise” in the news feed. In the past few months you have probably noticed a new icon in your posting area of Facebook. As you are streaming, you see how many people are watching the video, as well as their names and comments. Blab has been dubbed the foursquare of video, since it centers around the check-ins just like Foursquare. So, I bet you are asking… Just how do I integrate live video into my current marketing efforts?
How many of you either laughed at Facebook when it first hit the scene, thinking it to be no more than another pretty face for what MySpace already was. Social media platforms now continue to grow daily, adding hundreds of thousands of users to their databases. Now is the time, if you haven’t already, to jump on the social media craze bandwagon. In the infographic below you will find a complete cheat sheet on posting shortcuts, the best days and times to post, the times of day that have the highest activity, and of course the proper image and post size for each of the major platforms. With over 400 million active users to date, businesses are quickly starting to take a closer look at having a presence on Instagram. There is a whole lot of research out there about quickly growing social networking platform, everything from demographics of its users and how often brands are posting, to how caption length might affect engagement. Read more to shed some light on even more Instagram stats that will help you to improve your own Instagram strategy.
The Instagram community of users has grown from 90 million active accounts back in January of 2013 to more than 400 million in September 2015. The amount of online adults that use Instagram has doubled since Pew Research Center first started tracking the social media platform back in 2012. Instagram and Snapchat are tied for the second-highest used messaging app (behind Facebook Messenger) for millennials at 47%. More than one-third of mobile phone users will be on Instagram at least once a month in 2016.
On Instagram, images with a high amount of negative space generate 29% more Likes than those with minimal negative space.
Now with all these statistics swimming in your head, you need to ask yourself if this platform is right for you. Stay tuned for next week’s article where I’ll discuss some of the unexpected benefits that might fall your way. If you haven’t heard the words Pokemon Go in the last week, then you have likely been living under a rock. The location based game, which came out last Thursday, uses augmented reality to place Pokemon characters in the real world for users to find and catch. The AR game became popular almost immediately and already has small businesses tweaking their in-store marketing to match the hype.
Spredfast also offered up the most popular areas for the game: Culver City, Houston, San Antonio, and Manhattan were the busiest according to the social media company.
Of course, the savvy small businesses have been quick to jump on board and chat with people playing the game. The digital marketing world is heavily dependent on good, search engine optimized content today.
While creating an eBook is not a very difficult task if you have the right people working on it, the challenge lies in marketing it correctly to get the best results. If you are someone looking for such an exhaustive guide on eBook marketing to promote your business, then this infographic is just for you!
Facebook introduced today several improved ways for developers of applications and more traditional websites to enable their users to share and save to the social networking platform. In a blog post Facebook announced that it has released Save to Facebook and Share to Facebook buttons for Google Chrome. We want to help people connect with each other through sharing the things that matter to them. So often, (including with myself), I’ve seen someone purchase a WordPress theme that has all the bells and whistles (so to speak), but yet they struggle to get it to fit their vision.
For more information and advice on how to choose the best WordPress theme for your website check out WPShrug’s infographic below. With all this talk of of the EU and Britain’s divorce, it got me thinking: What would you do if our current currency was to fall? Here are some tips regarding alternative currency that will help you survive the fall of the US dollar (when and if that should ever happen). I’m not talking about the simple fact that when doomsday is looming at your door, you are gonna need a way to protect yourself and the ones you love.
Well those very well might be a solid choice against inflation or the devaluation of the dollar, but they are extremely difficult to actually spend.
I recently read a story about someone in rural upstate New York who needed a new air conditioner installed in his house for in which he offered the installer payment in the form of 3,000 rounds of 9-mm ammunition.
The home owner’s father evidently had passed and left him a collection of guns and ammunition to go with it.
This seemingly backwoods way of bartering has been popping up all over, in fact it seems to be gaining some ground, especially online. Bartering in general has grown to a whopping 12 billion dollar thing in just the last three decades.
But if you had something else to trade the stores, something that anyone in a doomsday scenario would need – like bullets and ammo.
It’s so big in fact that New York Magazine ran a 4 page story on how Tide has become not only helpful at getting out those tough stains on your work britches but it is also now being traded for crack cocaine. The piece opens by describing one Safeway store that lost $10,000 to $15,000 a month to thefts of Tide detergent. Thieves simply load up shopping carts full of the bright orange bottles, then bolt out the door.
But I bet you are wondering what do these thugs then do with all the bottles of tide that they have traded for drugs, guns, etc.
Of course the local wholesaler might not be as righteous about checking the legitimacy of where his stock or products actually come from.
According to the New York Magazine article, it’s not just the drug dealers that are in on the scheme though. Once regarded as merely a way for those without anything else to do to pass their time, social media now wields a gigantic impact over the way people around the world get and share information. Those big wigs in their fancy suits out in Silicon Valley and up there in the big city of New York are catching on to social media in a big way.
The investment bankers, venture capitalists and marketers of the world are starting to recognize that social networking via all the new fancy social media platforms are quickly coming to dominate consumer behavior.
Brands are now beginning to swiftly turn online for both as a way to build brand awareness as well as a way to exchange goods for social engagement. Unicorn is a term birthed by venture capitalist that signifies a start up company whose valuation has surpassed the $1 billion benchmark. Just over the last three years or so the concept of “social currency” has become a literal expression of such wealth.
Big Brand A offers a free sample or a hefty discount to those that share their latest post about their newest product. Or Big Brand B offering the sale of an exclusive thinga-ma-bob only if their customers Tweeted about the shop with the hashtag #bigbrandb. These offers have now surpassed the simple free drink with your hamburger or 10% off your order. According to their campaign page, “Chitter is a mobile technology that launched in November 2013 with one mission and passion; To incentivize the world for their social media. If these guys are successful, they will then have developed the needed basis to support a true currency. As of last look though, they have only raised 2% of their needed goal, so it’s unlikely that the Chit project will move forward, but it’s only a matter of time before something similar actually succeeds.
When it comes to being ranked at the top of Google, hell even on page one, advertisers are willing to shell out the big bucks to get that first click.

In this “One Hundred Most Expensive Keywords on Google” infographic, provided WebpageFX and put together through data from SEMRush, we get to take an insider’s look at the most expensive keywords and search phrases on Google today.
Check out the infographic below put together for more insight into the actual dollar amounts being handed over for precious keywords.
What some might find humorous about all this, is that Twitter reportedly considered acquiring SoundCloud outright, for as much as $1 billion back in 2014.
As email marketers we are constantly striving to make our outbound campaigns even more personalized than before. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again — in order to have a successful email marketing campaign, you must know your audience.
Geolocation is a tool used by email marketers to identify where a subscriber is located and therefore deliver personalized content or offers tailored to that user’s area. This should be a straightforward, almost automatic practice, but it seems we as marketers tend to get a little too comfy in our britches and skip steps. Every single email marketing campaign should start the same way — with  you identifying a target market and making some educated guesses regarding  your subscribers. Use upcoming events, such as location specific weather events or even holidays in particular areas as a trigger to develop localized marketing campaigns. Consider integrating your customer’s geolocation with your billing system, ERP, or CRM platforms.
You don’t need me to tell you that the affiliate marketing industry is the place to be if you would like to be in a 4 billion dollar industry.
In order to get a piece of that pie, you will first need to learn just what affiliate marketing is, how it works, how to get started, and of course how to earn money.
John VanDerlaan of Living the Dream has put together an infographic that will walk you through all of the above. According to Kahuna’s 2016 Q1 Mobile Marketing Index report brands can increase 90 day retention rates 3 times with smart messaging. Not only does smart messaging increase retention, but the personal and timely communication will help to decrease uninstall rates and increase retention rates long term. The Kahuna Mobile Marketing Index is the latest in a series of reports that analyze messaging opt-in rates, retention, mobile email consumption, and other valuable metrics used by mobile marketers. If you know anything about quality content, then you are fully aware that the majority involves anything and everything multimedia. In this article, I’ll spell out 4 ways to use short video content to grab the attention of your target audience.
Naturally, the first social media network that came to mind when we started talking video was YouTube. Starting with the first movie trailer that aired on Instagram, marketers and business alike began to embrace the power of the short video on more networks than just YouTube.
In a world where our busy lives and brief attention spans seem to rule all, short videos just suit us better.
Showing your audience how to do something, such as solve a problem or use your product is perhaps one of the easiest ways to hop right into creating short video content. Just do a quick search on YouTube for DIY videos or even “instructions” to find several good examples of how others are using the simple “how to” short video platform to introduce their product or even promote someone else’s. It could be an industry specific event, such as Adtech or a world-wide holiday celebration like the Christmas holiday season. Sure you could hire a professional crew to shoot your content, but there really isn’t a need for that much hoopla. Using emojis in your email subject lines adds both humor and playfulness to your messages, so before adding in that silly winking guy that looks half drunk consider the tone of your email. As a successful marketer, it’s important to understand the different ways you should and should not be using emojis. The social media has said they will soon stop counting photos and links as part of its 140 character limit for messages.
Links currently can take up to 23 characters, even after Twitter automatically shortens them.
New data, however, suggests that the buying habits of the majority of Millennials isn’t much different from the rest of the population. The survey showed that millennials made more purchases on retail goods and food (specifically dining out) than other generations, but still managed to spend far less money overall.
Millennials dined out 13 times per month, more than Generation X (eight) and Baby Boomers (five), yet spent less ($103) on monthly dining than Generation X ($123) and Baby Boomers ($139). Millennials tend to fan out their spending much more evenly over credit cards, cash, and debit than any other generation. Surgeons at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston performed the first penis transplant in the US earlier this month, The New York Times reports. If everything goes well, the recipient, a bank courier named Thomas Manning, will be able to urinate normally within a few weeks and regain sexual functions within weeks to months. Last week, the planet Mercury put on a show for astronomers by trekking across the Sun for 7.5 hours. Garmin just announced the new Vivosmart HR+, an upgraded version of one of the company's flagship wrist-worn fitness trackers. Like its predecessor, the new version of the Vivosmart HR+ is water-resistant, has a black-and-white display, and tracks steps, distance, calories burned, and heart rate. Astronaut David Saint-Jacques will be the next member of the Canadian Space Agency to go into space.
Fox announced its fall and mid-season TV schedule this morning, revealing new information on a handful of highly anticipated reboots and adaptations premiering in the next year. I was the first of my friends to have a system like that, and so when any of them came around to watch a film on my system for the first time, what did I put on?
When Nintendo announced the Mario mash-up pack for the Wii U version of Minecraft, it revealed a slate of Mushroom Kingdom-themed content for people to play around with. The prebuilt world was created by developers Mojang and 4J using the various elements that come in the new mash-up pack. Lyft has agreed to more than double its settlement in a class action lawsuit in California after a judge rejected a $12.25 million deal as too small. The settlement echoes a similar deal between Uber and its drivers in California and Massachusetts. Video game movies are notorious for spending eternity in development hell, but this one's actually happening: here's the first trailer for Assassin's Creed. BBC’s Attenborough’s Life That Glows is an absolutely gorgeous look at the mysterious creatures around the world that have bioluminescent powers.
Painting a wall is boring because it takes so much time and requires so much preparation to not get paint everywhere. Superheroes have superpowers and exist in worlds where reality doesn’t exactly exist and have weird names and are totally not all the way human. A crowd of wealthy investors, transportation experts, media, and even North Las Vegas Mayor John Jay Lee, watched as a roughly 10-foot long sled shot down a short train track and then crashed into a pile of sand. Sales should be very subtle, just make readers know what services or goods you are providing so that they will buy when they are ready. Writing contents which are useful must be kept in mind to increase its probability of being shared. Create contents which are appealing to one’s ego; quizzes is one effective example for this. Reliable articles build trust among readers so they will always look up to your blog when they need information you have to offer. It would be better to have no blog at all rather than having crap articles which may actually be detrimental to your brand’s reputation. It’s unlike traditional video, in which you aren’t able to film then edit out any of your flub-ups.
Periscope is also a great tool to use to show off your skills, especially if you’re a speaker. Way back then, we all just used Facebook to look up old high school buddies or even flames in the hopes of reliving what was once our youth. Since July 6 the game has been mentioned on Twitter 6.6 million times, with 59% of that coming from younger males.
Whether it is blogs, explainer videos, images, or infographics, good original content is the basis of all forms of marketing online.
And although there are numerous ideas available online, finding a comprehensive guide to a wide range of tried-and-tested eBook marketing techniques and secrets can be a bit tricky.
It has over 21 powerful eBook marketing techniques that can be put to practice for awesome results.
Share to Facebook will give people more options to share any link on the web with their friends to Facebook, groups and Messenger.
We launched the save button at F8 this year to give people the ability to also save things they discover around the rest of the web and receive notification reminders to visit their save list.
In the end they normally scrap it to either purchase another theme OR find one that does exactly what they desire that is free (or a lot less than the first one they purchased). They go into great detail with tips on how to search out and purchase the right theme for you and your business. You, like hundreds of thousands of others, are not only out of a job but can’t even spend the worthless money that the bank won’t give back to you.
One con in Minnesota appears to have liberated $25,000 worth of the stuff in 15 months before he was eventually arrested. Slimy Slippery Fingers Steve goes into his local store and steals 20-100 bottles of that liquid gold. All they care is they got what the next guy wants and they are gonna make a few bucks in the process. It’s moving far beyond those cute kitty videos and pictures of Uncle Jimmy’s prized weekend catch to becoming an asset in which one can store away for future value.
In fact, the Chit Indiegogo campaign is pushin to move it right into it’s own form of currency. Knowing the location of your customers is essential to send email marketing campaigns more effectively, assertive and accurate.

The user’s IP address will allow us, as marketers, to customize campaigns and content for certain regions, modify delivery times and even track sales from a particular region or location.
Leverage timely events such as these to keep your brand top of mind and part of the ongoing conversation. These systems will then be able to provide you with additional information for each of your customers, giving you a clearer picture of who your customers really are. Good news is that video marketing is not only for the big brand names, but also very obtainable to us little peoples too. Either way, slot a spot on your calendar to shoot something either leading up to the big day, or cover the event in your own special way.
Twitter Inc just made a big announcement that will probably be a game changer for some people out in Twitter land. But the quick, concise nature of Tweets has helped set the site apart from the competition. In a nutshell they concluded that Millennials enjoy life on the go, without breaking the bank. The groundbreaking procedure, underwent by a 64-year-old patient whose penis was removed because of cancer, could be used to help injured veterans, cancer patients, and accident victims. In what is known as a Mercury transit, the tiny planet passed between the Sun and Earth, appearing as a tiny black dot moving slowly across the Sun's bright disc. The new model comes with a GPS radio, and is now able to automatically detect and track your activities thanks to the inclusion of the company's Move IQ software. Today the company announced Spaces, an app for Android, iOS, and the web that's designed to make it easier to share, well, stuff from the web in group conversations. Navdeep Bains, Canada's minister of innovation, science, and economic development, announced today that Saint-Jacques will travel to the International Space Station in November of 2018.
It was that mixtape — a 13-track collection of druggy and ecstatic hip-hop so goofy it sometimes sounded like nursery rhymes — that propelled Chancelor Bennett from underground Chicago upstart to slightly less underground Chicago upstart.
Back when the film first came out in 1986 (30 years ago today), I’d just bought myself a large Sony TV and a state-of-the-art Sony VCR and amp, which meant I could watch films in loud, stereo sound.
The game will get 40 character skins, so you can dress up as Mario or Peach, and you can change the look of surfaces so that they will seem as if they came from the Mario universe. Drivers for the service argued that they'd been misclassified as independent contractors, rather than employees, and are set to receive $27 million under the revised settlement. The movie doesn't appear to take too heavily from any of the games in particular, but it's very much in line with the series' usual tropes — the plot sees Marion Cotillard send Michael Fassbender back to the time of the Spanish Inquisition to alter the genetic memories left by an assassin ancestor.
It details the lives of fireflies, glow worms, fungi, fish, squid, plankton, and other creatures, and shows how they use their glow-in-the-dark abilities.
But what if it could be exciting and done quickly and the point was to get paint everywhere? Hyperloop One, the LA-based startup striving to realize Elon Musk's pipe dream, conducted it's first public open-air test in the Nevada desert Wednesday. It was an inauspicious way to kick off what's supposed to be a global revolution in transportation. This aerial view, courtesy of a drone, captures something not often seen: a pod of false killer whales (which are a species of dolphins, of course) chasing and hunting down a shark in the waters near Sydney, Australia. Johnson hopped onto Instagram this afternoon to confirm reports that Black was joining the Jake Kasdan-directed reboot, which is scheduled to land in theaters sometime next summer. Marketers who give importance to content writing have 13 times more chances of achieving progressive return of investments. Co-schedule headline analyzer will help you out in generating a title which will compel a web browser to check out your article.
Successful bloggers capitalize on this capacity of social media to get their message across.
You know what they say about putting all your eggs in one basket, that’s my feeling on deciding to use only ONE marketing avenue to boost your presence in any given niche. Unlike Periscope and Facebook Livestreaming it doesn’t require you to piggyback off of any one certain social networking platform. It has been predicted that the app will surpass even Twitter in amount of active users in the next few days.
According to research done by Spredfast, the discussion peaked Sunday night at 10 pm, when 130,000 tweets calling out the game were being posted during the hour. One such marketing method which can prove very fruitful for your business, is eBook marketing. Just download the infographic and keep it handy, so that you can take your eBook marketing game to the next level, every single time!
People can access the things they save any time, on any device in a private, dedicated bookmark on Facebook. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, bartering with ammunition is perfectly legal. He then turns around and trades it for his fix of whatever illegal substance the local dealer is pushing. More recently though, money or wealth represents an amount of value seemingly based on both investment and effort.
Therefore, one of the most compelling data to create your digital strategy is the geolocation. For someone with an e-book on “How to learn to surf in 7 days or less,” this might mean promoting to the coastal towns and targeting a certain age group. A well-placed snowman or cute kitty could have a positive effect on your open and conversion rates. Executives have spent the last few months emphasizing how Twitter is a destination for live events and discussion. It's an event that happens only about 13 times a century, so astronomers were out in full force with specialized telescopes to observe the transit.
That means you could take off for a run without hitting any buttons and, when you return, have an accurately-mapped record of your workout. These are called "otoacoustic emissions," and they happen when the specialized hairs on and inside the cochlea — called hair cells — vibrate either spontaneously or in response to auditory stimulation. His star rose quickly as the months passed, performing at big festivals and collaborating with artists like Justin Bieber, Kanye West, and Jeremih.
A series-length contemporary version of The Exorcist starring Geena Davis and Alfonso Herrera will possess Fox's Friday nights alongside a new season of Hell's Kitchen, and a new take on Lethal Weapon starring Damon Wayans will lead into new episodes of Empire on Wednesday nights.
This is roughly 17 percent of the $156 million sum that attorneys say the drivers could have recovered had they been recognized as employees.
He also confirmed that Kevin Hart is part of what he termed "the Jumanji Breakfast Club," a casting that's been rumored for weeks.
The trust worthiness of the site is another thing readers consider when they share a content. Creating a bio at the end of your article is another way to make your site look trustworthy.
To unleash the full potential to any marketing strategy, it is my belief that these two channels can live together as one. These two marketing channels are frequently viewed as being in competition, but we think they work pretty well in tandem.
An eBook is nothing but an electronic book which is specially meant and designed for computers and mobile devices.
The Save to Facebook Chrome extension offers another easy way for people to save articles, videos, products and other interesting items while browsing the web. Removing the character requirement for links and photos may encourage users to add more media to their posts.
Scientists have known about these emissions for a while and they use them to screen newborns for hearing problems. Acid Rap’s long-awaited follow-up, Coloring Book, came last week, and it’s easy to feel the time that’s passed between the two. Neither show has a specific premiere date yet, but they're on track to start airing sometime in September. Those four minutes were a movie; a beautifully crafted, adrenaline-filled, self-indulgent tribute to the raw speed and power of flying heavy metal.
But it turns out there’s more coming to the game than just tools for creative Mario fans: there’s a whole new world to explore that pulls together elements from virtually every Mario game for a huge dose of nostalgia. On display was proof that Elon Musk’s dream of a transportation system that breaks the barriers of speed and time was a step closer to reality.
Get away from posts which cause readers to be upset or angry because these types of contents are least likely to be shared. When creating online contents, make sure to inspire your readers, give them what they need and compel them to take action. But what makes eBooks powerful marketing tools and how can you use them to drive your business?
So they are either forced to wait for a new shipment or go to through a local wholesaler to replenish their stock.
But now, an Australian startup called Nura claims to have created headphones that can pick up and analyze these emissions to optimize the listening experience. For one thing, Coloring Book was released as a two-week Apple Music exclusive instead of a free download, as his past mixtapes were.
The news comes via Peter Rojas, who tweeted that this headset will be “less powerful” than a Vive or Rift, but won’t require a phone to power it along like the Gear VR. In short, the headphones work like self-regulated equalizers, customized specifically to a listener's ears. Android VR will definitely be announced next week, and from what I’ve heard will be less powerful than the Vive or Rift.
If accurate, that means the familiar ‘Okay, Google’ command would be available throughout your home, all the time.

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