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Simple Homeschool shares some things to consider when choosing and implementing a cleaning routine with children. Make a child’s cleaning kit to get your child excited about cleaning like Modern Parents Messy Kids. Visit Teaching Good Things to find inspiration for using chore zones for cleaning and age appropriate tasks.
Heart of Wisdom has free 15 minute chore list printables that take your child through the steps of cleaning different rooms.
Take chore charts to whole new level with these ice cream cone chore chart and hamburger chore chart tutorials at Childmade.
This scratch off chore card from Toddler Approved is sure to add some excitement to cleaning. The benefits of recycling are not for making some money, but also for helping the environment. The main benefit of recycling then will be for saving the environment, but people have started making some money from recycling these types of materials. Recycling is at present turning out to be a profitable business, which is at the same time an invaluable service you can do to society. You can recycle computer equipment by taking away old and used computers from customers, stripping and reselling the circuit boards and chassis to others who will recycle those. You had mentioned Goodwill as place to drop off things for recycling or like I like to say, re-purposing.
We partnered up with Goodwill Industries of Central Texas to conduct a massive cell phone drive in the City of Austin.

One initiative that we have is that we are able to work with companies, non-profits and organizations on implementing a cell phone collection tool on their site, branded for them and for their cause. If everyone would take recyclable materials to drop off sites to dispose of, the environment would have less waste in landfill sites. Whether recycling clothing and furniture through garage sales or giving to the Good Will, will make some money and help keep these things out of landfills prematurely.
You can sell the materials you collect to these centers which will pay you money according to the weight of material collected. You are absolutely right, its amazing how many every day items can be recycled by someone somewhere.
Not only does depositing old items to your local Goodwill do good for the environment but also helps but those with barriers to employment to work. That probably explains why on average in cell phone user households there are 2.5 old cell phone stashed away somewhere.
This helps the environment because landfill sites are filling up quickly and new ones are opening everyday.
Today, you see many communities that have mandatory recycling that requires them to separate plastic, glass, cardboard, paper and aluminum before taking the garbage out for trash pick up.
You can sell old clothes, books and household items at consignment shops or flea markets and make some money thereby. One excuse that I come across quite often in the line of work that I am is that recycling is too much of a hassle. It is also estimated that there are over 500 million old cell phones in American households and offices.

If everyone would recycle aluminum, paper, cardboard, cars, clothes, furniture, batteries, stainless steel and copper, there would be less garbage in landfill sites.
The good thing is that any old cell phones donated to this drive will help raise funds for their organization. When you take into account that one disposed cell phone improperly can contaminate ten’s of thousands of gallons of water, WE HAVE A HUGE PROBLEM ON OUR HANDS and we must work together.
Some of these companies accept only digital phones, while there are others who accept all kinds of technoscrap. The old furniture is given a facelift and resold to customers on the lookout for used furniture.
An outdoor seating area with a fire pit can be a very exciting idea, but unless we build the place well, we won’t have the desired results. Take a look at the things you can do with your patio to make it look attractive and comfortable.Patio ideas with fire pitIf you have an empty patio in your house, it would be a very good idea to transform it into a seating area. You can buy a prefab kit from the local home improvement store and install the fire pit at home.
When buying the furniture, make sure you opt for a material that is weather resistant and durable.

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