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Words like "pure," and 'spring" lead many of us to guzzle bottled water, thinking that wea€™re filling our bodies with healthier water than we find coming out of our taps.
Imagine a substance that was strong and light enough to armour soldiers, flexible and conductive enough to be turned into the next generation of flexible smartphone screens - and even absorbent enough to make tampons more effective. Now imagine the process for making this wonder material was cheap, fast and involved nothing else than water, sunshine and time.
What you have imagined is nanocellulose which scientists say is just around the corner - and could be the material of the future. Nanocellulose is plant matter that has been broken down into microscopic pieces, purified and then reconstructed. Now scientists have developed a way to manufacture nanocellulose using the same bacteria that produce vinegar.
The Acetobacter xylinum bacteria is already known for its ability to synthesise nanocellulose but until now it hasn't been possible to produce it cheaply enough to make it commercially viable. New research focuses on engineering Nobles' blue-green algae with the bacteria, in an effort to make an organic nanocellulose 'factory'. The team behind the research say it could be the key final step to producing the material in volumes great enough to change the world.
Professor Malcom Brown of the University of Texas said: "If we can complete the final steps, we will have accomplished one of the most important potential agricultural transformations ever.
Professor David Nutt in his office, near a mushroom sculpture that he seemed particularly attached to.
Nothing illuminates the gaping chasm between political and public opinion quite like the war on drugs.
The professor recently put forth an idea that was just begging to be held down and turned into a headline – the notion that bankers taking cocaine caused the global financial crisis. I visited Professor Nutt's office at Imperial College, London to see what it feels like to be the face of drug reform in the UK. A graph mapping the harmfulness of drugs from the study that got Professor Nutt fired from the government's drug board. It must be frustrating to see headlines about yourself that miss the point of your research.
It’s always bewildering for someone of my generation to think where this opposition to a dialogue about drugs comes from.
The problem is that Bernard Hogan-Howe [the head of the London Met] doesn’t understand drugs. Do you think MDMA might be getting to the point where it could change from a Class A substance? Are there any other studies in the UK or Europe that are currently encountering roadblocks due to the difficulty of acquiring the product for clinical trials?
There are non-hallucinogenic derivatives of LSD, like 2-Bromo-LSD, that may cure cluster headaches – a terrible, terrible illness.
People with multiple sclerosis rely on their partners to buy or grow cannabis because they can’t get out in the world and find a dealer. Her Beckley Foundation is a registered charity that funds research on illegal drugs, so they fund some of our research. A lot of teens these days are taking something called the "purity pledge," wherein they vow not to have sex until they get married.
Our bodies wanted different things from one another, so what we ended up with was a horizontal battle. In fact, Think Outside the Bottle states that two of the worlda€™s biggest bottlers, Nestle's PureLife and Pepsi's Aquafina, have admitted that their bottled water is sourced from the tap.

The practical result would be an algae that - given water, sunlight and time - could produce nanocellulose on its own. It can become the raw material for sustainable production of biofuels and many other products. But as the media frenzy began to percolate down into lesser blogs, the main thrust of his argument was lost.
I did say that ecstasy is less dangerous than horse riding, but I didn't say cocaine caused the financial crisis. There was no public discourse about drugs at all for a long time, and I've made sure there is. David Cameron wrote that the drug laws need to be completely re-written and that the international drug conventions should be changed when he was on the Home Affairs Select Committee ten years ago.
You expect them to actually care about people, but they actively criminalised young cannabis users.
A student told me she was strip-searched on Brick Lane because she smelled of cannabis, even though she didn’t have any. Part of the reason we had the riots is because the Met started clamping down on black kids with cannabis in North London. When I was chair of the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs, we recommended MDMA being downgraded from Class A to Class B, and the media went absolutely hysterical. We know from our volunteers that psilocybin switches off the part of the brain that is overactive in depression, and that there are mood benefits later. A year in terms of a grant is hundreds of thousands of pounds, and I can’t just sack my staff for a year while they get a license. What the police do is bust someone’s house, smash the door in and find a cannabis plant or two. Lastly, can you clear up the Daily Mail’s recent suggestions that you’re in some conspiracy with Amanda Feilding to legalise all drugs? But the idea that Amanda Feilding is somehow controlling me is more absurd than the idea that I wouldn't stand up and speak my mind to the Home Secretary.
Hey, I'm all for people putting off sex until they're adults and can handle the ramifications. I would hear married girlfriends talk about the joys of make-up sex and continue to sip my coffee in silence. Youa€™re at the gym and you forgot your water bottle, so you clench your teeth as you pay $2 for a plastic bottle of water. Make sure you know how safe your water is, and purchase a filter to ensure youa€™re drinking the best water possible. But for British politicians, taking a stance on drugs is kind of like taking drugs: no one wants to be the first one at the party to suggest it. The worst thing you could do is hide the issue, but the truth about drugs has been supressed because people haven't got the courage to speak about it. And it comes from politicians who feel that there's going to be some benefit to sticking to the tradition.
But when you get to the level of cabinet and shadow cabinet, people get frozen in fear of being controversial, so they just shut up. The class system needs to be rewritten so that all drugs are in their right classes, and it would be effortless. And I just hate to see suffering based on these lies about the drugs being too harmful to use.
They prosecute the person with multiple sclerosis for possession, they prosecute the partner who’s growing it for supply, then they freeze their assets.

The rest remains unregulated and put under less rigorous testing than many municipal sources.
If you think that the shiny plastic holding your water is somehow making the water taste better, think again.
Wea€™re constantly in motion, and bottled water seems to be much more convenient than waiting thirty seconds at your sink while you fill a reusable bottle.
The cocaine-banker connection was merely an aside – albeit an obviously alluring one. We now have a million people in this country convicted for cannabis use, and many of them find that the conviction actually impairs their career. The next guy, John Reid, just said there are no votes in drugs, so he stopped the whole work around reclassification. It does tend to emotionally bond you to someone, and that can mean getting emotionally attached to the wrong person. Every flaw in our marriage and in him seemed much more miserable when combined with the possibility of faking orgasms until death did we part.
Speaking to the manager, this anonymous customer was told that the groom had two options, the groom can “look bad” in a suit that was too small or “look bad” in a suit that was too big. Many plastic bottles contain harmful chemicals like BPA, which leach into water and can lead to hormonal imbalances, brain damage, and reproductive complications.
Take a moment to recognize the environmental and monetary costs of bottled water by checking out this infographic.
And we’re still prosecuting people who need cannabis for medical purposes on a daily basis. If they want to take a drug to become intoxicated, why would you force them to use one of the most dangerous drugs of all? Unfortunately, he was sacked after the foreign prisoners scandal – and I actually think he was sacked because he was too outspoken, too critical of the cabinet. I had a letter from a guy who’s been arrested 27 times for possession of cannabis, and each police arrest costs six or seven hundred pounds. He goes home and sees that one of the suits is wrong, he has a jacket and pants made by different companies. Once she realized that she and her new husband had absolutely zero sexual chemistry, she counted down the days until she could get a divorce, which happened six months into their marriage.
They generously say they’ll give him the matching jacket to the pants and the matching pants to the jacket, basically meaning he would get a free suit out of the deal. On too many occasions to recount clients were measured, paid for their suits and alterations, and received something too big, too small or just plain wrong. And the store, rather than do what they can to fix the issue, ignores it, refusing to give full refunds and not accommodating these issues in time for wedding or events where those damn suits were needed in the first place.On the bright sideWe got to hand it to Mens Wearhouse on several counts. First off, good marketing, they convince millions of people to walk in their stores, and despite terrible reviews across the internet, the publically traded company still employs tens of thousands of employees and is still a billion dollar company.Second, Men’s Wearhouse may have gotten poor reviews, but under its other names, Moores for example in Canada, the brand is doing well.
In Canada Moores is one of the best places to buy a suit, and customer satisfaction is addressed.
Look at their website and try not o get tempted by their classic pieces and sophisticated “everyman” style.

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