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English is the dominant language here that makes it easier for tourists to communicate while dealing with the local population. The ethnic population here includes the Malays, Arab, India and Chinese that reflect a rich history of their own cultures.Singapore is considered as the business centre in Southeast Asia with The Orchard Road district with its multi-storey shopping centres and hotels becoming the centre of tourist attractions here. These are the Madagascar, the Lost World, the Ancient Egypt, Sci-fi, the Hollywood and New York. There are over 30 restaurants and food carts dotting Universal Studio Singapore, along with 20 unique retail stores and carts.Singapore ZooTourists here will find thousands of rare animals that can become an eye-opener for kids and adults alike.
Some other top tourist attractions of Singapore to be found here are the Australian Outback, the Great Rift Valley and the Fragile Forest.

Visitors here are also educated about the ecosystem and tropical rain forests.Singapore Botanical GardensWith a complete collection of plants, this is one of top tourist attractions of Singapore. The scenery, lush green trees and a swan lake make Singapore Botanical Gardens a unique experience. The National Orchid Garden with over 1,000 species and 2,000 hybrids of orchids is the top attraction in the Garden.Boat Quay and Clark QuayThe place also top tourist attractions of Singapore is filled with restaurants, clubs and pubs, with loud music and light jazz streaming together.
The place is frequented by young executives, builders, and others who are returning from home, couples looking for a romantic dinner, and many foreign tourists.Marina Bay SandsIt is one of the two Integrated Resorts that is situated in the Marina Bay area and it comes with complete facilities and attractions like casino, hotel, restaurant, cafe, sand sky park, and much more. The place is also famous for shopping with numerous world-class retailers and restaurants having their shops here.Singapore FlyerIt is the largest ferris in the world and reaches to a height of 165 metres.

During big events, there is a sharp rise in demand for accommodation in the high end range apartments that match the luxury apartments in Port Douglas.
I, for instance, coming from Port Douglas find resorts in Singapore as good as the Port Douglas Resorts.

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