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Imagine riding across the desert with the wind in your hair, wading through water on horseback or even galloping across the sand in a film-like fantasy – it’s the stuff of dreams. Even if you’re a complete novice and don’t know your bit from the shoes, horse-riding holidays can make for one of the most exciting adventures of your life – and the setting is entirely up to you. Just check out our brief guide to horse-riding holidays for beginners and prepare to want to saddle up!
Sign up for an adventure that’s just for female horseback riders and enjoy a girlie holiday with a difference.
By packing up the entire family up for a horse riding holiday, you can be sure of a gentler experience and adequate sized horses for even the smallest member.
If you’re looking to brush up on your equestrian skills, why not embark on a training holiday and let the experts lead the way? You don’t have to gallop across the plains to get to grips with horse riding, just take a slow trekking holiday instead.
Slow things down and take a spiritual journey on horseback through India – across Rajasthan and its stunning cities, temples, palaces and monuments. Our website uses cookies so that we can make your shopping experience as simple and enjoyable as possible.
Hirudoid Gel is for the treatment of superficial thrombophlebiits (inflammation of veins) and the soothing relief of bruising and haematoma (deep bruising). Adults, the elderly and children over 5 years: unless otherwise directed, gently massage 2-6 inches (5-15cm) into the affected area up to 4 times a day. Not to be used on large areas of the skin such as the back, cut or grazed skin, sensitive areas such as the mouth, eyes or ano-genital region. So, after a Changing Room Trauma – you know, that moment in a shop when reality stares back at you in the mirror – I resolved to get my body moving and get rid of the lumps and bumps around my middle that weren’t there six months ago.
I look for some cardiovascular exercise that I might actually enjoy, and will fit into the busy working week, since I know these are the keys to exercising regularly. Psycle’s disco lighting and club soundtrack sound like fun, but will it be full of lithe 25-year-olds with thighs of steel?
A spin class entails cycling on a stationary, indoor bicycle, incorporating various upper body movements while pedalling.
The bike’s resistance can be varied throughout, giving different levels of intensity such a flat sprint, to burn fat and build stamina, to heavier resistance that’s like a hill climb and makes you pedal more slowly, building strength and toning the muscles. It’s done to music, with the instructor at the front calling out instructions through a mic, and can be 30, 45 or 60 minutes long. If you’re very overweight, inactive, or haven’t exercised for a long time, consult your GP first. Jacqui: I have good flexibility and reasonable joint and muscle strength, as I’ve done dynamic yoga every morning for years.
Rosanna: Arriving at the gym we are given special cycling shoes which you are clearly not meant to wear between the changing room and the studio.

Jacqui: The instructor runs us through what’s going to happen, like when to sit on the saddle, when to lift your bum, how to lean forward, and the like.
Soon we get into working the upper body at the same time as pedalling, leaning forward then back, hands in different positions on the handlebars, then twisting to the left and right. We’re quickly instructed to increase the resistance on the bike, but I don’t – I’m in too much discomfort. The instructor encourages us all to push on and remind ourselves why we’re here – and seems to be looking straight at me.
There is some respite when we do arm exercises with light handweights, as the concentration needed takes my mind off all that.
Finally it ends and we cool down, and I’m so disappointed, because if it hadn’t been for the stitch I could have pushed myself more and it would have been fun. The music speeds up again and we have to sit back on the saddle, which is so uncomfortable, and take the weights in our hands.
Boom Cycle, Shoreditch and Holborn Like Psycle, Boom has high-energy classes with low lighting, a booming soundtrack and instructors that push you.
Fitness First, nationwide This might be a better option if you want to try spin but without the disco environment.
Jacqui Gibbons is High50’s health editor, edits beauty and lifestyle features, and writes about health trends. High50 Holdings Limited is a company registered in England and Wales at Circus House, 21 Great Titchfield Street, London, W1W 8BA, under company number 09010517. Not only that, but it’ll take the onus off of you if you feel that you’re horse riding skills aren’t quite up to scratch. Follow your guide through rural farmland, desert and traditional Indian villages on a sacred trip punctuated only by nightly stops in ancient forts, luxury hotels and tented camps. It improves circulation and inproves the blood flow to the skin to relieve any pain and inflammation. Also contains isopropyl alcohol, perfume oil, polyacrylic acid, propylene glycol, sodium hydroxide, purified water. One reason is that each cell in our body, particularly in muscle tissue, contains parts called mitochondria, which break down glucose from the complex carbohydrates we eat (wholegrains, vegetables and fruit) and convert it into energy.
This is why the fitter we are, the better we feel: we literally become walking bundles of energy. I pick Psycle, a dedicated indoor cycling club, as it’s round the corner from the High50 office, and there’s an introductory class at 5.30pm on a Tuesday.
BoomCycle in Shoreditch and Holborn runs the same type of class, and SoulCycle in New York (pictured above) has a cult following, including a ton of celebrity fans, and will be coming to London in the new year. I have done spin classes in the past but never enjoyed them as I usually felt sick and out of breath. Hitting the dark basement studio, music already blasting, is a shock to the senses after a day in the office.

A house track kicks in and it’s like I’m in a club back in the day hands-in-the-air-like-you-just-don’t-care.
I try to get comfortable by sitting on one buttock or the other, but with all the moving around we’re doing, I can’t. I try to continue pedalling and keep up with the movements, but as I get hotter (I’ve forgotten to bring water) I need to keep up easing up.
I think: you have NO IDEA that there are hot needles in my belly right now and this bloody saddle is crushing my lady bits. There is a knob on the bike which turns the resistance up or down and we are told to start on low. It’s good to be sitting but quite painful – at least the arm exercises are not too difficult and I know they are good for the bingo wings. Fitness First has gyms all over the UK offering spin classes and you can try your first class for free (after that you have to join).
What’s more, you could choose from a wealth of destinations, such as England, Ireland or even New Zealand.
It’s certainly not fast-paced and is a much calmer way of seeing this fantastic region than in a car or rickshaw on its busy roads.
I did spin classes in my forties when I was very fit, but haven’t been in a gym for years, and my yoga has become rather less dynamic lately. I know I should do some cardiovascular exercise at my age and know that keeping fit wards off depression so am ready to give it a go.
Several people are warming up on their bikes, and an instructor with big smile and a funky ’fro adjusts our bikes and gets me into the special trainers provided. It is quite a challenge to try to pedal to the rhythm of the music but it’s invigorating once you do. I agree that the saddle is just too uncomfortable but maybe that gets better after a few goes. While you cycle your heart rate is monitored, meaning you can work to strict heart rate zones and instructors can keep an eye on your effort level and progression, to get the best out of you, safely. Visit Cychocycle. And if you go regularly it may work out a lot cheaper than the fancy-pants dedicated cpin clubs. The rustic Wild West theme makes this a great option for hen weekends or just a girls-only break away.
I run out of breath if I go for a jog and never enjoy it, and with mild wear and tear in one knee joint, running or anything high-impact is no longer an option. The staff say it’s probably dehydration, and indeed I had sat at my desk for two hours that afternoon without getting up for water.

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