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The nursing profession is a versatile one and the demand for nurses is rarely compromised as health is always a priority for most people. To boost your salary, let your unit supervisor know that you are willing to work overtime if there is insufficient staffing in your area.
These agencies fulfill hospitals’ understaffing problems by scheduling freelance nurses in their understaffed areas to serve as relievers.
You can sign up on nurse staffing agencies to get a chance on per diem shifts in other hospitals. Those who are looking for ways on how to make extra money as a nurse are familiar with immunization clinics.
Before the flu season starts, companies, grocery stores, churches and other establishments sign up to provide flu shots. With today’s technology, providing health advice is possible anywhere and anytime through telecommunication services.
Some telehealth companies also offer remote health monitoring services where you can monitor vital sign readings and check the severity of reported injuries of customers through video calls. There are lots of opportunities for a medical transcriptionist but you will have to become certified in order to be qualified for the job. Once you become a medical transcriptionist, you can work part-time and do the job from anywhere as long as you have a computer and reliable internet access. A medical transcriptionist listens to recorded medical reports and transcribes voice recordings into written reports. If you are passionate about bedside care, you can look for part-time work in nursing homes or hospice care facilities.
In medical coding, you will need to classify medical diagnoses and list the corresponding medical billing codes for proper insurance claims. Once certified, you can market your skills in different establishments and organizations as First Aid classes are commonly included in skills enrichment programs. Having a traditional 8-to-5 job isn’t the only way to keep your finances in the black. If you have several years of experience in a specialized industry, consider flexing those muscles in a freelance capacity.
Interested in obtaining bachelor’s and master’s degrees in nursing within the same program? Don't let the picture fool you: getting tested on for medical purposes isn't as fun or financially rewarding as you may think. Online university programs have opened up new ways of collegiate learning, but a heated debate exists about the validity of online degrees. Recently, Time magazine ran a feature article,  Women, Money and Power, about the rise of the female breadwinner in America, and why this phenomenon is good for everyone involved.
While at first glance I thought the article was going to simply discuss powerful female earners supporting lower-wage earning men, in truth the main point was focused more on the options available to modern families who are not solely dependent on the male for financial support in the way that the traditional American family was.  The article made a number of interesting points through several real-life examples, and made a strong case for the upsides of this economic shift. What was even more interesting to me than the examples cited in the article was a related discussion that ensued on Facebook regarding the idea of the female breadwinner, particularly in the sense of what I initially thought the article was about – high income women supporting lower-income men. As a modern, successful woman, should I be more comfortable with the idea of supporting someone?
Having been in relationships where I was the breadwinner, I guess I can only hope that there are guys out there that can atleast do their fair share and contribute more to the relationship and family. As for your comment about the fact that women seem to be more ambitious about looking for a career since far more women are going to college than men, I have definately noticed it myself. As a side note, there are some guys that have been able to do a lot without a college degree. Sure, there our days that I resent him for being at home when I am at work, and every day I wish we had a bigger bank account, but that doesn’t mean I want him to get a job and put our three children in day care. The main down side, in my experience, is that I can’t hop off the earning track to follow a dream or start my own business, as it seems many professional women with an earning spouse do these days.
I am a 30-something and still have many single friends, all of whom are very successful women who struggle finding a comparable mate.
I was raised by parents who made about the same income, and after I was 5 had their own business.
When I was younger I suppose I just assumed I would date and one day enjoy someone enough to want to marry them and there you go. This is, indeed, a very personal subject and from the varying responses represented here something people have very different opinions about.
I think what bothers me the most about the trend is not the idea of having a partner that doesn’t match your earnings dollar for dollar, but rather that an increasing percentage of women are attaining college degrees compared to their male counterparts. My boyfriend wants to be a stay-at-home dad one day, and I know that a lot of people (even those in his family) who have trouble coming to terms with the fact that it’s a perfectly acceptable position, albeit non-traditional. That’s not to say that any particular woman should force themselves to accept partners who earn less than they do, because there are many other reasons why they might want equal partners (or ones who earn more), like the one you mentioned in your article. Oh and as an aside, although no one wants to think about divorce when you get married, how can we not? Almost 6 million Americans are working from home as their primary job and a little bit over 13 million Americans spend at least one day a week working from home. OK, we admit it, out of all the jobs working from home, this one is the most controversial. If you’re new at carpentry, then you can go online and learn some beginning carpentry skills and see if it sticks. Jobs in the administrative assistance field are easy to find, mostly because they don’t pay too well. If you have mad skills in the kitchen, why not share your wonderful and delicious creations with others and get paid for that? If you’re good at writing, graphic design or at marketing you can make money working from home as a freelancer. An amazing vacation holds the promise of lifting a year’s worth of stress and of making you a new man or a new woman. Daniel Pink, creativity expert and author of A Whole New Mind: Why Right-Brainers Will Rule the Future, says we are entering a new era – a conceptual era – where right brain abilities such as artistry, empathy, inventiveness, and big-picture thinking will be just as important as the left brain’s logical, linear and by-the-number abilities. With a growing emphasis and value on creativity, the good news is that anyone can tap into its power. Author and artist Julia Cameron in her book, The Artists Way: A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity, recommends a basic tool for a “lasting creative awakening” called “Morning Pages”. Mind mapping is a creative tool that can help solve problems by visually connecting thoughts, ideas and facts just as the mind works.
Think of a question or problem you have been struggling with and experiment with mind mapping. We can feel most inspired when we surround ourselves with the things we love and that fill our soul such as meaningful photographs, beautiful artwork, inspiring artifacts, soothing color schemes, and so on. Imagine yourself in a room with comfy furniture, cherished mementos, thought-provoking artwork, peaceful and happy colors, soothing lighting or candles, and your favorite music playing in the background. Writing a list of 100 things is a powerful technique, according to Luciano Passuello, founder of the website Liteminds a simple principle where you state your question or issue at the top of a blank sheet of paper, and then you create a list of one hundred answers or solutions.
Don’t stop to wonder how far in the list you are; number the lines from 1 to 100 in advance or use numbered lists if you’re using a word processor.

Don’t worry too much about repeating entries; duplicates can shed light on your patterns of thought. Here are some List of 100 examples: 100 Ways to Generate Income, 100 Things I Am Grateful For, 100 Ways to Improve My Relationships, and 100 Places I’d Like to Visit. A vision board is where images and words are displayed that represent who you are or want to be, do or have in your life. Visualization or imagination is the source for all that is created, so the more we visualize something we want to create, the more likely it will get created.
Great post, 10 Ways to Spark Creative Thinking I find myself often times stuck in the preverbal writer’s block. Welcome to Virtues for Life, a website designed to inspire and coach you in the daily practice of virtues to help you become your personal best, and, consequently, lead a more extraordinary life. If you are saving up for a vacation or just want to build up your savings, there are plenty of ways that nurses can earn extra money. You can land a part-time job in this field where you can do telephone triage and provide appropriate health assistance to concerned callers. With this kind of part-time job, you can have the opportunity to work in an office or possibly even from home.
These institutions are in great need of direct nursing care as their patients are elderly individuals with chronic illnesses. This is critical work as you will need to put the proper medical billing codes so insurance companies can process the insurance claims of the patient. You can apply for a part-time job in these agencies where your primary role is to visit the list of patients registered in their services and provide the nursing care they need.
To become a First Aid Instructor, you should be certified by a recognized organization like the American Red Cross. You can also teach CPR to school teachers, gym instructors and parents of at risk children. She is working as a staff nurse in the pediatric ward of a private city hospital for more than two years. Completing online didactic coursework, practicing several hours a week in our nursing simulation lab and attending clinicals in and around Boston doesn’t leave much room for a full-time job. In some instances, the money you’ll save with a lower mortgage payment can equal to the amount you might make from a full-time job. Review your plans for car insurance, land line and mobile phones, TV access and the like to see which payments can be lowered and which can be eliminated altogether. When you're a guinea pig for testing, the nurse rarely looks like this, and she certainly never holds that many bills for your willingness to be subjected to clinical trials. I just finished up school just a few years ago, and there was definately a lot more women on campus than men! I have an uncle that does contruction, is a relator, flips houses, rents out houses, etc, and does very well for himself. He decided to fake an injury, file a work comp claim (which dished him out $100,000) and then went on state assistance after I left him, filing for child support. He also decided to quit his job and stop working once I got pregnant, and file state assistance. Seven years ago I took a new job knowing that it would have to support all three (now five) of us, not just me. I have to weigh every decision against the backdrop of my family’s bills, but you know what?
Planing was all about my career, where I was going and who I wanted to be… sometimes it was just about getting through a busy stressful day. Teachers, social workers, and some creative professions may not earn as much as lawyers and financial analysts. If men are fine with having a wife who stays at home or earns less, why can’t women be the same? But just as it’s now acceptable for women to earn as much as their husbands, I think with time more and more people will be okay with wives who earn more than their husbands. I, for one, am really competitive and would be jealous if my partner earned more than I did, but that’s my personality.
There are so many websites that advertise working from home, but a little bit of inquires reveal only smoke and mirrors. There are two types of video chat jobs: the one that requires you to take your clothes off and the one you can keep all your clothes on for.
If you already know how to build things with your hands, if you know how to carve and work wood, then maybe you should think about starting a small carpentry business.
There are so many people with computer-programming skills who don’t have a job, because the market seems to be over-saturated with them, but if you think you’ve got what it takes to create software, give it try. The tasks can be easy, such as picking up the dry cleaning or making dinner reservations, while others may be a little bit more demanding, such as shopping for clothes.
The offers are consistent and while it does take some time to make a name for yourself in the business, once you do it, the cash will come. Traditionally, left brain skills mattered more, Pink says, and still do, however they are not enough. If you only read non-fiction books then you can be missing out on amazing fiction books and vice versa.
These three pages of longhand writing, as Cameron says, are strictly a stream-of-consciousness, whatever crosses the mind. Great ideas can come unexpectedly so it’s important to write them down so as not to forget.
They can be used for creative-problem solving, decision-making, project planning, brainstorming, and taking notes. Denise Linn in her book, Feng Shui for the Soul: How to Create a Harmonious Environment that will Nurture and Sustain You writes, “Our homes have an enormous impact on our state of mind.
The benefit, he says, of creating this list is that your subconscious starts to engage in the process, ideas start flow, uncovering new and surprising answers.
Creating a vision board helps identify your intentions, keeps you focused on these intentions and then helps to make them a reality. Vision boards can be created for all kinds of uses such as a particular project or outlining your life’s dreams.
Henry David Thoreau said, “The world is but a canvas to the imagination.” To live a creative life, start to imagine things such as what it is you desire in life, what life will look like when your goals and dreams are reached, and how it will feel.
Life is full of possibilities, and we can realize our creative potential from writing a screenplay or a book to designing a revolutionary product or finding a cure for a disease. Our vision is to create a global consciousness in the difference the practice of virtues can make in everyday life. Some hospitals have web-based staffing management systems where you can sign up for extra shifts.
You can arrange for a part-time job here by working two to three times a week or during weekends. Independent nursing interventions you can do in this job include dressing change, physical assessment, blood sugar monitoring and many more. Demonstrate that your continued involvement in a key account or project will allow for a smoother internal transition and give the company more time to recruit your replacement.
At the very least, refinancing can reduce the amount you need to borrow from private lenders for tuition and living expenses.

Many of my classes were predomenantly female, except for some of the computer and math classes. In my ideal world, I would work part-time and be home with my kids more than I am now, but I really don’t think I have the patience to be happy as a full time stay-at-home parent. I like working, if my husband made more money I would enjoy being able to afford to hire someone to clean the house and do the laundry etc, but for now we have to get it all done ourselves. I don’t think the potential negatives (alimony if divorced, for example) outweighs the positives of two people who are perfect for each other both in careers they enjoy without having to worry about who earns more. You don’t have to get out of the house, get stuck in traffic or see your boss every single day. The golden rule when it comes to finding a job working from home is that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
You can group people together or work individually, It’s your time, your space and your rules. A job working from home in this field can include transcription (of dictation, meetings and telephone calls), customer service (many stores need a representative to answer the customer’s calls) or an answering services in a doctor’s office or at a calling center. You can even become a professional personal shopper, if you have great fashion sense and some strong connections. Actually, Bogdan likes to read books, listen to music, eat pizza, drink coffee, and even write music.
She explains that the pages must be done in the morning because they prioritize the day you are about to have instead of reviewing the day that’s already past.
A mind map is a diagram that includes the arranging of words, ideas and activities linked to a central idea.
They can make us feel as though we are plunging into the depths of despair, or they can be uplifting havens of beauty and rejuvenation. The vision board is a way of getting thoughts, goals and desires on paper to add clarity and to make more indelible on the mind. If that’s not appealing, think about running a side business in your area of expertise. If you’re happy with your mortgage lender, contact them to learn more about your options.
After you graduate, you’ll be eligible to sit for the NCLEX and earn your RN license.
And looking back, it was always mostly women that tried the hardest, got engaged, and academically excelled.
You get to make money while sitting on top of your bed, with a laptop or putting any skill you have to work.
Nobody’s going to pay you $500 a day, the same way you’re probably not going to make $5k in your first month working from home. Insurance and health care companies need nurses to answer questions that patients may have… all this, over the phone. It’s a great job for college students or retired professors and it has the best perk any working from home job does: flexible hours!
If you’re good at it, then you’re going to make some money, because there will always be a demand for good carpenters. Who knows, maybe you’ll get to create the next big smartphone OS that will save us from the rule of Android and iOS?
If you don’t think you have something you can sell, then maybe you’re good at making things and selling them on Etsy. You can cater for a small party and if your food is appreciated, then you can bet that you’ll get at least one catering offer from it.
But when he's not immersing himself into the obscurity of progressive music, and not doing any of the other trivial stuff we mentioned, he likes to write. Take a ride in a hot air balloon, throw a block party, sign-up for a writing or painting course, take a day trip somewhere, draw pictures, talk to someone new or try a new recipe. When we take ourselves out of our comfort zone, pushing through our fears, we liberate ourselves, gain new perspectives and expand our creative minds. Cameron says there is no wrong way of doing the morning pages and nothing written is too petty, silly, stupid, negative, or weird. The goal is to organize and classify information visually to quickly identify and understand the structure of a topic and how all the pieces fit together.
Many professions including marketing, graphic design, management, accounting and law have ebbs and flows in their work, and many companies would love to get some extra help in a way that doesn’t increase their head count. Mom, instead of playing the rat race, but a lot of men just don’t do their fair share. Every one of us has a little talent that can be explored, all you need to do is focus and persevere. Be realistic and only then will you have a good chance of finding something that will work for you. Let’s take a look at 10 ways to make money working from home! Everything handmade is a huge hit on the internet, so try making creams and lotions, soaps or earrings and bracelets. Before you start cooking, you should find out if you are allowed to cook out of your private kitchen.
Before you start applying for freelancing jobs, it is very important to have a portfolio, a few samples of your work. The purpose of this brain dumping, she explains, is to get all that “angry, whiny, petty stuff” written down so that it miniaturizes our censor, calming us down, cheering us up, inspiring us, consoling us and emptying ourselves of disturbing distractions.
Inspiration comes in many forms and it’s important for us to know what gets our creative juices flowing. The more you look and contemplate on your board, the more your wishes enter into your subconscious, manifest and become reality. I remember pulling all nighters or all dayers, studying for a final or doing some project before it was do, with several of my classemates, in the library. You can make a career working from home, if you want to, or you can earn a few extra bucks. A quick search online will reveal enough legitimate video chat websites that are looking for men, women and couples willing to show a little skin. If you don’t wish to interact with patients, then you don’t have to, you can work as a legal nurse consultant, following some training.
Another job working from home and making a couple of bucks is to become an Avon representative – not too much money in there, but it’s great for making connections.
Whether you’re a new mom looking for a part-time job working from home or a college student in need for pizza money, the World Wide Web has something for everyone. If you’re not too comfortable with that, then maybe you can try to be an online psychic, a great job working from home. There would maybe be one guy there out of maybe 6 women, and the guy(s) would always be the first to leave.

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