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In Make Money From Blogging for Beginners Part 1, we looked at two of the most common ways to make money blogging, and in Part 2 we look at the final piece of the puzzle that makes bloggers money. And with so many things to distract us in this Internet Age, trying to get people back to your blog or website on a regular basis can be a never ending task.
Of course, you could try to achieve the same thing with an RSS Feed, but these are almost dead.
Or perhaps you’ve setup a Facebook Fan Page, but then realize only 16% of Facebook Status updates reach your Fans.
This is by the far easiest solution you can use to build your email marketing list as you might already find the WordPress Jetpack automatically installed when you first installed your WordPress software. The forms are fairly generic, but once subscribed to your list, your readers will receive an email notifying them of any new posts. It’s not the best form of email communication, but will at the very least ensure you are building your email list. Now when you get a little more serious about email marketing, you’ll probably want to customize the message that is being sent to your subscribers.

MailChimp integrates nicely with WordPress and is FREE for your first 2000 subscribers, which is plenty enough to get you started.
Of course, you can add email automation for a price but then you should be looking at other email marketing platforms out there.
Aweber is a low-cost Email Marketing Platform that includes an AutoResponder in its base product and will essentially cover most of your email marketing needs when you are just starting out. An Autoresponder lets you set up email campaigns that automatically get delivered, to your subscribers when and how you want them too.
And I like many others tried to get away with using the free email marketing platforms but was hampered by the lack of available features. Again this is only an introduction to email marketing, and if you want me to write more on this topic, please leave a comment below. One of the great things about blogging is being able to share your knowledge with family and friends. Full DisclosureThis is a professional site that receives compensation from the companies whose products we recommend.

NB: Please do not ask for referrals as we only refer products or services that we have used and find beneficial to our readers. Now it’s not so much about the money being in the list but rather the trust is in the list. Or maybe you have a free giveaway or lead magnet as they are known in the industry, and want to write some a special message and provide a link to your product.
But I’ll keep my eyes open for any other product that might be a better fit for a blogger wanting to earn money online.
Of course, they might not always understand what you are trying to do, but as soon as you show them the numbers it starts to make a little sense.
That’s right, you can now get help with WordPress when you choose to sign-up for a new self-hosted block through my website.

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