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Learn how to watch round 2 of the “America’s Got Talent” live results online and find out who will be the next to face elimination. After last night’s theatrical show, fans won’t want to miss tonight’s episode of America’s Got Talent. An act like that might just send the flaming couple home, because not only did the stunt harm Ryan, but because the fact that the judges were scared for their lives, it might impact their decision, and the rest of America’s, as well. Now we know that many people prefer to watch TV on their computers as much as possible (whether it’s live or at a later time) so we have the best of both worlds: watching live on your laptop.
Fans can also be the judge of tonight’s contestants by using the America’s Got Talent mobile app on their smart phones.
This week 12 contestants are ready to compete for the next level, including three Golden Buzzer winners.
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Everyone is still talking about Canadian stunt contestant, Ryan Stock and his fiancee, AmberLynn.
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Fans of the hit NBC show are always looking for an America’s Got Talent live stream and ways to get involved with the America’s Got Talent voting process.
In case you missed it, AmberLynn fired a flaming arrow (the heavy theme of this season) at Ryan’s throat. Be sure to set your DVRs to record it if you plan on missing tonight’s Live Results 2 episode.
If you’re interested in America’s Got Talent online streaming, then this article is for you. It’s also helpful to have a timer set on your TV so that the show will automatically appear on the right channel just before the show airs tonight!
The judges were scared and thought it was all part of the act, but soon learned that Ryan was in fact in real danger. Everyone seemed shocked and scared and even though Ryan kept saying he was fine, Simon Cowell insisted that they stop judging the act and seek medical attention.

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