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One of the best new features is the ability to work with a team and add different levels for people: administrators, template designers, and members. Some of the teams that have been using Canva for Work are Huffington Post and Upworthy – two of the biggest websites around! Team members can add designs that show up in your Canva team designs and you can add comments to each other.
My team member, designer Jeff Sieh of His Designs Online, has the option to send me templates or designs using my color palette and logo which are pre-loaded and saved in my brand kit.
You also have the ability to share designs in the team stream so team members can share ideas and comment on designs. Once you create a design you like, you hit the magic resign button and VOILA you have all the sizes you need to promote your blog post using the preset sizes in Canva or your own custom dimensions. Canva for Work will also appeal to professional designers and brand managers, who can provide a greater level of control over an organization’s brand, by setting up their brand assets and custom templates in Canva.
If you want to learn more about how to use design with your social media, join me for a free webinar with Post Planner and my friend Rebekah Radice.
I'll share tips and tricks, provide positive inspiration and answer social media questions through the content that I create and curate. You know I love Canva for Work, but now that I’ve had a few months to really get used to it, I love it even more! We just launched our new site and I knew we would need lots of graphics, so creating public images in Canva made it SO much easier to share them with my web design team.

I was using the personal version so far and I was wondering if there were any true benefits to subscribe to their for Work version. Canva for Work is perfect for teams of all sizes, whether it’s one person, or a team of hundreds. It has saved them time, money, and allowed them to create graphics that look professional without needing to learn the expensive desktop design tools,” said Canva CEO Melanie Perkins. Post Planner was one of Canva’s first partners to add the Canva button in their social media platform.
I'm here sharing my professional experience working day to day in the trenches of social media, marketing, and blogging. Super excited about many features but think I am most excited to be able to take an image created and resize it so it works on other social media sites in different sizes.
I currently do designs in Canva and share files with clients through a project management system. We just had one big spreadsheet and each page was listed with a link to the header image in canva… Sigh. As you may remember, I was Head of Social Strategy for Canva for about six months and Guy Kawasaki is the Chief Evangelist and I work with Mr. This means when I hit the green REMIX button, a new design opens and I can create something with the text, change the image or even hit the magic resize button. Enable your entire team to access and use your colors, logos and fonts in their own designs.

This ensures consistency and empowers your social media, marketing and sales teams to create their own on-brand graphics.
Create a design once, and optimize it for different social media channels, or campaign collateral. What this means is that when you’re using Post Planner, you can hit the Canva button and create your design with one step! My question is, in your opinion, what’s the advantage in upgrading to Canva For Work over the above scenario? Covering all the major social media platforms, she frequently hears “you’re everywhere!” She’s passionate about social media and inspiring others to be their best. I've spearheaded successful social-media campaigns for Motorola, Audi, Google, and Virgin as well as having been a brand ambassador for Kimpton Hotels.
I think you get a trial of Canva for Work or just test if for a month to see if you like the features, if not stick with regular Canva.

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