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The Upwork logo represents the aspiration, energy and optimism of redefining the future of work.
All videos of the Brand Nieuwe Conference in Amsterdam on June 20 a€“ 21 are now available for purchase as individual files to download as well as the complete set.
Brand New, is a division of UnderConsideration, displaying opinions, and focusing solely, on corporate and brand identity work. UnderConsideration is a graphic design firm generating its own projects, initiatives, and content while taking on limited client work. You don’t necessarily need to promote your profile in order to attract more clients if your skills and quality of services are extensively appreciated and recognised by a majority, but if you are struggling to attract clients on Upwork and want to know how you can improve and promote your Upwork profile, to finally make a breakthrough and get more clients and projects, then this article is written specifically for you. It is a huge online platform with a large number of similarly skilled freelancers who are available to provide comparable quality services at extremely competitive rates for their efforts.
Facebook has an expansive reach and there is no better way to reach out to people than promotion on facebook, it enables everybody to set up their own Pages for business and career purposes.
Pinterest, the visual bookmarking tool is an excellent platform to showcase your skills and get more clients. Connect with professionals on LinkedIn and let them zero in on your upwork profile when they think of hiring a freelancer. Create your own website that exhibits your passions, skills and expertise in your respective field to expand your online presence and reachability. Start a Youtube channel to enhance the visual appeal of what you do and intrigue the interest of possible clients on Upwork. Contribute on quora whenever you see a question that you may have an appropriate answer to, and you can also link your upwork profile on quora.
Promote yourself Offline as well because as a freelancer you never know where the next project might come from. The Suggestions presented above are a compilation of practices that you can adopt to promote yourself, almost as a brand, and be recognized for your skills in the online community.
Honesty is a cornerstone of the freelancing community and deception can dent your image in the long run so please keep in mind that if anyone contacts you via any of these aforementioned platforms to hire you for an assignment, you need to come clean and tell them that you can only be hired on Upwork for freelancing.
Unlike a traditional 9 to 5 job, successfully working and earning on a freelancing platform like Upwork needs a touch of ingenuity to stand out from the crowd and it demands constant upgradation of skills to remain relevant. Online job boards, though perhaps not as effective as they once were, are still the leading source of new hires, according to the 2015 IAEWS Source of Employment Survey. They mean it’s a job-seeker’s market, so recruiters need to be strategic about listing jobs online.
To that end, we’ve compiled a list of the 15 best job listing sites. Not all are the classic job boards you’re familiar with.
The websites below were selected based on a number of factors, including their Alexa ranking (which indicates global traffic — lower is better), Moz domain authority (indicates trust and backlinks), referring domains, and top keywords.
Fast becoming the online replacement for your resume, LinkedIn unquestionably belongs at the top of our list. StackOverflow isn’t an online job board in the strictest sense of the word, but it does serve as a niche hiring platform.
One of the web’s most popular ‘local’ destinations, Craigslist is an extremely low-cost option to list job postings online, though some have rightly questioned the resulting applicant quality. As with StackOverflow, GitHub is not an online job board; it’s a community of developers that happens to include a section for employer job postings. Another entry on our list that isn’t a job board in the strictest sense, Glassdoor has become one of the leading places for job seekers to research companies before applying. One of the original generic job boards, Monster is still a viable option for employers to list jobs, though it is certainly losing relevance as employee referrals and job search engines become more prevalent. Another one of the original job boards (according to Wikipedia, the original), CareerBuilder has the name recognition and financial backing to maintain relevance even in the referral-driven recruiting world. If you’re hiring in Australia, listing your job opening on Seek is essentially a requirement.
If you think we’ve left out any of the best job listing sites or would like to see source data for this article, let us know in the comments. Both Elance and oDesk had very clean logos and the new Upwork logo follows suit with the biggest flair being the "Up" ligature loop and the curved arm of the "k".
A beginner to this arena will probably find himself almost invisible to prospective clients due to the intense competition, and it is natural to be dejected when weeks and months go by without any response from potential clients.
Clients looking to hire a freelancer for a project will have a truckload of people to choose from.

So you can create your own page related to your skills, experience and services provided and present yourself almost as a brand.
It can help you discover, save and share creative ideas with potential clients and this is especially effective if you are a graphics designer or artist.
Top recruiters from upwork and other platforms have been know to check up on the LinkedIn profiles of freelancers to gauge their skill and experience in a field, so it’s advisable that you create a crisp profile and join the proper groups related to your domain to increase visibility and promote yourself as a top notch freelancer.
On the “About Me” page within your website, don’t forget to add a “hire me on Upwork” link while you add information about your skills, previous projects and other professional interests. You can upload video tutorials and step by step guides to important tasks, such as this one regarding how to apply for a job on upwork.
Solving a problem that several people are facing at any given time is a commendable task and this can increase your popularity and reach in the online community. Openly communicate and advertise your skills as an Upwork freelancer to anyone who might be interested in knowing what you do and what kind of services you provide. Clients from Upwork will get to know more about you, the services you render and consider you for hiring if they are impressed by your skills and your efforts in promoting yourself sincerely. Once you understand the mindset of clients you can promote your profile effectively and are willing to put your heart into the projects awarded to you, you will have no shortage of clients ready to pay you handsomely for your hard work and efforts. Some 32 percent of job seekers said they found their last job through a commercial job board.
When compared to other behemoths on the list, some of the niche hiring sites might seem inconsequential.
While it’s not a job board at all, it is becoming the go-to place for recruiters to publicly post jobs. Indeed is a search engine that aggregates job listings from all over the web — a one-stop-shop for job seekers and employers alike.
Although mostly used for contract work, it’s not unheard of for a freelancer to get hired full-time after their contract period. The keywords indicate it still has good brand recognition (Super Bowl commercials are worth something) and job seeker relevance. More popular internationally than in the United States, it is still a viable place for employers to find talent, especially those looking for virtual assistants or other remote workers. Of course, it’s crawled by Indeed, so assuming you’ve posted here, it will show up in the results for anyone using the job search engine. In addition to job postings, TotalJobs publishes a fair amount of recruiting and career development content.
I like the individual elements ("Up" and "work") but separating them through color makes it impossible to appreciate as a unit, a wordmark for a company called Upwork, not Up work. Having gone through the same grind of tweaking my upwork profile, sending multiple job proposals each day and still not engaging client interest for weeks when I started out a few years ago, I thought of sharing my experiences, mistakes and corrective measures so that it can help out new freelancers in getting more assignments.
All these people who are available to finish a project in record time and for the least amount of payment will grab the client’s interest immediately. Adding your Upwork profile link to the “Add to Website” section can redirect a facebook contact to visit your profile and by simply putting “Hire me on Upwork” in your description section you can influence potential clients to do so. All kinds of designing practice and works in progress should be pinned on the respective boards to promote your image and display your proficiency in photoshop etc. Build connections on LinkedIn to establish yourself as an expert in what you do and with time people will notice your competence and possibly hire you for projects on Upwork. Also add this link to the Job Proposals that you send on upwork because sometimes clients only have time to take a look at the Job proposals that they have received for a project.
This will not only induce more traffic to your website and get you the deserved appreciation, it will also help you in earning the trust of possible clients from upwork because they will feel a hint of personal bonding when they see you in a video demonstrating your skills. It is possible that many prospective clients from upwork or their influencers may also be looking for solutions to such problems, so if they come across an answer that you have provided and is helpful to them, then it is likely they would like to get in touch with you and possibly hire you for future projects. Pass the word regarding your availability as a freelancer on so that you create as many opportunities for yourself as possible. These methods of promotion can be instrumental in several other ways, provided you keep an open mind and think like a freelancer instead of an employer. Employers compete for talent not only in their local area, but across state lines and even national borders. Furthermore, about 42 percent of recruiters said they found at least a quarter of their new hires through online job boards. Nevertheless, we included several to help you maximize reach and fight increased competition.

Applicants love it because they can auto-fill electronic applications using their LinkedIn profile.
The referring keywords, while not job-related, indicate that a mostly-developer population browses the site. Indeed appears as a referring domain elsewhere on this list five times, more than any site that isn’t Google or Facebook. Regardless, freelance work is becoming more popular among job seekers and employers alike, so if you’re posting a temporary or contract job, don’t neglect Upwork. Employers list opening on Dice for business analysts, digital marketers, data scientists, and more. Referring keywords indicate a mostly job-seeker audience, though a large portion find TotalJobs via Indeed. And once again, referring domains indicate that Indeed sends a large amount of traffic, so anything posted on Snagajob is also seen there.
While you could try to post on every job board available, the better approach is to focus on a few of the most relevant and make sure your opening gets picked up by Indeed. I get that then they can use "Up" as a shorthand for social media and it does work for that approach. At this point it is good to ask yourself what can I do creatively to reinforce my online visibility and presence so that the clients are drawn to my profile even among the sea of other profiles.
For example if you are an expert in WordPress, you can add your own tutorials and solutions to technical issues on your facebook page.
An increase in the likes on your pins will increase your chances of getting noticed by interested clients from upwork and elsewhere and facilitate the relationship building practice. A content writer, for example can garner huge interest of visitors from upwork by starting a blog that displays his or her writing skills on different genres. Once again, remember to include the “hire me on Upwork” link to the video’s description to broadcast your availability as a freelancer. If you think you’re going to use a generic job board to find a qualified developer that can write in every language you need, I’ve got a bridge in Brooklyn that I’ll sell you.
Recruiters love it because of easy information-gathering, and job postings can be shared and reshared by employees, friends, etc.
Indeed’s referring keywords indicate strong brand recognition and functional relevance for recruiters.
If you’re a technology company or looking to fill a tech-related position, Dice is likely a fit for you.
With over 150 million unique monthly visitors and almost million new jobs posted every week, Indeed is by far the world’s number one job resource. You may have exceptionals skills and professionalism but unless you put yourself, or in other words your skills out there for everyone to observe and utilize according to their requirements, it’s all in vain.
This will not only establish your credibility on the subject matter at hand, it will also make you more visible to the online community since they will appreciate the services you are trying to provide.
Building a relationship with the influencers who already have the attention of your target audience also becomes easier with pinterest as you repin and comment on their content, and this in turn will attract possible clients from upwork as well. Clients looking to hire a content writer on upwork will be immediately drawn to a profile which has its own vibrant website because it is a testament to the abilities and versatility of the content writer in question, and thus the clients will not hesitate in calling the freelancer for an interview. Notably, all the top referring keywords are variations on the site’s name, which indicates strong brand recognition among searchers.
Perhaps it would have benefited from some ink traps so that it reduced better and not have the "p" look so bold.
So it is crucial to remind yourself that along with a never give up attitude, you need to present yourself appropriately and promote your profile pro-actively so that more and more people are aware of and pleased with the services you provide. The quality of your services will attract more people and if you are consistent with your performance as well as promotion, then pretty soon you will be regarded as an expert in your field and people will be able to contact you easily through your facebook page. Clients are always looking for people who can help them grow their business further and by promoting your profile in a compelling manner you put yourself in a prime position for getting interview requests and eventually getting hired for well paying projects.

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