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Retirement is not the problemAn article published in today’s Pioneer Press reports that, despite beliefs that the current economy has prolonged retirements, Baby Boomers are indeed retiring. I’ve had the opportunity to chat at length with our state demographer, Tom Gillespy, and we both agreed that most employers remain in denial about the approaching shift in human capital. The fact is, the business world needs to worry a whole lot less about the Boomers leaving (because they will) and worry a whole lot more about whether they can keep Generation X and if they’re prepared for the arrival of Generation Y. While the economy has kept some people in the job market longer than they anticipated, factoring that dynamic into retirement assumptions doesn’t have much of an effect on the anticipated waves of older workers who are expected to retire. With almost every company expecting to lose a portion of their employee base through retirements, competition among employers is likely to heat up, making talented, and therefore desirable, workers more difficult to recruit and retain and more expensive due to the increased need for their skills. Also, a key side effect to the Boomer reason is the loss of the knowledge, skills and abilities — collectively known as KSAs.
Need the Next Gen?As a result of working with us, organizations worldwide have reduced turnover, grown membership, developed leaders, and seized market share among Generations X, Y and Z.
Healthy shoulder function requires a balance of scapular stability, arm flexibility, and good motor control during arm movement. Upward rotation is needed for movements like the shoulder press, push-press, push-jerk, and pull-up – where the arms are overhead inline with the shoulders.
Upward rotation refers to coordinated movement of the scapula and arm during shoulder flexion.
Restoring upward rotation requires a combination of stretching the downward rotators, strengthening the upward rotators (scapular plank pushups, half-kneeling face pulls, overhead shrugs), and training proper shoulder motor control (wall slides). I use the term ‘pack scapula down’ – not to describe a rigid position – but a controlled retraction of the scapula during its upward rotation (see illustration). At the top of the movement – with the arms extended, pull the arms back 2-inches retracting the shoulder blades (part B). This motion is similar to an overhead barbell shrug where a shrug at the top of the lift is used to enhance upward rotation – as the scapula is controlled by the lower trapezius. After pulling the arms back off the wall (part B) return the arms to the wall and slide them back down to the starting position – maintaining contact with the wall (part C). The wall squat arm slide integrates anterior core stability and thoracic extension with shoulder flexion.
This movement also integrates upper and lower body movement: the low-back remains in contact with the wall as the hips descend into flexion and arms rise. Hi Barb its something personal bt I think u sud help me out plis… if posible plis I really want 2 make frend wit one of whom u knw who is interested with PNG girls plis im intrested. I should emphasize here that most of these fantasies are just that: a way of expressing frustration with male behavior and marital restrictions on PNG women, as well as the unfair limitations on international migration and travel that Papua New Guineans face. When I interview informants, they often take the opportunity to ask me personal questions about sexuality, romance, and racial difference.
I describe these political and economic analyses in the same breath as young women's romantic aspirations because I have come to see them as intimately connected. This entry was posted in Fieldnotes and tagged gender, Papua New Guinea, political economy, race. Yes PNG has been just good for foreigners, but you have to make sure you hook with the trustworh people. A politician in the Solomon Islands retecnly announced that poverty breeds corruption'. We are put here for a purpose and this we will have to meet up to then and only then we will realize where our dreams are a reality.
You my brothers and especially sisters are very beautiful people, we belong to PNG but if we know who we really are this place will be be different, Paradise already it is. Those women who fantasize to marry white men to live happy life are those who think that life is that everything to be at their disposal. Fantasizing of some white men angels from America come to marry them and then they can live a enjoyable and meaningful life is useless and wasteful imagination. Chinese products really is a problem because Asians especially Philipinos are EVERYWHERE in PNG buying land to build stores only to sell cheap copied items. Reduced spinal mobility can have many consequences on the body’s biomechanics and overall function. Drop your torso down onto your thighs and extend your arms on the floor above your head so that your forehead comes to rest on the floor.

Lift one arm towards the ceiling, allowing the upper torso to rotate towards the lifted arm. Then reach under and across the body, allowing the upper torso to rotate in the opposite direction.
Bring one knee across your body, with knee and hip bent to approximately 90 degrees and the other leg is kept straight. Call us to schedule your initial consultation with a fully-qualified Physiotherapist today.
Based on Social Security data and projected population growth, the state demographer’s office projects 59,000 retirements this year, 62,000 next year, and then increases each year throughout the decade. As both of us go about our work researching and presenting on the topic, we find that business leaders cling to the hope that the Boomers will prolong their retirements, younger generations will somehow morph into Boomers, and generational differences and talent gaps will just disappear. After having been entrenched in the workforce for decades, Boomers often occupy positions that require a high level of technical expertise, business acumen or, at the very least, industry experience. Even if a recent college graduate can demonstrate the technical or business skills necessary for a position, how can businesses replace the savvy, historical perspective of their former employees? Some experience can be passed on with mentoring programs and other succession planning efforts, but most companies fail to see that as an option or make meager attempts to implement such programs. Rather than fear the future and focus on loss, think about the new opportunities that lie ahead and what you have to gain. The Boomers are retiring and without Generations X and Y, your company doesn’t have a future. The gleno-humeral joint (shoulder joint) is a ball and socket joint where the head of the humerus (arm bone) articulates with the glenoid fossa of the scapula. Wall slides train the muscles surrounding the scapula for both dynamic and static stability – controlling the position of the scapula during arm movement.
Retraction and depression is needed for movements like the overhead squat and snatch – where the arms are abducted (out to the sides) in a wide grip. This 3-to-1 ratio of arm to scapular movement is called scapulo-humeral rhythm – the scapula upwardly rotates 60-degrees during the 120-degrees of shoulder flexion. Focusing on lower trapezius engagement as the scapula rotates out to the side creates this position of dynamic stability. A slight shrug while pulling the arms off the wall engages the upper trapezius for full upward rotation. This timing of lower and upper trapezius activation takes some practice – the initial focus should be upward rotation without elevating the shoulders (part A of the exercise). The scapula starts in upward rotation during the hang and then returns to a neutral position (downwardly rotates) as you pull up towards the bar. If you move your arms from a shoulder press position out to an overhead squat position – you can feel the slight difference in position of the shoulder blade.
Anterior core stability is needed to maintain neutral hips and prevent ribcage flair during overhead lifts. Note your breathing as you perform a few repetitions – try to breathe into the sides of your lower ribcage.
This wasn't the first time a young Papua New Guinean had asked me to help them find a white boyfriend or husband. I find it hard to explain that dating works differently where I'm from, and that few American men in their twenties and thirties would be interested in, or even aware of, the possibility of striking up a long distance relationship with a Papua New Guinean girl. After an hour-long interview with two twenty-year-old men, one of them politely inquired if I would ever consider marrying a black man. Race in Papua New Guinea, as Ira Bashkow has so elegantly shown in The Meaning of Whitemen (2006), is often understood through an idiom of consumption, and white people are known and appreciated through the goods they possess.
In the case mentioned at the beginning of this essay, I replied (truthfully) that I didn't know many white men in the town where I am conducting fieldwork, and that those I did know were taken. At the time of writing she was conducting research on nursing education and changing gender relations in the Highlands of Papua New Guinea. The latest audit of government finances found that across the board, SBD$433 million (approx.
Each and everyone of us human beings have dreams for greener pastures where all is well but as you go out there you will find that home beautiful Papua New Guinea is still the best. I seen people complaining about the products available here, and about the desire of women to go for Expats.

Only with proper educational awareness and realization of self importance in each of the communities or towns one endures will push this country up and everyone can live their dream lives whether it be a wishful imagination for a long distance love affair or for one to travel freely without major complications. These simple spinal mobility exercises may help loosen up those stiff joints and get you moving more. Prepare for the infusion of new knowledge and new skills that the next generations have to offer.
If the scapula is fixated or unable to move in coordination with the arm – shoulder flexion will be limited.
Keeping your forearms in contact with the wall – slide your arms up and out – without shrugging the shoulders. Note – the shoulders remain relaxed down as the arms slide up and out (part A), before a shrug is added at the top position to pull the arms back (part B). The advantage of the forearm wall slide is that you start in a neutral position and move into upward rotation. While a shoulder press requires active scapular movement during shoulder flexion, the overhead squat and snatch require more of a fixed shoulder blade position to support the bar overhead.
You can revisit the Kolar Wall Bug (see here) to help improve anterior core stability, diaphragmatic breathing, and training a ribcage down position. Papua New Guineans know they are exploited as both a resource-rich site for extractive industries and as a dumping ground for cheap, poorly made goods. But for some reason I couldn't bring myself to criticize her desires—what would be the use, after all, of telling her that she should be satisfied with the romantic and economic opportunities already available to her? In the USA you could get killed at a movie theater, elementry school or by a mailman going postal. As rightly put its the travel complications engineered by Aussies that makes most PNGeans unable to travel far. PNG is a great and friendly country even though our girls are wanting whites for luxuries life. Controlling the lower part of the shoulder blade with the lower trapezius helps prevent the shoulders from elevating during the movement. Most of these assumptions are simply the inverse of racist stereotypes about Papua New Guinean men (which both men and women have internalized to an often upsetting degree).
Public service announcements targeting the state of Queensland (where most of the migration traffic between PNG and Australia occurs) warn Australian men working in the mining industry of the health risks of sex with Papua New Guineans.
These analyses are upsetting to me because they misconstrue the effect of poverty as its cause,and continue the cycle of self-blame and self-hatred engendered by colonialism.
Another companion even snuck a look at my phone while I was sleeping, and started sending flirtatious text messages to one of my contacts, whom she knew to be white, male, and single. Unlike PNG men, girls tell me, white men are uniformly kind, monogamous, non-violent, non-jealous, sober, and financially responsible. Her picture of a life of luxury and ease with a caring white husband might be an illusion, but it is predicated on a lived experience of dispossession that I would be wrong to dispute. I can honestly say that he was better than any black guy I’ve been with only because he was a good listener and was humble.
Moreover, many of them have met women who have been married to or otherwise involved with white men, and their life stories are not always fairytale romances.
Why did they come to the country if they had no interest in a lasting connection with its inhabitants?
Decades of failed development, government corruption and manipulation by (largely invisible) global neoliberal forces have convinced many that black men are incapable of governing themselves or taking care of their dependents.
Anyway Im not going to compare because the truth is black or white it dont really matter each has their faults.
When this political cynicism is transferred into the realm of romantic relationships, you get the false notion that white men are the answer to women's disempowerment and poverty.

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