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EJ Johnson underwent weight loss surgery back in 2014 — and fans can't get over how incredible the Rich Kids of Beverly Hills star looks and what a transformation he's made!
The Rutgers School of Nursing–Camden and Cooper University Health Care are partnering to encourage health care paraprofessionals from underrepresented populations to pursue nursing careers.
The collaborative will provide a college preparatory curriculum for health care paraprofessionals who aspire to become baccalaureate nurses.
During the first year of the program, the college preparatory curriculum will consist of courses in English, math, and the life sciences, as well as weekly seminars to build academic skills. An initial cohort of up to 10 Cooper employees with at least two years of health care work experience and who aren’t currently enrolled in a bachelor’s of nursing program will be recruited for the fall 2014 pilot program.
Unlicensed, assistive personnel at the hospital include patient care associates, critical care technicians, patient companions, unit secretaries and transporters. Robinson adds, “Obtaining a bachelor’s degree is becoming essential for nurses throughout New Jersey and across the country in order to deliver on exceptional nursing care and improve patient outcomes.
Over the two years of the program, students will receive tuition support and a stipend to cover personal expenses that can often be a barrier to seeking advanced education. Cooper University Hospital, the flagship of the Cooper University Health Care, is a 600-bed, regional, tertiary academic medical center located in the heart of Camden. For more than 40 years, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation has worked to improve the health and health care of all Americans. The New Jersey Health Initiatives: New Paths to Professional Nursing program addresses the nursing shortage by supporting the development and implementation of programs preparing health care paraprofessionals from underrepresented communities to matriculate into baccalaureate nursing programs in the state of New Jersey by fall 2016.
Protraction of the scapulae often accompanies poor posture in which the rhomboids and the lower fibers of the trapezius are lengthened and weak bilaterally. When assessing the shoulder region, as with any area of the body, be careful not to jump to conclusions regarding the source of shoulder pain. Design heads at 3M, Intuit, Microsoft, PepsiCo, Philips, and REI highlight 7 areas for future design leaders to consider. The importance of corporate design leadership is growing fast, which makes me curious: what does the future of design leadership look like? According to Klaus Kaasgaard, vice president of user experience design at Intuit, design leaders need to, "engage every day in very specific design discussions. We all know how important empathy for the end user is, but design leaders also focus empathy toward internal peers as well. Design also connects the dots between individual products and services to broader customer experiences.
The future is not about building kingdoms of design, it’s about integrating design and design thinking throughout business.
In the end, it’s really about developing a culture of design, but this takes time and discipline. The great thing about designers is that we create the future of products, services, and experiences.
Although companies in Europe seem to have been slow in adopting design thinking as business practice, Philips is ahead of the curve, Carney says.
Chris Spangle, Greg Lenz, and Shelby Melban discuss the DNC Convention and the rise of ISIS in Europe.

Get the WAL PodcastWe Are Libertarians brings all of the irreverence modern politics deserves.
Upward – Libertarian ActivismUpward provides tips and strategies to help move more people towards the top of the diamond. Raw Audio PoliticsRaw Audio Politics brings listeners unedited audio of speeches and interviews to help voters make informed decisions.
It is being funded by a $250,000 grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) through its New Jersey Health Initiatives: New Paths to Professional Nursing program.
Upon successful completion of the program, students will be admitted to the Rutgers School of Nursing–Camden to begin their pursuit of a bachelor’s degree in nursing.
Upon successful completion of those courses, students will take baccalaureate nursing classes during the second year of the program.
More than 80 percent of the employees who serve Cooper in these capacities are from underrepresented populations in the health care profession and are predominantly African American and Hispanic.
It is striving to build a national Culture of Health that will enable all Americans to live longer, healthier lives now and for generations to come. Observing the relationship between the medial borders of the scapulae and the spine, decide whether the scapulae are adducted (retracted) or abducted (protracted).
Retraction of the scapulae is much less common and occurs when people adopt a military-style posture: chests pushed up and out, shoulders drawn back and down. With upward rotation the medial border and inferior angle are abducted from the spine, lengthening the rhomboid major and shortening the rhomboid minor and levator scapulae. Just because a person stands with protracted scapulae and an internally rotated humerus, for example, does not mean that her scapular pain results from the anatomical positions of these bony structures. Will this upward momentum continue, and if so, what are the skills needed for future design leaders?
Coincidently, all of these design leaders came up thru design, and still consider themselves designers, not administrators. In other words, rather than pushing design, savvy design leaders seek to understand the needs of other business functions, and then create solutions to meet those needs. This requires savvy communication and change management skills, and being a team player—after all, design is a team sport. Learn to talk the language of business and the language of technology, but lets not forget where we come from. Chris Spangle, Greg Lenz, and other co-hosts blend humor and intelligence to explain to you what the hell is happening in our world today and how we can fix it by thinking differently. Chris Spangle is a podcaster and host of We Are Libertarians, libertarian, digital director for a major radio show, and trying to be a better person.
We Are Libertarians presents training sessions and special podcasts to teach the basics of running for office, county party organization, and other forms of libertarian activism. Participants will work with baccalaureate nurse mentors who are currently employed by Cooper, providing workplace encouragement and support. Many clients, unless engaged in regular exercise or sporting activity involving the upper body, have slightly protracted scapulae. With downward rotation, the medial border and inferior angle are adducted towards the spine, shortening the rhomboid major and lengthening the rhomboid minor and levator scapulae.

To find out, I asked the heads of design at 3M, Intuit, Johnson & Johnson, Microsoft, PepsiCo, Philips, and REI individually and as a panel at the Industrial Designers Society of America national conference. So you have to get insights from marketing, business, research, etc., and you are a translator. Whether developing new products, services, brands, environments or business models, the end goal is to create value to the triple bottom line—economic, social, and environmental.
Teach the organization about design thinking—both on individual design projects, and on seating strategy and business strategy.
You may find that drawing a horizontal line on the skin directly down this border helps you get a better idea of the position of the scapulae.
For example, way back in 1959, Cloward reported on the likelihood of scapular and upper limb pain originating from cervical discs. I’m not suggesting the prima-donna style super designers, like in the fashion industry, but there is a core element of first knowing the craft side of designing. It’s our secret sauce, creativity is the magic dust, that ability to see thinks from another perspective. As soon as you see you’re part of a chain, then you understand the need for the connections. At the end of the day you need to focus on building the organization capabilities, so that the organization will think like a designer. There is no shortcut other than to really be a good designer, so you have to keep investing in your own career. Notice that the serratus anterior has been included in this table because it attaches to the medial border of the scapulae on the anterior surface of the bone.
Pulling in the CEO and the C-suites, we use design thinking and co-create tools; we design the conditions, we give them the components.
So I think the design leader is a visionary, a bit of a lighthouse, to help explore what the company could look like. Once the kids finished, they were on their own, except for a few youngsters with whom some of us on staff informally kept in touch.Fortunately, Upward Bound survived and has been greatly improved.
Kelly Dittmar (assistant professor, FASC-political science) offered expert perspective related to the Democratic National Convention in an interview that appeared in this AP news story. The center is your brand, the content is the brand purpose, the receiver is your user, customer or employees, and the media is every touch point of the brand. Conservative Charles Murray's more recent book, "Coming Apart," details how the pathologies of family dysfunction that Moynihan revealed also have been growing since the 1950s among working-class white households, especially for those who lack schooling beyond high school.Such were the problems that my Upward Bound unit was trying to address among kids from families that, in that region, were mostly white.
If that’s our role, we have a responsibility to create solutions that are meaningful and that are sustainable.

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