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If you have a been living with a mood disorder, you might be feeling like you are alone. You might be afraid of asking for help or disclosing that you have a mood disorder. Presence with what you need – You learn at your own pace the tools and techniques that have you achieve your goals. Peer support – You have someone who can relate to what you are going through and who is available to support you in your mental health goals.
Tools and techniques to move you in the direction that you define as mental health wellness success. I had one of those moments last year – it was around autumn period so no vitamin D to fill up those batteries and simply cold, rainy weather. Your brain’s conscious attention is limited every day and there are now lots of ‘open loops’ – things that are taking up your attention which are not finished. You might even be frustrated with the lack of strategies and tools available to support you in making real progress with your mental wellness goals.

I’m an experienced, Professional Certified Coach (PCC,) but more importantly I have lived with Bipolar disorder for over 16 years and have been stable and effective without an episode since 1997.
Vitamin D will help us to feel energised (and some colour on our skin) and we will feel re-charged in no time, ready to start doing activities, venture into the wide world and kick off new projects.
I was overwhelmed by personal challenges, I had an accident which my body needed to recover from, the sheer amount of projects I had to manage at work and a pile of admin work ! You may not realise how much energy and attention in your brain is actually distracted by them because if the projects have been unfinished for a while, your conscious brain will have gotten very good at ignoring them for you. During my coaching, I help my clients to finish ‘stuck’ projects, or let go of ever completing them, so that they can move forward with maximum motivation.
If you have cracked this, and feel empowered to say ‘No’, you are ready for your spring clean !
We are over-stretched, our brains do a 100 miles per hour and we don’t know where to start and stop…ready to over-heat !

How many times have you navigated around this pile of paper, the bulky things in the corridor or this stuff that you want to sell on amazon ? The 1000s of emails sitting in your inboxes, the notifications, the messages, the dates in your calendar and just other stuff piling up in your life. You are not proactively able to plan and manage it, it is starting to manage you and takes over. It is not about giving up – it is about making a conscious decision to yourself that this one project will not be completed. Its like a refresh – sometime, we need to press refresh to recognise whether the direction that we are heading is still where we want to go.

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