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The word Fractal was invented in 1968 by Benoit Mandelbrot, not in time for Baba to use it.
There is nothing irrational in true mysticism when it is, as it should be, a vision of Reality.
Although the whole universe is illusion, yet it is governed by a law, a definite law, and that law deals with every detail. For the ordinary man and even the ordinary devotee, this knowledge of the true nature of good and evil is only the fruit of faith or reason. The Dnyani, however, because he knows the Truth by actual experience, is utterly free from these bindings, and he therefore knows that, as a Dnyani, he is exempt from the law of karma. And the Dnyani knows too that the sequels to good and evil, such as heaven and hell, dying and being born and born again, are the results of God’s Will functioning through karmic law, but also that they exist only because ignorance makes them exist.
By special dispensation of God, also, the very highest type of devotee, whose whole being is permanently focused on the Divine Beloved, is as completely exempt from the law of karma as the Dnyani.
In this way Fractal Zero can show up at any time and lay waste to Fractal -1 in mere seconds.
Relative values arise when a thing acquires importance through serving the realization or expression of the Truth.

The uploaded chart is difficult to read and blurs when blown up (could use greater pixels). California’s SB277 Mandatory Vaccination Bill Passes Senate CommitteeApril 25, 2015 By admin After California’s vaccine mandate bill SB277 was halted last week with an outcry of public outrage against it, the pro-vaccine mafia machine went to work.
Remote-Controlled Contraceptive Microchip Last Up To 16 YearsMarch 8, 2015 By admin Bill Gates, the man who recently pushed the population control agenda one step further: he announced the development of a remote-controlled contraceptive microchip, which can be implanted under the skin and last up to 16 years. FCC Commissioner Demolishes Net’s New Rules, In 3 Quick PointsMarch 3, 2015 By admin By Peter Fricke, Daily Caller After casting a futile vote against the FCC’s plan to regulate the Internet as a public utility, Republican Commissioner Ajit Pai delivered a blistering attack on the new rules.
The Secrets of FOOD MarketingSeptember 7, 2014 By admin Think you aren’t being fooled by advertising tricks? It is therefore theoretical and not real knowledge, and it does not free him from the law of karma — the law that is based on God’s Will, the law that pervades throughout eternity. Since he knows the nature of good and evil, he also knows that no one is to be blamed for anything he thinks or feels or says or does. Thus the Dnyani, who may often intercede with God for his devotees and humanity at large, never repents to God and never asks forgiveness for anything concerning himself.
The importance of such things is derived from their being the essential conditions for the game of divine life; and therefore, though it is relative, such value is real and not illusory.

The minimum list of fractals (levels of being) I use, though there are too many to put in a one page chart, is modeled after the seven states of understanding [Lord Meher revised online edition pg 2154] with some additions.
Ben Allen of Santa Monica and Richard Pan of Sacramento helped pursue a vote rigging agenda to replace seats on the committee with pro-vaccine industry sellouts.
Superimposition of one type of law over the other implies elasticity and resilience of lower laws for the working out of higher superseding laws. But by acting and interacting with life-force, they lead to higher laws of sanskaric or impressional determination, and become superseded by them. But really Nirvana is more the 7th plane since if you drop the body during Nirvana (before Nirvikalpa) you attain Liberation (as distinguished from Realization) [see God Speaks, second edition revised, pg. Impressional determinism is not an exception to causal laws, but is their finer and higher form.

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