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We’ve all seen mind illusions plastered over the internet, filling in hours of boredom during that mid-afternoon lull at work. These illusions below are not only cool ways to make the working day go faster but they also reveal subconscious and automatic processes which our brain does in order for our surrounding world to seem coherent and logical.
Watch the above video and you’ll experience the weird sensation of seeing the hollow side of the mask turning into a face. Turns out, these illusions are not just cool but reveal  subconscious processes, churning away in the background of our minds, making sure our experience of the world is as smooth as possible. Welcome to our tricks of the mind page, on this page are a few examples of Optical Illusions.These show that the human eye and brain can be deceived or fooled into what they are really seeing. I just ran into master hypnotist and magician Derren Brown at a party and he was such a nice -- and impressive -- guy that yesterday I went out and picked up the first video of his I could find in a shop: the DVD for season one of Trick of the Mind, the show he did for Channel 4. Add to this a huge amount of showmanship and a total lack of any kind of smarmy magician smugness and you've got a recipe for endless delight.
Sometimes a round of drinks ends in late night karaoke, body shots, and waking up to a tiger in your hotel room. I just ran into master hypnotist and magician Derren Brown at a party and he was such a nice … guy that yesterday I went out and picked up the first video of his I could find in a shop. Did you pick up the video because he was so nice — or because he hypnotized you into doing so!? The book is really, really worth it, much more informative yet just as entertaining as the series. Many tricks I’m still unsure of, but I grokked the one in which people guess the time on a watch. There’s a kind of linear principle about the unconscious that many of his tricks exploit.
It somewhat bothers me how frequently somewhat or highly unscientifc worldviews are espoused repeated and propagated in boingboing. Scientists aren’t idiots if these effects existed they would have made some scientist famous a long time ago.
Of course, some people will never be convinced that the tricks aren’t set-ups, which in my opinion is just as close-minded as assuming he must use supernatural powers.
I saw Brown’s show when it was aired on the SciFi Channel in the US and enjoyed it enormously. The ambigram is a misdirection, just like hypnosis is a misdirection in many of his tricks. With all the fools who “believe” in nonsense these days and are voting with their faith rather than after well researched reasoning can we really afford to pander to these kinds of tricksters? A lot of the criticism here seems to be from people who know nothing about Brown or have not watched his program.
As far a magicians go, you have to understand that there’s a mixture of a lot of things going on.
Scoutmaster, someone who was playing the supernatural card wouldn’t also be explaining how the tricks are done. Were you also offended when you found out that Fargo wasn’t based on a true story even though it said so at the beginning of the movie? 29, try to be a little slower about being rude, obnoxious and ignorant, or refrain completely.
However, as you move backwards away from your computer screen (you may have to walk back quite a lot, I nearly had to leave the room in order to get this illusion to work!) you will see that the faces switch.

Our brain always distinguishes between the main object of our vision (the figure) and the surrounding background.
This illusion is a bit of a creepy one, sit yourself in a dark room with a mirror in front of you (make sure there is enough light so you can still see your face) and stare at yourself for about 10 minutes.
Our reflection is crucial to our sense of self and studying this illusion may reveal the mechanisms of our own identity and the feeling of dissociation that schizophrenics and PTSD patients endure (read about a disorder caused by a lack of self-identity here). This is interesting in the paranormal world because sometimes we think that we see things which are just not there, such as movement, shapes, lights etc.
Brown uses a combination of hypnosis, showmanship, and conjuring tricks to accomplish mentalism effects that are utterly inexplicable and totally baffling. I've got an order in for his new book Tricks of the Mind and I'm off to find more videos in the January sales. He put a wallet containing visable cash down on the street and drew a circle around it – in NYC. I could guess the workings of a few tricks by watching them after I’d read about his techniques. Sounds exactly like martial arts frauds who claim their deadly techniques allow them to defeat anyone, but for some reason you never see them competing or fighting. I am pretty sure he hypnotized you to say all that Cory, and you will probably wake up tomorrow thinking you’re a chicken or something. We’d all like to believe that amazing things would be possible, and they are, but by deep and patient study of the structure of reality (science) and the application of these discovered structures (technology), not by wishfully thinking that our fantasies might be a little bit true. I was quite perplexed by some of the accusations on the thread, Derren is and always has been an illusionist. Its not something everyone is going to be comfortable with, because not everyone can tolerate basically having mind tricks played on them. For every seeming miracle they perform another sucker falls hook line and sinker for the mystical mumbo jumbo of their parent’s religion. A sizable part of the general public does swallow the NLP explanation hook, line and sinker. Many theorists believe this is because humans have a specialised ability to recognise faces. So, the above illusion works due to whether you see the black faces or the white vase as the main figure. First, you will notice small changes, a twinge of the lips or a slight movement of your eyes then suddenly new faces may appear, changing and transforming your own face.
It has even been used for therapy; many schizophrenics find it useful conjuring up the face of an internalised voice in order to confront it.
Even when he explains little bits of them (such as how he -- a poor chess player -- manages to play and defeat nine grand masters) the parts he leaves unsaid are so gonzo and tricky that I can't begin to fathom them.
Much of Derren’s work seems to be about putting things in there, then the payoff is getting them back out.
There are several instances where he has been proven to have lied about the authenticity of his tricks.
Is the magician lying when he says he used magic to do his trick, instead of owing up that it is a trick?
His trick being sufficient proof of the supernatural for a mind absent of critical thought to leap to preposterous conclusions about the nature of reality. What Brown does is to make use of a variety of psychological tricks on selected individuals in controlled circumstances and package them with some nice presentation and misdirection to give the impression that he’s capable of doing far more than he actually does.

If a person is missing the basics of skepticism, they’ll fall for astrology, homeopathy, crystals and any other kind of dopey world-view. We are automatically tuned to identify and recognise faces in our surrounding world, we even have a special brain area completely dedicated to this (if you’re interested, its call the fusiform gyrus).
Both of these interpretations are held simultaneously in our minds, we switch from on to the other and so we see both.
People have reported seeing ghostly figures, such as old men or Native Indians and some have even reported animals and monsters pay a visit. This illusion was only discovered 4 years ago but has advanced quickly; it also occurs when people are wearing a mask (the mask comes alive, smiling back at you) and when staring at another person for prolonged periods in the dark.
If you can see this, it is an extremely convincing and haunting picture of what appears to be a ghost boy!Now click on the real full frame picture below.
I have no idea how he manages to teach strangers on the street how to "mind read" -- so that one can guess, in one or two tries, what the other's street address is, or the name and species of their pet.
The important thing is that we never put ourselves in danger of a dreaded DUI or worse, put others in danger too. I didn’t like Trick of the Mind though, the ambigram thing really annoyed me because I spotted it straight away and it just felt like cheating, and quite patronising at the same time. Well, when we look at the world around us we see everything in both fine and coarse detail. Many think this innate ability to recognise faces overcomes our visual cues of depth so we always perceive the mask as a face. The actual part of the picture is highlighted with a green circle and you will be able to see this is just an optical illusion. Ambigrams are lovely pieces of typographical wonderment, they should not be used for evils.
When we are closer to an object, the fine detail dominates and as we get further away, the coarse detail dominates. This illusion persists, even when the face is turned upside down (although the effect is weaker). This happens a lot faster for the brighter parts of the picture compared to the dark so when you look at a blank wall after staring at the above image it produces Jesus’s face. This is made up of marks on the felt roof and a few well positioned randon orbs (dust)The scale (if this were a ghost) is also completely incorrect against the rest of the picture. Interestingly, schizophrenics are not fooled by the hollow mask along with people who are drunk or high. So, your sensory perception of the image is exactly the same (the individual parts) but your brain has grouped the picture into two interpretations: two black faces or one white vase. It even works in colour as well, stare at the red dot on the image below and look at a blank piece of paper, pretty cool ‘huh? However, the left hand face shows an angry man in fine detail whereas the right hand face shows an angry man in coarse detail and vice versa. Therefore, as you move away from the pictures the faces seem to ‘swap’ from angry to calm, and Viola!

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