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Motivational speaker Tony Robbins has been getting people pumped and ready to take on the world for more than 20 years but it was Thursday night when that motivation turned into a 911 call. Sure, you almost get what you ask for when you pay someone top dollar to ask you to walk across hot coals. Check out the news clip of the exciting finale below, as well as a word from Robbins' Head Trainer Tad Shinke. One fire walking regular actually had the balls to say a lot of the people that were burned weren't in a "peak state" to do the fire walk and that there is indeed a method to the walk itself. Regardless, I still do love a good Tony Robbins cameo on Family Guy so let's end this news story on a different kind of "peak state". For years, motivational speaker Tony Robbins has made a killing by telling followers to "Unleash the Power Within," but they're really burned up over his teachings now. The author and self-help guru reportedly had fans walk over a blanket of hot coals during a seminar in Dallas, encouraging them to, ya know, conquer their fears.
To the surprise of no sane individual, more than 30 participants were treated for burns to their feet and legs, with five requiring hospitalization. I'm certain there are far safer fear-conquering activities that could've worked just as well, but nothing brings out your inner carnie like hot coal-stepping. Amazingly, Robbins' people have defended the coal walk, claiming that more than 7,000 people performed the feat but only five had to be rushed to the hospital. Funnily enough, with every cult there are always folks drunk on Kool-Aid who refuse to fault the ringleader. Right now I’m in San Jose, California for the Tony Robbins Unleash The Power Within Seminar.
I have people ask me all the time, WHY do you keep going to the same seminar again and again? In this video blog, I share why I keep going to the same seminars again and again… and why YOU SHOULD TOO. They know the power of REPETITION – constantly feeding their minds and conditioning themselves.

Another thing that people don’t understand is that when you re-attend a seminar, YOU are different every single time.
The same applies to reading the same book over again, going through the same audio program, re-watching videos, or attending seminars. The more you repetitively do things, the more unconscious and conditioned it becomes for you. Thank you so much for your support, and if you have yet to leave a rating or review, please leave me an honest one on iTunes, YouTube or below on the blog.  I appreciate it!
ABOUT STEFAN JAMESI'm a 7-figure internet entrepreneur and coach with a passion for living life to the fullest and fulfilling my potential as a human being.
Attendees of the South by Southwest Film Festival got to view the World Premiere on March 14, 2106. Will Smith, Necessary for Sucess The Joker, Screentime Cut Will Smith is a CELEB, capitalized for emphasis.
30 or more people sustained burns to their feet and legs after a "fire walking ceremony" where Tony asks his followers to believe in themselves to the point of having no fear of walking over hot coals. But the more hilarious part of the story is how Robbins' staff told the press that the event actually ended really well! On the other hand, it could be that hot coals just burned these people's feet and legs because THAT'S WHAT FIRE COALS DO WHEN YOU WALK ON THEM!
It was his event, he suggested the ridiculous exercise and he surely knew of the dangers because even my frigging cat knows better than to do something so asinine. I actually read “The Natural” by Richard La Ruina (the PUA) and I had to re-read it after a few weeks! I’ve found when reading the same book for the second or third time it occurs to me as though I had never read it before, or at the very least, that somehow I had missed entire sections which now resonate and hit home with me. Project Life Mastery is a way for me to be a powerful and passionate example of the unlimited possibilities that life offers, while sharing ideas that can make a difference in your quality of life. Joe Berlinger is the director of this documentary which takes an inside look behind the self-help guru, Tony Robbins.

Although Robbins has a variety of programs throughout the country with annual attendance nearing a quarter of a million, Date with Destinyis an intimate experience shared between less than 2,500 people.
The experience is described as an intense period of self-reflection where one battles with their identity and finds out truths hidden within themselves.
He’s one of the primary stars on earth (despite having the recent battles of Concussion, Target and After Globe).
Well, they did believe in themselves and so did the paramedics when they showed up to help the people in Dallas, Texas after what looked like a fucking human barbecue. In true Robbins fashion, positivity can mask even the worst of moments, especially when his staff person is surrounded by ambulances explaining how this is just a normal thing for a Tony Robbins seminar. Dweck where she articulates the differences between someone with a Growth mindset and a Fixed mindset.
There is some controversy surrounding the event, and the filmmakers were granted unprecedented access. Robbins allowed the filmmakers to see not only the event itself, but also everything behind the scenes.
Netflix partnered with Radical Media and Third Eye Motion Picture Company to produce the film.
The person is employed to taking blockbusters, not quitting the spotlight to participate a much bigger ensemble of colourful characters. For fans of Making a Murderer and Chef’s Table, this may top the acclaimed Netflix Original Documentary list. Berlinger himself went through this event and hopes that the film allows viewers at home to experience part of this program.

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