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The movie is shown through multiple interventions where Tony attempts to hear a problem that someone is having and then help them to change in the moment.
What’s ironic is that he was once in the same position as the subjects displayed throughout the movie.
During the movie, we meet two characters that show their true colors through their body language. It wasn’t the words these two characters Lance and Hali said, it was their body language and tone of voice that was a dead give away. In your own life, are you avoiding making the tough decision and lying to yourself about anything?
By far, the best part of the entire movie is the intervention done with a young woman named Dawn. The look on Tony’s face as Dawn tells her story is unlike anything I’ve seen from Tony before.
The solution is found when Tony reflects with the audience about how his mum beat him up when he was a kid. Tony tells her that the way to make sense of the situation is to make sure it stops with her – to become a teacher to others. The situation doesn’t stop there; Tony then agrees to give Dawn all the training that he’s got so that she can help people.
When someone says it took ten years to make a change, what you find out is that change happened in a moment. Change is temporary until you deal with the thing that created the problem in the first place.
When Tony asks why she is doing all of this for and keeps drilling down to what is creating her world, Sienna reveals that it’s her dad’s drug problem that has affected her the most.
Without problems, there is nowhere to grow from and nothing to drive us forward to make better decisions that will change our model of the world. It’s not hard to blame people for all the things they do wrong, but as Tony says in the movie, “you have to blame them for all the good as well.” This sentence carries with it so much power to overcome almost any conflict with another person. His hunger to end suffering for other people comes from his own internal suffering that he endured. During multiple times throughout the movie, there is a recurring theme that I picked up on.
Almost all challenges start with something that we have learned from our parents – both good and bad. Out of all the lessons I got from the movie, this one was something that clicked with me straight away.
My primary question is: “how can I inspire people?” I’ve tried to inspire people through music, business and now, blogging.
During one scene, attendees at the Date With Destiny Seminar are asked to do an exercise where they add the words “I AM” in front of words that describe them the most. I once did this exercise back in 2013 at Tony’s Unleash The Power Within Seminar, and I didn’t quite find my primary question. At any of Tony’s events, you can almost always expect an emotional “flood exercise” to occur. Once you can let go of the past and find new meaning in painful events, you can move forward with a new found passion. This is done in the movie through Tony’s words, inspirational music, the lighting in the room, and the collective energy that is created when everyone at the event does this exercise at the same time. The end of the movie is incredible as people release everything that has been holding them back such as; their fear, limitations, and their past.
You live your new life through the stories and pain that transcended from the movie to your being. It’s as if you are at the event in its entirety even though the movie is only two hours long. It shows Tony as a real person that genuinely wants to help and support people in their battles in life.

Tony has had more success than any of us could ever dream of because he has removed himself from every single equation. Having been to a few of Tony’s events, I’ve seen first hand how the movie “I Am Not Your Guru,” can benefit everybody that is reading this blog post.
Tim DenningTim Denning is a former entrepreneur turned intrapreneur, working daily with fast-moving tech companies. Finally, I couldn’t wait and watched the movie yesterday ?? I would add one lesson which I think is very important to understand. There are many speakers, and I believe that the significant topics are similar – but each one has different strategies and methods.
What I’m going through, long story short, it is all about being unfulfilled with my job and living in the constant pain of doing what I dislike so very much. Back to the subject, yesterday, after another day off I was deeply contemplating about my life and started to look for many motivational videos on youtube, got myself involved with a conversation with my sister and I am in search for my primary question, it is!
I like the #3 point where you speak how our life changes in a moment, and it is so deep, man. The whole article got me on fire, to be honest, gonna send the message to my sister right now, even though she’s asleep I cannot wait haha!
So yeah man, just want to express my gratitude towards everything you’ve done to guide all of us through our dark and bright times as well. If you are keen to watch the movie you can sign up for Netflix and watch over the internet. AboutOur mission at Addicted2Success is to empower and inspire people by spreading knowledge of self development and life changing stories to the world. In a documentary called “I Am Not Your Guru,” we get a look behind the scenes at Tony Robbins event called ‘Date With Destiny.” The long and short of this event is that you need to take time out to decide what your life is about.
These series of interventions that are a main part of the movie create a powerful story about how we can all change our life.
Before they have even begun to answer Tony’s question, the audience quickly figures out that they are not sincere.
In the scene with Hali, Tony teaches us that when something is honest and painful, then the right decision must be made no matter what. He doesn’t make the decision for her but uses her body language to help her see the real situation.
He is greatly disturbed, shocked, and for the first time in his career, struggling to find the answer initially to her problem.
Out of her horrible story of rape and the immense pain she carried on her back from her suicidal family, a teacher was born. To reshape Dawn’s identity, Tony calls her a miracle and within a single moment, she realises that she has a purpose and she was put on this Earth to do good. The giving doesn’t stop there, by the end of the event Dawn is given more than $100k USD to help other people in her situation.
In the movie, a young girl called Sienna tells us about her problem with her diet and eating at the right times. What this story in the movie shows us quite clearly is that we focus on the little problems like diet so that we can stay away from the big scary problems. For Tony, his mum beat him when he was a child, and he blames her in a good way for this because it allowed him to become who he is today. We think that our Facebook friends are our friends, but there is no depth to these relationships. This theme is that in almost every situation, a person’s parents have had a significant contribution to their view of the world. Everyone has a primary question, and it’s the question that we ask more often than anything else.
Yet, I always wanted to reach more people and couldn’t figure out where this thirst came from. Having done this exercise at one of Tony’s events, I found that having your hand on your heart is incredibly powerful.

He’s been through a divorce, he’s been through poverty, and he’s had his own family problems; the difference is that he is obsessed with using these challenges to help others through there’s. He doesn’t need to promote his $5000 per ticket events because what he gives is worth far more than that.
Be prepared for massive lows and then for highs that you never thought were possible through a documentary.
Beside all the valuable content, the crucial point I took away with me was: Our physical state has more power than we often think.
I have to be honest with you Tim, yesterday I was asking myself some questions about my life and what to do and how to avoid everyday pain I am experiencing right now, after every day off the single thought of attending my job gives me shouting pain and makes me feel down. The result is simple – quit the place and start to do what I love, enjoy and feel passionate about.
We make ourselves prepare for that moment, for the big breakthrough, but truth is, we make a decision and change our lives in just one pure moment, which may take a few seconds only, and this is incredible. With new motivational videos, interviews, audio and more with your favourite entrepreneurs, life coaches, celebrities and inspirational people from all over the world. The message the documentary delivers is that once you know what beliefs and values control you, you can literally redesign you. In the beginning, this challenge seems quite small, but as Tony digs a little deeper, we learn how small problems are often masking much bigger problems.
Without the child abuse, he may not have had the drive to change the world in the way he has. Whatever you do, try as hard as you can to uncover the question you consistently ask yourself. There are moments in our past that are holding us back, and in the movie, we discover that when we revisit them, we can make new decisions about what these moments mean.
It’s the beating force of our entire life, and it’s thumping changes tempo based on how we feel. Even though I knew the content well, the stories and the way images and sound were used, took me to a whole new place. It’s easy from the outside to think Tony Robbins is some gimmicky Guru, and this movie proves this theory completely wrong. I also appreciate that he doesn’t, whereas others do, create pressure with sales pitches. I feel like wasting my time and I realized for me boredom is one of the worst things in the world. Thing is, right now I feel so morally exhausted I don’t even work anymore, at least for somebody, as basically, all the corporate jobs are the basic slavery system with the only difference we get paid pennies so we can depend your lives on them. When she begins to share her story of being raped every day from the age of six, and watching the same thing happen to her family, you can’t help but cry your eyes out.
Creating a high performance outcome is impossible, if you’re not in a resourceful and powerful state. While meditating, however, I realized I can recharge myself and make my day different if I will speak to myself in a different tone and attitude.
I am the owner of my day and I can change the definition of the daily events if I desire to. That was a relief, and now I think how you had helped me in many ways to get there, with your advice, including this meditation tip, books and movies. Remember that winter doesn’t last forever and soon it will be summer again my friend.

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