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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. By applying the fundamental principles of self mastery, any person can take control of their life and harness the forces that shape destiny. Awaken The Giant Within - Page 3 -change a belief, mentally associate large and massive amounts 6.
Everytime I pick it up, I read a little bit, and become so numb to the pages and pages and pages of fluff surrounding all the main ideas. In particular, the nurture and development of a powerful belief system is vitally important. How To Change Anything In Your Lifeof pain with an old belief, and equally large amounts of pleasure Main Ideawith the new belief.
When afar-reaching belief system is established and regularly strengthened, a person’s life must follow the direction and ultimate destiny of that belief system.You can literally have and achieve anything you want in life and create your own destiny by developing an appropriate underlying belief system, andthen by using that system to influence everything you say, do and think.
Ultimate Influence: Your Master SystemMany people know what they should be doing to be a success in life, If a person wants to change anything about their life, they must eitherbut few people actually follow through and do what is required. Your emotions Whatever you link pain to and pleasure to shapes every aspect Changing the emotions you feel in any situation will alter your of your life. By mastering your emotions and consciously associations at will, therefore changing actions and ultimately creating the emotion you require, you control your actions. If you keep focusingThe english equivalent of kaizen may be: CANI, which stands on what you don’t want, you are programming yourself tofor Constant And Never-ending Improvement. Decisions: The Pathway To Power how you feel about events in your life is potentially more powerfulIt is your decisions and not your conditions that determine your destiny. Your physical state Supporting Ideas Controlling your physical health generates energy and Human beings always act rationally to avoid pain and gain enthusiasm in every other area of your life.
The Force That Shapes Your Life You can literally change your life’s direction simply by realigning yourWhatever you link pain to and pleasure to shapes every aspect of your values to more accurately reflect your ultimate Personal and professional relationships do whatever they consider brings pleasure, and to avoid Sharing success with other people amplifies the rewards and whatever action brings pain. Belief Systems: Power To Create Or Destroy which, if achieved, gives them permission to feel good and if not,It is not the events of our lives that shape us, but our beliefs as to what gives permission to feel some pain.

In other words, mentally exaggerate the pleasure A financial destiny of abundance is achievable creating that will come from doing something positive or the pain that will peace of mind and anticipation for future possibilities.
Therefore, to spend more time feeling good, develop a new set of personal rules which are 5. A mastery of time allows you to squeeze the maximum By making intense emotional links to whatever you choose, you possible achievement in the direction of your dreams out of can instantly change your behaviour. Maybe you want to feel compassion for people you used to feel angry toward.  What are some of your spiritual goals?  Do you want to feel a greater sense of connection with your Creator? How To Change Anything In Your Life are their references - their personal experiences or the personalUse Neuro-Associative Conditioning. The greater the number and quality of references aIn the final analysis, your life’s greatest desires are intimately linked person has available, the more effectively they can make meaningfulto the way you want to feel. All you really want from life is to change choices for their own lives.the way that you feel most of the time.
Belief Systems: Power To Create or DestroyTo direct your life, you must exert control over the consistent Main Ideadaily decisions that are made. Complete the Iron Man Triathlon in Honolulu?)Would you like to conquer your fear of flying?  Or of public speaking? Questions Are The Answer Your identity are the beliefs you use to define your own individualityThinking is the process of asking and answering questions.
Therefore, to achieve the It is not the events of our lives that shape us, but our beliefs asrequired results, look closely at all decisions which have been to what those events mean.made.
Your identity has a direct influence on howto think and act differently, you need to ask different questions.
External conditions have little if any influence on a Supporting Ideasperson’s ultimate lifetime or career achievements. The meaning we attach to any event has a great influence of whoMost people are so busy making excuses that they never take we now are and where we will be headed tomorrow.
Beliefs arethe time to sit down and set a baseline minimum standard for the key to how different people view the same event.what they will accept out of life.
The interesting and exciting Generally speaking, most beliefs are based on past experiencesprinciple is that any person can do almost anything they want - of painful or pleasurable results.

They are personalif they make a decision to commit to that course starting right interpretations of the results that can be garnered from anyhere and now.
The Power of Life Metaphors yourself, and then go out and live up to that identity you have chosen.Choose carefully all metaphors, as they will influence everything.
Choose your most important one-year personal development goal and write a paragraph about it.
The 10 Emotions of Power Part 3 - A LESSON IN DESTINYEmotions are simply a signal to feel one way or another. It literally means to power over our future actions.cut off every other possibility and to focus solely on the one The brain cannot distinguish between something that is vividlyoutcome to which you are totally and unequivocally dedicated.
ThatThat’s why what you focus on is so important: because whether means that you can literally accomplish anything by developingyou acknowledge it or not, you literally become what you focus the absolute sense of certainty that powerful beliefs provide. Enjoy the process as well as the destinationEvery person can create their own compelling and magnificent future. Would you like to become the leader in your industry?What do you want your net worth to be? By what age do you want to achieve financial independence?What are your money management goals? If the genie were before you and any wish you made would immediately be fulfilled, what would you want most in the world?  Take five minutes to write down everything you could ever want, have, do, or experience in your life.”Tony Robbins shares some sample prompts:Would you like to build, create, or purchase a cottage? Private zoo stocked with giraffes, alligators, and hippos?  Virtual Reality machine?Would you like to attend an opening of a Broadway plan? A Kabuki theater production in Osaka, Japan?Would you like to race any of the Andrettis at the next Indy 500? Take a stroll through the Prado in Madrid?  Book a ride on the next space shuttle flight?Step 2. Choose your most important one-year toys and adventure goal and write a paragraph about it.

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