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He discussed how juicing could literally sustain you (and for many people it does) and more importantly how certain acidic foods may contribute to scary things like chronic inflammation, allergies, and other ailments.
If you’re wondering, any kind of nut butter, especially ALMOND derived is considered super acidic, especially if you are abusing your serving sizes. The spark to the firework has been lit, but we shall see if it actually ignites into a miracally (yeah def not a word) alkaline antidote.
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Hi Laura- Almonds generally are considered to be alkalike, but in high amounts can actually create an acidic environment in the body.
As you know, I’m studying to become a health coach with Integrative Nutrition and every week a new subject in the health field is covered.
If any of you know anything about raw, he is basically the holy wheatgrass of all things raw nowadays. This could explain my wild hormonal imbalances, over dramatization regarding the Northeast winters, mood swings, and 12 year old boy acne.

I had been overdosing on too many nut butters and nuts throughout the day so I was trying to express my need to cut back. I had been transitioning from a meat filled diet to a plant based one so I was compensating for my hunger by overdosing on healthy fats.

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