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Sage Robbins is the second wife of motivational speaker, book author, actor and finance instructor Tony Robbins, father of four including Jairek Robbins who like his famous dad is a self-help author and motivational speaker. He definitely stole John’s wife, and we believe they began their affair in Hawaii,” alleged Gary Sir John Carlson III. I’ve worked for years to create and present the most innovative, entertaining, and empowering materials possible. While I offer many tools for enhancing relationships, I have never led my audience to believe that the path to a successful relationship would be to stay in a relationship where after deep, honest communication and soul searching both people discover that they do not share the same life vision.
Deciding to end my relationship with my former wife Becky was one of the hardest decisions I have ever made.
For someone who considered as a leader in the personal development industry, the answer provided is not acceptable. He seems to be happy with his new wife Sage now, what if one day Tony find out they no longer share the same life vision and value, is he going to change a new partner again?
If you have truely studied his work, you will know how this divorce was against the things he preached through his books and tapes.
Many of you sound like my friend who was appalled that the pastor of a church drove a Cadillac, lived in a $250,000 home, and made $100k per year. Never mind the fact that this was a mega church of over 10,000 members with a budget of over 10 million a year.
I think Tony answered this question in a very professional manner and does not make out like he has all the answers…good for him. Americans are so fixated on right versus wrong, which in fact should be only in politics where war and peace, and dying children is nothing but public protest. According to my wife, and ex-NFL cheerleader, Robbins regularly called her fellow cheerleader friend for dates whenever he was in town. He himself says that he is on a journey, will he be talking about this time 10 years from now, when he was wrong for leaving his 1st wife? As for those that do care about Tony getting divorced or judge him or try to discredit him or the next time you want to judge anyone. Did you guys know that famous relationship author Barbara De Angelis and John Gray who wrote Men are from mars and women are from Venus bull shit use to be married, but divorced each other?
Anyone stop to think that maybe Becky didn't want to be married to Tony anymore either? I was myself stuck in a boat with Antony Robbins back in April 1997, only this one was not heading for niagara falls, we were set adrift off the cost of Sardinia.
Brings to mind if we spent more time examining ourselves the way we examine public figures, we would all have a job well done hugh. The unfortunate part is the history that Becky has with his programs, especially the relationship-based ones. If he is not able to make to understand his on wife, then what the hell the so called NLP is being used for? I believe that he upgraded his wife like so many mEN do in America do today, it's a sobering 52% that end in divorce. Without looking at any thing else,I see that Tony was 24 when hemarried the 36 yr old mom of a 17 yrold and two other kids. I just recently heard he had divorced his first wife and traded her in for a plastic model. He is a human being after all… And nobody in their right mind would believe any of this crap posted. Over the years I followed Tony's career, received further training from others including Wyatt Woodsmall and Tad James.
Both of these gentlemen have done marvelous work in teaching others tools to achieve success. If they are claiming simply to teach based on a model created by studying marriages that have lasted a lifetime we have less to criticize. We cannot ignore the possibility that their ex-wives were the ones who wanted out and had learned enough communications from their husbands that they were not going to be persuaded that divorce was a bad idea.

Personally, while I believe I have moved away from Tony on several fronts I believe he is a sincere man. I have been a HUGE fan of Tony Robbins for years and have bought and digested many of his materials.
And to the Christians, look at the limitations of your beliefs and how they effect your emotions of outrage and hatred.
If you were born on a leap year, then lucky for you, you only turn a year older every four years! The strategies I share with my audience to guide them on the path to more fulfilling relationships are based on my own personal experience and the knowledge I have gained from working with people from 80 different countries for more than a quarter of a century. I credit his programs and my application of them as the primary reason for the success I've enjoyed over the last 20 years. Becky had appeared on many of his tapes, had a book dedicated to her, but what really upset his followers was that his divorce seemed to contradict his teachings in his books and tapes.
He had often used his marriage as an example for others that happy relations could exist and last according to his teachings. I think he was very professional and a total gentleman regarding his answer, whether we're fans or not.
So, before you buy into all of his explanations…the one that probably makes the most sense is that his ex-wife probably got tired of his antics. If you were a world class runner and you entered into a three legged race with a cripple, how fast could you run?Answer: only as fast as you could drag their sorry ass. I know some people are going to take this literal, so let’s not be mean to the crippled people; not that I was.
They love putting someone like Anthony Robbins on a pedestal, just so they can try and knock them off. Think about this…If you have children in your life, neices,nephews, godchildren, or any younger people in your life that you want to effect positively by telling them NOT TO do drugs, drink, have sex at a young age, try pot or anything of that nature. People who want to criticise about things not being orignally and all the criticisms should read your post again. What of the green drink incident, the fishfinger moment, those bells,had it all been just hot air?
I think promoting the idea that because one person has a different vision than the other, therefore divorce is an option, is a very negative concept. If him and his ex-wife were no longer in love (or sharing the same passion), then staying in the marriage would've been unfair to both of them.
Is ANYONE prepaed to consider that maybe, just MAYBE "SHE" might have something to do with it as well???
So many, misereably judgemental, hypocratical(probably religious), over-bearing, imposing their own values… like anybody cares, rumor spending, gossip hounds, and probably(lawyers, politicians, or reality show watchers here).
Most of the ones whom posted negative comments are energy stealers, undoubtably and need to rob other of their happiness to feel gratification in their own misery.
I moved from Maine to California with the express purpose of meeting Tony and learning NLP.
We still might want to question their credentials if they learned these secrets BEFORE they divorced. I believe he wants to create success in people's lives and through what I learned from him and Tad James I have fulfilled most of the goals I set back in 1987. If the techniques he teaches are about finding a fulfilling lifetime relationship given his divorce you must look into the content and other sources to see if it is worth the investment. In 2002, while browsing net, I came to know that Anthony divorced Becky and married his girl friend Sage.
Relationships are one of the single most important areas of our lives and one of the greatest opportunities for fulfillment or pain. I think he as a struggling youngster he was attracted to an older woman and later as a successful person just fell for a younger babe. He is a better looking version of the guy that sells Shamwow.The first older wife taught him what sex was.
He is a better squared jaw version of the guy on the Shamwow commercials.His first wife taught him sex.

No matter how hard you try and what you give, what tools you use and no matter how much love you give.
I cant say anything new that wasnt commented here previously and to acknowledge the less than positive peoples comments would be a waste of my own very productive life and time. The situation went from bad to worse as the waves became over a foot high, in my exhaustion I fell into a deep sleep only to be awoken to the sound of Tony polishing off the last of 17 packs of Captain birdseye's fishfingers, and that was just the beginning. As far as we know, she could bethe one who wanted out and refused to meet him on any level after her mind was made up. If they are claiming to be experts themselves at marriage than we have the right to question that before investing in any of their marriage or relationship training. No one is perfect, and no one who is interested in at least trying will be inspired by someone who isn’t. Their message isnt even original, your parents parents told them that when they were a kid so they are stealing the material from your grandparents. He is feeding hundreds of thousands of hungry people every Christmas and making people care more about people. I remained in that marriage until my children were grown and I realized that I did not share a life vision with my former wife.
Im not saying that this was the case, but why spend you life with some one who is not on the same path as you.
He is human like the rest of us…we all at one time in our lives think, decide, act and live on.
More realistically what if your friend or coworker or sister said that to your kids because they were there when you tried a hit of the pot, or stole your parents liquor? All the important features of her persona have been altered and Tony feels attracted to that. He knows any response will be posted on a blog and idiots like us will be sitting around commenting on it.
I'm sure his wife got sick of him being a freaking jackass all the time and told him to screw off.
It all stems from back in the day of Dale Carnegie, Napolean Hill and even further back to Earl Nightingale and probably further than that. I only needed about 6 hours in his seminar to see that he was a fraud, a hypocrite, and a sociopath.
And especially if they remain friends, no one else should lose any sleep or waist brain activity over it.
One of you stated that he sells people what that already know, no he reminds people of what they should have never forgotten, that we are unlimited creatures capable of anything. Imagine the next time you tell a joke and some JACKASS comes up behind you and says " You didnt make that joke up, why are you telling it to other people?
All Tony is doing is sharing a message, if just one person benefits positively from his message than his job is done.
Cuz they are never sure and their relationships never make marriage or past the 3 years mark? You are not happy for some reason, you are not happy with yourself if you are one of the people on here bashing Tony for him getting a divorce.
If you were happy you would be using your time to reinforce positive feelings and using that energy that you poured in these emails for good instead of evil. Please do yourselfs a favor and look yourself directly in the eyes in a mirror no more than 3 inches from the glass and ask yourself if you are truely happy. Ask yourself did you use your amazing power within yourself positively or negatively today. You will know answers to alot of your own questions when you look yourself deep in your own eyes and tell yourself the truth. One thing remains certain you will ALWAYS make a difference it's your choice which one it will be.

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