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De la part d'un ami, publie pour la premiere fois en 1991 est base sur des anecdotes et des concepts tires des deux best-sellers d'Anthony Robbins : L'eveil de votre puissance interieure et Pouvoir illimite.
Dans ce petit livre, concu et ecrit pour inspirer et aider toute personne "vivant des moments difficiles", Anthony Robbins a cherche a simplifier le contenu de ces 2 ouvrages plus volumineux. One of the secrets that I learned to moving out of where I was and into where I wanted to be was reading.
Finding Your Own North Star by Martha Beck – I was introduced to this book many many years ago while watching Martha on Oprah.
The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson – This book is short and sweet which makes it a really quick read. The Power of Now by Eckart Tolle – This takes the whole mind connection to a whole new level by teaching you how to live in the NOW. What are your favorite books that have radically changed your perspective on life and have contributed to your journey of self discovery? This book helps you to reject the diet mentality and begin to start listening to what your body needs in its relationship to food.

It’s all about learning about the small things that make massive impact in your life.
This is such an inspirational book to help you eliminated all those road blocks we put in front of ourselves. This is one of my very favorite books that talks about our issues with shame and teaches us how to embrace vulnerability and imperfection. It often times isn’t the big huge changes that we need to make, but instead the little shifts that change everything.
By taking the time to listen and meditate, you can find that inner voice and inner wisdom we all have. Sean has overcome massive and I mean massive road blocks that makes you remember just how powerful the human spirit is. Florence discusses this idea of prosperity and that the Universe or God has a limitless supply and the only thing keeping us from it is our own fear and beliefs.
Fully aware and alive this is where we connect to our highest good and ultimate fulfillment.

You’ll discover what you can do to put an end to the habitual thoughts and emotions that limit your consciousness.
This book is a really playful take on learning how to experience this and helps you practice this.
By learning to love and accept yourself you can begin to change your language that ultimately changes your life.
Pam gives you 9 exercises to do in order to understand this link between our mind and our life. Des millions de gens apprecient la chaleur, l'humour et le pouvoir transformationnel de ses conferences et seminaires.
Les plus grands athletes, des artistes, des chefs d'entreprise du palmares Fortune 500, et meme des presidents de grandes nations, font appel a ses services de consultation et de coaching.

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