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The subconscious mind is like a powerful animal, but without control, much of its power can be wasted; worse, much of its power can even damage you. The above-detailed three steps on how to use your subconscious mind to achieve success in life essentially are what make up the process of meditation. Reach Deep Meditation Quickly & Easily Learn about meditation's incredible array of benefits, and how EquiSync® allows easy access via powerful brainwave technology. Improve Memory, Brain Power, Intelligence (IQ) How To Increase Your Memory, Brain Power, And Intelligence (IQ)?
Beat Anxiety, Depression, & Addiction Permanently upgrade your body's stress response, become immune to anxiety, depression & addiction.
Naturally Boost Good Brain Chemicals With incredible health benefits, meditation boosts chemicals like Melatonin, Serotonin, DHEA, GABA, & more.
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Order The Full EquiSync® System Now Access highly pleasurable, super beneficial states of meditation quickly, safely, & easily using incredible brainwave technology. The Benefits Of Bridging All Mind Layers Meditation unleashes the incredible potential of our untapped mind layers.

A common example of this is when you’re overly anxious about something going wrong—maybe you’re performing on stage tonight and you’re worrying that you might botch up the performance—is essentially tantamount to programming your subconscious to actually get it wrong.
In the same way you unwittingly program your subconscious to make a turn for the worse, the following three steps on how to use your subconscious mind let you achieve anything you want in life—be it success, more self-confidence, or charm. Finally, spend the last two minutes imagining the strong positive feelings you will have upon completing your project or achieving your desire.
By regularly meditating to achieve whatever you want—be it increased self-confidence or greater financial success—you slowly but inexorably proceed toward its attainment. By focusing on the bad outcome that you’re most afraid of, you’re actually (although unwittingly) sabotaging yourself and your own abilities—you are actually commanding your subconscious to self-destruct. How do you feel when you not only complete that project, but also complete it ahead of the deadline, to great critical acclaim of your bosses? Meditation has been proven to work because of the uncanny way it can influence your brain—the results of countless studies suggest that regular meditation can actually increase the efficiency of your brain—it increases the amounts of both the gray and white matter of the brain, which are responsible for processing information and the development of “interconnected wiring” within the brain. Sit on a tatami mat or on the bed, it doesn’t matter as long as you are comfortable and will not be disturbed. For example, if you want to complete an important work-related project, visualize yourself doing the project with ease, efficiency and supreme confidence. So by meditating, you’re not only making a positive influence on your subconscious mind, you’re also empowering yourself in a more general sense.

Imagine the admiration of everyone around you—then own these feelings as if these things have already happened.
Maybe you can imagine performing your job in a flourish, with a smile on your face and eagerness in your heart. Swim in these positive feelings for two minutes, revel in them, feel them in every fiber of your being. And by “request,” we mean, you say in your head what you really want in a declarative sense.
Visualize how awesomely you interact with your colleagues, and how they love you and how glad they are to work with you. You have already programmed your desires to your subconscious—it can only work as you sleep.
Also, the request must be directly related to something realistic—telling yourself you want to learn to fly would get you nowhere.
Make the request as if you would say so to another person, but only with utmost conviction, with the feeling as if it has already been done.

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