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Total Money MakeoverDo you feel financial pressure, struggle to make ends meet, need guidance for your financial plan, or wonder how you can honor God with your money? The only difference from the picture is the one being given away is red and in the original packaging.
Attending Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University inspired me to start a personal finance blog and I want to share his viewpoint with you. Kay Lynn is the founder of Bucksome Boomer and is passionate about helping readers through the materials on this site. What I’ve learned from your site is that you are from the West Coast, San Diego to be exact, and your son is a Veteran, and you are a grandma! The one thing I’ve learned this year about personal finance that has affected me the most is pay yourself first. I’ve signed up for e-mail updates, so please give me another chance to win any one of your great prizes! I especially like reading about the different places each blogsite is at in respect of finances and financial planning. One thing I’ve learned this year about personal finance is that if you make a plan and stick to it you can do almost anything=) Wipe out debt, increase personal savings, increase retirement savings, pay cash for home improvements~you name it! I think brown-bagging lunch is one of the most effective ways people can impact their spending quickly. Over the last year I’ve learned that getting control of your finances takes time and patience. Fair 159555078X **NO DJ** Your purchase benefits those with developmental disabilities to live a better quality of life.
About the BookThe success stories speak for themselves in this book from money maestro Dave Ramsey.
Today only, save on used books and help us reach 15,000 books sold to double the donations. Respected financial expert Dave Ramsey offers a comprehensive plan for getting out of debt and achieving financial health.
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Dave Ramsey, The Total Money Makeover (Nashville: Thomas Nelson, reprint, 2013), 272 pages. Dave Ramsey’s The Total Money Makeover has soared in popularity (selling over one million copies), especially in tandem with his Financial Peace program. Now the accountant in me and the pastor in me also have a few reservations about recommending The Total Money Makeover (or making a wholesale endorsement of any of Dave Ramsey’s programs). Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University and Total Money Makeover have become especially popular in many churches.
Ramsey debunks the many myths of money (exposing the dangers of cash advance, rent-to-own, debt consolidation) and attacks the illusions and downright deceptions of the American dream, which encourages nothing but overspending and massive amounts of debt. I’m really beginning to set aside money immediately, then budget the remainder of my bills and expenses every month.
I’ve never been great at it but the goal to get my finances in order is forcing me to work on it.
Instead of promising the normal dose of quick fixes, Ramsey offers a bold, no-nonsense approach to money matters, providing not only the how-to but also a grounded and uplifting hope for getting out of debt and achieving total financial health.
Against a playful backdrop of fitness terminology, Dave gives solid, hard-hitting advice needed to make your goals a reality. Against a playful backdrop of fitness terminology, Dave gives solid, hard-hitting advice needed to make your goals a reality.The Total Money Makeover is a necessity for everyone in need of a financial makeover. Some of the Total Money Makeover seems more like it is treating the symptoms rather than treating the disease, even though Ramsey himself suggests otherwise in some of his critiques. And while I am glad for the steps taken toward financial fitness, I am not satisfied with how Ramsey’s presentation fits with the life of faith. Don't even consider keeping up with the Joneses, Ramsey declares in his typically candid style. It’s been a slow process, but this year I’m finally seeing some progress towards my savings goals! I have many friends who have completed either of his programs with much success—and I am delighted to rejoice with them in the transformation! For Ramsey, a big part of financial fitness is discipline, and I couldn’t agree more.

He primarily uses scare tactics (what if you lose your job, have a major medical emergency, and your car break down all in the same week?) and inflammatory rhetoric to make his point.
He loves coffee and board games, ice cream and sports—he's an avid fan of the Green Bay Packers, UConn Huskies, Boston Red Sox and Milwaukee Brewers. This course looks at 7 organized and easy to follow steps out of debt and onto firm financial footing. Especially since all four trips involved seeing family and friends — no one knows how many more chances we will get to see the people we love. This item may not include any CDs, Infotracs, Access cards or other supplementary material. However, on this note one point of departure for me is with Ramsey’s stance on credit cards.
Figuring this out has helped me read other people’s experiences and apply them to my own goals without thinking, “Oh my gosh!
He says absolutely no; I say if you are disciplined—and yes, Ramsey includes some statistics without citation suggesting that no one is disciplined—let the right cash rewards credit card work for you.
And while I do think that stewardship of our financial resources is a spiritual discipline, Ramsey in this book treats only the symptoms, but never the heart of the issue. I use my credit card for every purchase I make (being disciplined to only make the regular purchases that I would if I had the cash in my wallet), pay off the total balance every month, and reap $400 to $500 of cash back every December. The Total Money Makeover is far better than not taking responsible steps to be in control of your budget, but I would like for the church to offer something better. Yet to Ramsey, this is foolish and unwise—though I don’t think he would advise to turn down a $400 check from Grandpa George. It is several of these sorts of contradictions in logic that bother me about a full endorsement.

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