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Mainly referred to as the Last Supper, this most solemn event in most formal religions is about receiving the blessed Eucharist, thereby celebrating Christ-empowerment, which I totally respect.
When esoterically translated, the word “Lord” refers to Law – and, more specifically, Cosmic Law, as opposed to subconscious conditioned mind law; in other words, thy Lord, or, [function of] Cosmic Law, is the resultant dynamic of raising our consciousness by way of Lord’s Supper meditation. This most personal declaration of soul quietude is practiced on the Alter [Mountain] of inner Silence [unconditional faith] for the purpose of surrendering to Divine Law; an act of individual devotion whereby experiential Presence of pure consciousness becomes known at the Heart level as separate from intellectual ritual equivocation through outer identification. Other cultures have different names for this Lord’s Supper equivalent – the ceremony of awakening the kundalini or life force as a healing dynamic.
Ego, by its corruptible nature, cannot crucify itself, cannot be in charge of “my kingdom is not of this world” process; ego and transcendence are of two incompatible levels of consciousness.
Regularly “eating” His nature leads to establishing Christ personality — the revelatory and celebratory feast or “wine” of His Heart.
When Christ becomes fully formed in consciousness then we can say Christ is living eternally through us. Scripture states it’s by Grace – divine healing, pure forgiveness or integration of sin – that our soul becomes saved, “Delivered” from on-going ignorance-suffering. When, through meditation, Transcendental Silence becomes the ever-present, immovable, immutable, unalterable Awareness, thus, vibrational communion with the Almighty becomes established; thereby carrying out Jesus’ command of going to our inner closet, thereby die to, or, crucify the corrupt one, ego, lower-self, thereby know Transcendental Silence, the state [of belief].
Formal word-prayer should be about vocalizing gratitude for already present spiritual abundance regardless of whether such is visibly in place, and not so much a begging session for specific materialistic fulfilment. Here the word “Good” is referring to state of Transcendental Nature not a qualitative human attribute. Once realized that the Good Shepard is our own indwelling Christ, then Psalm 23 becomes powerful beyond its written words; our life dynamic takes on His cosmic, all-joyful, all-knowing eternal Potential. When Good Shepard awareness – continuum of pure consciousness – becomes established, it can be said we’ve become the Promises [of Christ] – become the eternal living Christ in all our human affairs. When read through and evaluated esoterically, be uplifted, that, each time we meditate, Psalm 23 and its entire ethos is forming within consciousness – His forgiveness Grace is preparing for Revelation unto our own “City of David” [raised] Consciousness.
Thou anointest my head with oil; Biblical oil and anointment symbolize praise and thanks-giving.
Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of  my life: Through this Silence communication, the Lord’s nature of boundless love, peace and happiness rebound within my Heart.
As always, your interpretation takes us to the heart of who we are, and who God is through us, and finally, how to make us KNOW and connect in a practical, straightforward way. For all who are interested, I recently read Raymond’s book, THE ABSOLUTE SECRET, and I thought it was a MUST-READ for all who are wanting to understand more about meditation, how it affects the body and mind through the raising of consciousness, and how it connects biblically with scripture. Thank you as always for your welcome comments and for endorsement of my book, THE ABSOLUTE SECRET — delighted you found it helpful.
Here are the links from a previous article of mine in the same interpretation vain you might find clarifies this subject further. Another fascinating article on esoteric interpretation of biblical concepts and scriptures. The punch line is The Lord(Cosmic Law-The Christ ie the New Man) is my Shepherd(All Encompassing Cosmic Wisdom).
Think of these elements as touching all of the other 4 and therefore when all of these elements are aligned you will be a success in anything you have set as a goal. With that, I wanted to put together a quick guide to help you see where your success could be interrupted or improved upon. Tactics are the actual actions – the words you use, the body language you display and the voice tone you project are all of your tactics. Just learning a new opening approach or line (technique) won’t ensure more dates or sex unless you have a plan for implementing this approach or line (behavior) coupled with the belief (attitude) that she will respond positively.
The conscious and subconscious must be aligned for each of these elements, and these elements (Attitude, Behavior & Technique) must be aligned to have success.
So assuming we have our Subconscious and Conscious mind in alignment with each of these elements, we still have to combine our Attitude, Beliefs and Technique.

If you aren’t having the success you want, then identify the areas you are lacking and fix that element.
The application of Psalm 23, I feel, is the nearest opportunity to participate in something as a means of growing Christ dynamism, cosmic understanding, and greater spiritual abundance in our daily lives, from work or home. But, for the purpose of this article, the latter title of the Lord’s Supper is the one being referred to. In Yogic terms this is known as “action through inaction” — transcendence through dynamic silence. For instance, the Kalahari Bushmen call this event “boiling the Num”; a trance-like shaking and twirling whereby “boiling” (awakening) the life force becomes a tangible Presence for all their healing and life-needs. Jesus puts it, “anyone who gives up (crucify) his lower egoic life for Me (inner Christ) will have eternal Life”.
Therefore, other than trans-mutational silence, there’s no intellectual mechanism whereby ego can “surrender” willingly, so to speak. Similarly, when expressing unconditional love with friends, family or perceived enemies, we’re simultaneously “eating”, “wining” and sharing Divine Nature –  “Breaking” Love-Bread. Reality is NOW in every corner of the cosmos simultaneously, and its realization is through the unconditional, uncontaminated Present Moment — “Me” the Christ within.
Similarly, our own “closet” practice, fulfills the Lord’s Remembrance blissfully and dynamically.
Grace, or Deliverance, thus, is a transformational outcome: a process of deconditioning the deeper mind’s accumulations of subconscious thought patterns responsible for the daily actions which we unwittingly perform under lower-self law.
Eternal life is a present possession in consciousness, not a future reward; eternally, meaning, of God Nature. When consciousness functions as ever-present Silence – the state of Belief — all intentional pure thoughts become realized, thus, momentary life becomes our non-ending prayer [of purity] in preparation for the next Plane of Life where our true nature of Total Belief [the state] comes fully into play. For Divine nature to be known, such can only be through a compatible [pure] consciousness, hence, regular purification and transcendence. I shall not want for any good thing, for the Lord has already provided His All-Joy, All-Happiness, All-Creativity AS Presence within. Through this meditation, cyclical illusions are shattered forever, revealing thus unto Heart the continuum of pure consciousness. My Heart’s senses are quickened to See and Hear divinely, my mind, body, soul are ever-full of His compassionate and forgiving ways. With the two primary glands in the brain — pineal and pituitary – activated, I Heart-praise the Lord fully for the ongoing manifestations of peace, happiness and love witnessed in my life. For a cup to run over it must first be full with unconditional love now the over-flowing reality of my momentary awareness, the capacity to extend and recieve love in every situation, is my  reciprocal, joyful privilege. Yes, Josh, it’s all about Heart consciousness which essentially is Unity or God Consciousness. Yes, literal interpretation, while comforting to the mind, can limit and anchor the mind intellectually only, whereas the intention of the Psalm is for practical awakening of our spiritual or Higher Heart.
It’s all about lowering the oscillations of the brain to function in harmony with Nature, or, Cosmically. The Christ Consciousness, who is the Anointed One, guides our feet and light unto our path. This information received through any of your six senses: sight, sound, smell, taste, touch, or physical feeling.
Information you receive is compared to previous or historical information to gage for any threats or for problem solving. Since the conscious can only focus on a single bit of information at a time, the subconscious is the store house of every memory, lesson, and prior experience you have ever had.
Typically, you want to consciously set the circumstances – choose your goals and surroundings, but typically the subconscious sets the goals based on its previous programming. In the case of social interaction it may be to challenge the girl and either qualify her or disqualify her while amplifying her attraction.

Delivering a neg coupled with a pattern interrupt while leaning back, smirking and projecting a slow deep tone is one way of using tactics to increase sexual tension. For one thing, you are not alone in this social interaction and you must constantly be calibrating the female and her attitude in the process. Reaching the highest level of success is largely a function of getting Attitude, Behavior and Technique aligned and the only way to do that is consciously learn the correct components for each and then program the subconscious mind to believe and deliver these elements in a natural way. Just understanding these 5 elements is relatively easy, but it takes a lifetime to master and control all of them in all areas of your life. Each Lord’s Supper meditation makes eternal status more blissfully known unto consciousness.
Therefore, what we do is, narrow the focus of [our] awareness – convergence — “if thine [mind’s] eye be single then thy whole body will be full of Light”.
All formal prayer words are indicative and don’t in and of them-selves bring about Kingdom consciousness. Only life-supporting thoughts, words and deeds emerge into my expanded consciousness, thus only good goes from me, only good comes to me. My Heart perceives eternally, thus, it dwells joyfully in His Love House (Christ consciousness) forever.
I have always been around traditional, literal views and to make this connection is really interesting! By the time you are 18, you have permanently stored more information in your subconscious than all of the books in a typical library.
Also, women will not always follow the exact same pattern so you must be able to move on the fly. As your subconscious and conscious align for each element, you will naturally start achieving more success.
Your personality will be one of masculinity and charm and you can have anything that you want. Regularity of practice establishes “duration” as the permanent state of cosmic consciousness.
In other words, the words, while absolutely beautiful, are directional to meditation practice leading to raised consciousness, and not solely for recitation.
I will mention both these points and the two the different prices, Robert, to my publisher, thanks for highlighting. Those that do have the balls to force themselves to say this typically do it with the wrong energy (behavior). This is the primary reason I don’t think there is a difference between day game and night game. Thus the constant “restart” of daily meditation is vital to ensure success of crucifying ego, thence, successful transcendence.
In other words, intellectual knowledge alone doesn’t alter the state of the soul into belief. This website is a blessing to me and spiritual progression, realizing the Christ within myself. And as we increase our technique and ability we will subconsciously flow without having to think of tactics or strategies – it just becomes normal behavior. As we know, Jesus warned against materialistically based “give me this—give me that” form of prayer.
A single impulse of the conscious (have confidence) will not typically override years of subconscious programming (stay safe).

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