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Most people wonder whether practicing the law of attraction and chanting positive affirmations are exclusive. In laymen’s term, you can increase the effectiveness of the law of attraction by practising it together with positive affirmations. Between someone who only chants ‘I am going to be financially free in 6 months’ and another person who not only chants the same affirmation but visualizes himself as financially free, and attracts the same, the chances of the second person becoming financially free much faster, is higher. Another crucial factor that most life coaches and spiritual gurus advocate is to categorize whatever you are attracting into two sections- Goals and Projects. The question however is that can you achieve your goals concentrating solely on either the law of attraction or chanting of positive affirmations? Put these two together and you eliminate the shortcoming of one with the benefit of the other. History testifies that every successful person has never thought that whatever they had set out to achieve, was not possible. A combination of the law of attraction and positive affirmations are one of the best success factors that lead to self empowerment and an unwavering confidence to achieve anything that you set your heart on.
However, in order for you to get the most from THIS post you’ve got to realize that you are in business to make money. Thing #2 is that you will never make the money you want if you don’t provide value to the people you serve and if you don’t exceed their expectations. The irrefutable fact is that before anyone is willing to part with their hard earned money, they first want to know, like, and trust you. So now that you know that the “money” formula is to get people to know, like, and trust you so they’ll ultimately buy from you. Then it stands to reason that you’ve got to add a lot of value to their lives, position yourself as the local fitness and fat loss expert, and establish a ton of credibility.
And the fastest, easiest, and most economical way to get folks to trust you is through email marketing.
And when I get a mass marketing text message right to my iphone while I’m surfing the web or reading an email. An email however is personal, none intrusive, gives you plenty of room to write compelling and engaging copy that ultimately buildings deeper and more meaningful relationships. So I’m going to give you a detailed rundown on proper personal trainer email marketing strategies and the things you should be doing EVEN IF they seem a little counter intuitive to you.
If you think that going to Facebook and scraping email addresses and adding them to your list is going to help you cultivate a deep relationship with that person then you’re clearly high on something.
Build an email list of high qualified prospects who have actually opted into your email list.
Use direct mail postcards, print ads, lead boxes, and joint venture opportunities to offer ethical bribes in exchange for emails. Listen, I’m not saying that email marketing is the end all be all marketing solution for your personal training business. After all, I don’t know of any other program, promotion, or platform where you can take 20 minutes to write an email copy, send it out to your list, and see results almost instantly. This entry was posted in Fitness Marketing Strategies and tagged fitness mail offer, FITNESS postcards.
I happen to know, like and trust you B, (and making money has followed when I follow your advice). And you know that if you could just get in there and offer your services, you could make a world of difference in their lives and turn them into loyal, high-paying clients. This person is the one responsible for gathering all these ideal clients of yours in one spot. In other words, this person is a gatekeeper, and you won’t be getting anywhere near those prospective clients until you find a way to deal with them. This is such a simple and obvious way to win over gatekeepers, but people always seem to forget this as an option.

One of the fundamental rules of business is to listen carefully to your clients…so if you become the gatekeeper’s client, you’ve got their attention (assuming they actually know how to run a business).
Even if you don’t necessarily need what they’re selling, consider it an investment in the power of your network.
You know buskers, those people who play instruments, do magic, or dress up in costumes out on the street for spare change? The ones that DO go on to greater success usually follow the process I just described every time they enter a new neighborhood.
For them, every single one of those businesses is a potential gatekeeper because they could call in the cops to shoo the buskers away. Instead, the smart buskers are proactive and add value first to the surrounding businesses. There’s nothing wrong with paid affiliate marketing, yet often the most powerful endorsements a business can ask for happen organically and for free. HOWEVER, there’s only one way to make those spontaneous, free endorsements happen…you have to make the gatekeeper LOVE your service. Now you and I know that you offer great training, and normally I would recommend charging top dollar for it (because you deserve it). And with a powerful gatekeeper celebrating your business, the rewards will only keep stacking from there.
What you maybe didn’t know, however, is that you can also use content to win over gatekeepers. The important part here is to make sure your content is interesting and useful to those gatekeepers. All right, let’s say you’ve set your sights on the biggest, most influential gatekeeper in your industry.
Second, you want to look around that person to see what other opportunities might be available. If you really need to connect with the gatekeeper personally, then look around at their own network and see who is less busy and more in need of help.
Maybe there’s a long-running sponsor of theirs that has never quite reached their same big-name status.
Keep in mind too that it’s often easier and most effective to meet them in casual, low-pressure environments. While the law of attraction is much more expansive and caters to every thought or belief we have whether positive or negative, chanting daily affirmations is a way to condition your mind into believing AND attracting whatever it is that you are wishing for. The dual impact created by attracting and affirming accelerates the power of converting your thoughts into things. Your goals are obviously what you eventually want to achieve and your projects are the means to reach the goal. In a black and white context, yes you can, but in this fast-paced world wouldn’t you want to achieve your goals as rapidly as possibly? Visualizing the goal will give the affirmation an image to connect to, and repeating the affirmation will help eradicate any anxiety or stress that you are bound to experience along the way. Whether it is wealth, health, knowledge, or spiritual abundance, what you choose to think is what will eventually happen to you. And there’s nothing wrong with wanting to make money and admitting that you’re in business to make money.
I don’t know about you, but the last thing I want to be perceived as is an annoying pest when marketing.
Use a reputable and reliable email marketing platform like Aweber, Get Response, or FitPro Newsletter which is what I, and thousands of other successful fitness pros use. If you’re going to pitch or sell something on a website then remember that the message in your email is NOT to sell the product or service, but to sell the “click” so people can get to your sales page where the REAL selling happens. But it is one of the core marketing poles (if not THE core marketing pole) for you business. Fitpro is one of the biggest parts of business, and it has helped generate a ton of high quality clients. They’re all neatly bundled together in the same spot, hanging out together and sharing the same conversation.

This person already has a great relationship with them and treats their time, money, and attention with the utmost respect.
Want to start the relationship off on the right foot so they’re more open to collaboration later on? Remember, a good affiliate can bring you a steady stream of high-qualified leads for years to come. They step into all the nearest shops and restaurants, introduce themselves, and buy a little something. However, for gatekeepers it’s worth giving them either a steep discount or a price tag of $0.00. If bringing on a gatekeeper for free brings in 3 or more converting leads, you’ve already made back your investment and then some!
Heck, even if you don’t already have a steady stream of content over social media or an email newsletter, you can still create content to send out to gatekeepers. You’ve done everything you can think of to try to add value to their business, or even just get their attention, and nothing is working. Knowing the specific individuals you want to have in your network is a critical strategic practice, so keep that up. This species is unrivaled in its effectiveness in controlling rodents such as mice and voles. If your goal is to ultimately be financially free, you should choose an affirmation that specifies the project part; in this case ‘I will make more money henceforth’ or ‘I will find a job that I will enjoy doing and excel at it’.
Positive affirmations gradually condition your mind to believe that you can be financially free, while most beginners who have resorted to practicing the law of attraction have been plagued by negative thoughts and doubts. Unfortunately as they grow up, society dictates, and the need to be ‘practical’ replaces a firm, believing mind with a realistic (read pessimistic) one that questions the need to reason out every belief and idea and look for reasons as to why it would never work out. It just means that they kept their eye on the prize and with continous motivation worked towards it, attracting the prize through the power of positive thinking and the law of attraction.
I think it was Gary Halbert who said; Money can’t solve everything, but it sure can solve the problem of not having money. And be sure that each email is content rich, fun to read, none sterile, informative, educational and positions you as the expert. In fact, the whole idea of having an email list is to make offers and to sell your services.
Offer ebooks, reports, and recipe books on your website, blog and squeeze pages in exchange for the visitor to give you her email address.
A subject line on an email serves the same function as a headline does on your website, postcard, or sales letter… to get the person to want to read further. If so, that’s where you’ve got to show up again, and again, and again until you get that meeting. It has been estimated that during a Barn Owl's approximately-10-year lifespan, it may eat approximately 11,000 mice. This way you are able to work your way up through attracting and believing in one step at a time.
Indirectly, the belief falters because they were concentrating on, and attracting failure all this while.
Only recently, however, has their place in the environment been celebrated, and it is a valuable resident on every farm property.
On a practical level, this makes it easier for you as well since your focus is narrowed down to the current task in hand. Ironically, this further strengthens society’s conviction for the need of a ‘realistic’ rather than a positive mind.

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