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However, Freemasonry has been reviled through the ages for its subversive effects on nations and society.
Nelson Mandela shares a Masonic handshake with South African Communist Party leader Oliver Tambo.
And another way of control is education dumbing down Society is real, Illuminati wants us to think like them, or of them.
Ever held out you hand to shake hands with someone and they took it in a kind of funny way (arthritic or shy or whatever)? While there may be a secret society that is running the world and doing things even more evil than using funny grips to shake hands, these pictures do not convince me that it is the Free Masons. As a result, they had to meet in secret and greet and verify each other in a clandestine language, much the way early Christians used the sign of the fish. Pope John Paul II and Israel foreign minister Ariel Sharon in a heavy moment of recognition. NOW you can understand how the Locherbie bomber was set up and let go to cover the black op that it was, and why no one has bothered Brother Mo for years.

But the manipulating upper level practitioners sneer in glee when they see these devotees falling in line. Look at these leaders, and the many more you'll find who are or were Freemasons, from a majority of the US Presidents to military brass, corporate heads, Hollywood moguls and world leaders over centuries. Census Reveals Some Very Surprising Changes Man Says He Robs Churches for Molesting Children, “How Could God Let This Happen?” Iran challenges Britain, provokes USA to military action Divided FCC adopts rules to protect free, open internet Watch Jack Bauer Interrogates Santa Claus How to help your friends and family see the truth Finally New Zealand to Release Thousands of Secret UFO Files FCC Approves Net Neutrality a€¦Wait, huh?
Im a big history buff but most of the MAJOR figures through history tought in the txt books are FREEMASONS.
The fact that I saw the Pope and Catholic Cardinals in some of the pics giving the a€?handshakea€?. People in the Los Angeles region complain they can't get ahead in business unless they join the Masons.
Your fellow conspirators and the big game with the reward of riches, secret knowledge and an inside position of power? A 12 year old has more common sense than all these freaks put together assuming they have the interests of the people of Earth as a priority somewhere in their bag of dildos (they don’t).

Being a mason means you belong to one of the largest god believing, charitable fraternities in the world. The Catholic church does not support Templar or masons, they only support Knights of Columbus.
None of them bowed down to Lucifer unless you are taking out of context this passage a€?Lucifer was the name given to the morning star (the star we now know by another Roman name, Venus). We are a group of Christians wanting to better ourselves in a ever changing strange conspiracy filled world.

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