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Listen to these upbeat and strategic power affirmations while you are walking, jogging, working out, or just to jump start your day.
Affirmations are fast-paced and set to variety of fun and bouncy tunes from African drums to Latin rhythms. Use these power affirmations as a part of an effective mind, body, and spirit exercise program. One of my friends suggested to me that I focus on my thoughts and words and try to become more positive. You already have a habit of applying essential oils on to your body at numerous times of the day (and if not, what are you waiting for, get started here!) so why not use that opportunity to combine the healing power of the oils with the power of your words. The information you find within this site and presented herein is in no way intended to treat, cure, diagnose or prevent any disease or illness. Use the form below to delete this Inspirational Daily Quotes Scriptures Verses And Passages From The image from our index.
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You have all the confidence and brilliance you could ever want deep inside you, ready to serve you. You always have the power to choose whether you use this brilliance and confidence or let it go to waste. Always choose to use it. Your intentions are good, I am not arguing that for a second, but if you are not watching the other demons at work: your negative thoughts, your negative words, or your negative influencers, then all your hard work is for naught.
But what if you accept everything that comes to you and yet, not sit there and do nothing, but instead, move gently in the direction of your dreams and desires. Somedays, though, we can all use a little shortcut to that place deep inside to tap into the brilliance, and to bring out the confidence. For one week, every time you find yourself feeling scared, worried, doubtful, say these words. I am still new to affirmations and making friends with meditation so power words work nicely, like Sandra said, because it is so simple. I have been looking for something about affirmations that was both simple and explained well to share with my tween daughter.

Sara, I only wish my own Mom subscribed to these but I know sending these to her will not do any good – I have tried. As a parent who believes in affirmations and the power of positivity, I feel it’s my job to teach it to my daughter. You are such an inspiration and while I’ve been a long-time lurker, this article just spoke to me and I had to come out of hiding. Love your parenting style, and if ever I am one, you can bet I will follow in your footsteps, Sara. A great place for me to put this would be in my car lol when facing Southern California traffic!
Vishnu, I LOVE faith too but alas, the California (or LA!!) traffic tests all levels of patience in man and woman alike.
I just love the concept that all the confidence and brilliance you or I will ever need is in us. This morning I was looking for inspiration and motivation on the World Wide Web and you re-directed my focus. For those of you who have listened to Louise Hay’s 101 Power Thoughts, you’ll understand how powerful an affirmation can be.
As per the respect of others, I will do my best to leave out the topics of spirituality and religion.
While these three affirmations may only be the beginning, there are plenty more to come in the following weeks. Power Affirmations are something which we all use every day in a variety of ways, and which have an impact on our actions, thoughts and behaviours, whether we consciously realise it or not. Equally, power affirmations are something which we absorb from other people and through the media every day in a variety of ways and which also have an impact on our actions, thoughts and behaviour, whether we consciously realise it or not.
In fact, many of the beliefs, attitudes and behaviours that we exhibit as adults today are in large part due to the affirmations we have been given, or have given ourselves as part of the growing up process.
So the question is, if power affirmations are already having a major impact on the results we are currently achieving in our lives, even without our conscious knowledge, how much more could we achieve if we took conscious control of this process. What if we could consciously choose what we wish to believe, and then to install those beliefs into our minds just like a piece of software?  And what if we could manifest our deepest desires in our lives simply by focusing on what we think about? Whilst it is easy to dismiss such claims as new age psycho-babble, it is important to realise that these effects have already taken place in your life in some shape or form, for both the good and the not so good. There is no magic or mysterious art form at work here; no special forces or dark secrets at play, just a simple cause and effect relationship.
By stripping back the affirmation process to its bare bones, understanding the component parts then rebuilding it to support us rather than constrain us, you can harness this cause and effect relationship to create improvements in any area of your life that you wish.
Over the years that I have been using affirmations I have seen them presented in a number of different ways, from the most basic “positive thinking” mantras such as Emile Coue’s “Every day, in every way I’m getting better and better”, through to the more sophisticated (and more heavily marketed) “Law of Attraction” programmes.
I’ve seen first-hand the awesome power that clearly targeted, well directed power affirmations can have on the achievement of personal goals, and how they can be the energising factor, or catalyst in the process of personal change. It is not our intention to present power affirmations with any kind of marketing ‘spin’ on this website; in fact we intend to do the opposite – to strip power affirmations back to their very basics, examining exactly what they are and how they work on the human mind, before presenting the various ways in which they can be incorporated into a number of powerful self development methodologies, in order to accelerate change and optimise positive results.
We hope you enjoy browsing our website and that you find all the content and inspiration you need to begin developing your own personal power affirmations programme to achieve positive results in your life! If you are unsure how to begin to write your own power affirmations, then check out our section on Creating Power Affirmations, or visit our Resources section where you will find some sample power affirmation scripts listed under the most popular topic areas.

Also, why not sign up to our monthly newsletter and download the mp3 audio track for our YouTube Positive Affirmations video absolutely free! That’s a no brainer, but you may not realize that subconsciously you might feed yourself the opposite.
I really appreciate this, Farnoosh, not only for me but because I can now help my daughter understand this simple but very powerful concept (and show her I’m not just making it up). I would rather test patience right here at home ?? (Just kidding) – great to see you here, my friend.
Within the respect of having such a busy life as a legal professional, one might ask how we can keep a steady mind. For those of you who can listen to this soothing music (more preferably at work), by all means play it – I think it will make a huge difference while reading the following transcriptions. At any time I can shift my mentality to a positive one, which will carve the path for endless prosperity and abundance in my job or field. Whether I’m starting off at the beginning of my career or I am nearing retirement, there will always be opportunities and advantages for myself and others in my industry. I look forward to writing another ‘Affirmations for Legal Professionals’ next week – take care. What if we could filter out all the unwanted messages, and only let in those which have the greatest ability to motivate and empower us towards positive action? Or what if we could attract better health, careers, relationships or wealth purely by the things we consciously choose to think about? Equally I’ve seen how unconscious or poorly managed power affirmations, through negative self-talk for example, can keep people imprisoned by their own limiting beliefs, and stuck in self-defeating behaviours, attitudes and thoughts.
I did for the longest time and it’s hard and embarrassing to admit it but between us, I really sabotaged my own confidence and brilliance. If you do everything right but you deny your confidence and you object to your brilliance, your life will get more difficult. In moments of self-doubt or fear, having faith both in ourselves, the divine and the universe is required.
No content on this site may be used in any fashion without written consent from Prolific Living Inc. You may lack the understanding of how to do your job or how to build a relationship with someone but that’s what experience and learning is for.
You can go on to say the phrases too for good measure but if you are in a hurry, just say the words.
One may take the time during their lunch break (which I do sometimes myself) to close their eyes and meditate on the goodness and positive aspects of a job.
Just moving in that direction, accepting what life is giving you while gently pushing forth for what you want from life. Primarily, the focus of this brand new segment is to tune into the wonderfulness of having such a successful career in the legal field or wherever you may be.

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