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As Jesus tells this story with the Pharisee’s and religious people sitting around I can almost hear him saying, what could happen when a group of people began to think like me?
The prodigal doesn’t think like Jesus at all.  He wants what he wants when he wants it!  He takes his money and goes off and blows it all!  He is living like many of us do isn’t he?  He is living in the moment, and for many people they believe this is the fun way to live…well I think we could all admit that he had fun for a moment, but that fun didn’t lead him towards life did it?  No, it actually led him towards starvation, and death. You see it’s important to think with the mind of Christ because when you do you can finally rest in God’s amazing grace, love, and acceptance.  I am 37 years old, and still learning what it means to do that each and every day…to stand in the ridiculously awesome love of Jesus…and to just be ok being me. The third character in this story that Jesus tells is the father.  I told you that for many of us trying to wrap our minds around thinking the way Jesus thinks, we need to look at the relationship and love that you have for your child and I believe that you will catch a glimmer of how God loves us. Do you see what Jesus is doing through this story?  He is sitting in a room full of sinners and tax collectors.  He is also sitting in a room full of religious leaders and Pharisees…and he is begging them both to think the way He thinks. Jay this is such a nice poem and that magical picture makes it even nicer.Brother Magic makes it so perfect with your lovely picture.
Of course a daily meditation on the Word of God, especially the heart of the Bible the Gospels, can transform our way of thinking.   The saying you are what you eat is true. Indeed when we receive Holy Communion worthily then we have a “Spiritual Heart-transplant”. The Sacred Heart of Jesus beats within our heart upon receiving Holy Communion with the proper dispositions.
Furthermore, when we receive Holy Communion we receive the whole and entire Body of Jesus and that of course includes His mind.
How can this sad state of affairs, all related to my mind, memory, understanding, and imagination be purified, enlightened and raised on high? The mind is one of the most noble gifts and faculties that God has bestowed on every human person. Holy Communion can transform the whole mind, each of these three different faculties!  Holy Communion is not a symbol that represents Jesus. Our memory is weak, short-lived, tormented with past ugly memories that never seems to leave us at peace.  Why not try this!
How often have we read something, heard a lecture or conference, or even listened to a conversation and our understanding did not kick into gear? This being said, upon receiving Holy Communion, not only do we receive the Mind of Jesus, the Understanding of Jesus, but also we receive the IMAGINATION of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  Indeed only Jesus can help us to overcome our sinfulness in thought, word, deed and omission. The greatest action that the human person can do on earth is to receive Jesus in Holy Communion. This includes His Sacred Mind, with the three specific faculties: memory, understanding and will.  Try it! Many years ago, wanting to understand more about Indian music I borrowed a book from the library of the ashram in the Himalayas where I was staying for a few weeks. The writer of the book said that the best way to understand Indian music was to begin by looking at the training of an Indian musician.

First of all, a young boy might find himself attracted to the sound of a particular musical instrument, enough to be able to persuade his parents to let him have an instrument and some music lessons. Then it is time to find a proper music guru, a master musician who might be willing to teach him.
The student must also be prepared to put in the long hours of practice with the master, and accept correction humbly. Now I have no idea whether this system of training still persists in India or whether there is a shift to a more Western model, where we have largely done away with apprenticeships, musical or otherwise, but I was reminded of what I had read in that book about Indian music as I reflected on this reading from Mark.
Firstly, Peter, who had been in the company of Jesus long enough to know him well, fully accepted him as the Anointed One, whatever anyone else might think.
And then, unexpectedly, Peter rebukes Jesus for speaking about rejection by the religious leaders of the day, and of dying and rising.
If the music student cannot let go of his own ideas of the best way to play, then he will never develop into the musician he wants to be. If I want to enter into that mystery that Jesus calls Abba, and I am prepared to accept him as my spiritual guide, then I must take seriously what he teaches, and put it into practice. 18 I will set out and go back to my father and say to him: Father, I have sinned against heaven and against you. Once again the answer is receiving Jesus in Holy Communion with lively faith and a burning love. The mind contains memory, understanding and imagination.  These are the three specific faculties present in the mind.
Next time you receive Jesus in Holy Communion beg the Lord to purify your memory of past hurts and ugly images; beg the Lord to fill you with a bright light in your memory.
Upon receiving Holy Communion the “mad man of the house calms down” and a more peaceful and controlled thought process in the imagination takes over! That means going to many concerts and performances to listen to many musicians, until one day he hears one whose musical style really attracts him. It is a matter of seeking an interview with the teacher he has chosen, and of demonstrating his ability, not just to play music, but to become a pliable student. In this system of training, the student will be required to leave the parental home and move into the master’s household. The student must, however, be prepared to accept the master’s training not just as a musician, but into a whole new way of life, a whole new identity. Jesus reminds him that it is not the place of the disciple to tell the teacher what the teacher should or should not do.
If he does surrender to what the master wants, then the goal they both desire can be achieved.

It is simply attending to, and not grizzling about the small duties and responsibilities that confront me each day.
14 After he had spent everything, there was a severe famine in that whole country, and he began to be in need. Let us analyze briefly what Holy Communion can do to transform our mind into the mind of Christ. Beg the Lord that with this Holy Communion your memory will only retain the good and repel and reject the evil.  In other words, beg the Lord that all the good influences would be absorbed and retained like a sponge; and beg the Lord that all evil influences would be repelled like water bouncing off a rock!
Why?  Due to the simple fact that as a result of Original Sin our mind and understanding have been damaged— not destroyed but impaired!
And the more he hears that musician, the more he becomes certain that this is the teacher he wants. The student has to be prepared to let go everything already learned and start again from the beginning. This is not a relationship of equals, it is a student teacher relationship, and Jesus reminds him of that in no uncertain terms. 15 So he went and hired himself out to a citizen of that country, who sent him to his fields to feed pigs. Immodest images of past viewings and actions never seem to leave our mind at peace. Memories of past hurts of our childhood due to bad family experiences seem to leave almost indelible scars. Or the master might send him away for a year, to develop a little more maturity, before accepting him.
This is not just the teaching of Jesus, for it finds an echo in the teachings of Islam about surrender, and in the Buddhist recognition that suffering arises out of the desire for life to be other than it is. Even the devil maneuvers and manipulates his way into our mind accusing us, blaming us and condemning us. Why?  Because Holy Communion truly gives you the Mind of Jesus, with His brilliant understanding. Ignatius exhorts us to use our imagination to enter into the lives of Mary and Jesus and to become part of His life — all be means of training the imagination!  St.
May Our Lady, who pondered the word of God in her mind, attain for us an ardent yearning to receive her Beloved Son so as to have truly the Sacred mind of Jesus! Even something as simple as the failure of memory; the memory seems to have been transformed into a leaky bucket, retaining only a few drops of information.

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