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What is this site about?Nathan knows the greatest reward in becoming a millionaire is not just the amount of money that you earn, it's the kind of person that you become on the journey to a million.Who is Nathan Amaral? While we set our goals and dreams just like the millionaires or even billionaires, what makes them different from us are their beliefs about themselves and money and their mindset  towards the attainment of their financial goals.
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There are times when you feel inadequate especially if you start comparing your life with others.
Infact, with all its features and capabilities, ita€™s practically a media center you can carry aroundwherever you go!
But if you really want to enjoy every minute of every day with your new iPod,then you need to learn a few things about your iPoda€™s battery life. Therefore, the only limitation that’s stopping you from being financially free originates from the mind.

However, media savvy people have found out that they can play videos on their30 GB iPod for nearly three hours straight after a full charge!How do they do it? Research and read about their life stories, their journey from their humble beginnings until they have achieved the status in life that they are enjoying now.

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