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Hi there, I’m Glenn from TrendXpert and today we have made a short review of a new software that have been launched called the elite millionaire society. The first that crossed my mind with this software was that I have seen this software before, so I think it`s just a new relaunch. The interface here is pretty similar a lot of the other software`s out there and it can look a little scammy, and don’t use an diamond in your logo, that is just horrible.
You can apparently earn over $1200 per day with this software it says, yes that is true that you can do that sometimes but of course not every day. When I started the video it came some testimonials and I actually just recognized one of them as paid actor, but the others had a pretty bad English accent, but maybe that’s the new sales strategy I don’t know. And there we go again when the video starts, here you have the normal voiceover guy that promises us that this will honestly blow your mind. And he just tells about how amazing this software is and all that shit, but we don’t hear anything about the actual software, just how awesome and good this “Thomas Boyles” is and how filthy rich he is.
And yes it only goes from bad to worse, cause now he is talking about how lame and stupid it is with all the scammers out there that call themselves millionaire this and millionaire that.  Ehh, What was this called again?  Ahh elite millionaire society it was, not similar at all. I regret I even went to the second page, it actually got worse here and now we have to be faster than superman to get one of the last spots. No I didn’t know anything about the broker they used either, and you don’t see anything of the software before you fund your account, even not a guided tour you can look at before you fund any account, so I think the elite millionaire society is a BIG scam and I havn`t read a single positive review on them, so please do not try it out is my suggestion guys. X            ‘Copy Settings’ feature allowing users to copy OptionXpert’s current software settings at the click of a button. X            Real Time Market information on potential trades and opportunities from our signal service. X            Real time information on trades placed by our experts in real time from our messages service. X            Fully Unlocked software includes the ability to add brokers of your choice making it completely customizable to your specific requirements. If you want to check them out yourself you can just press here for the latest and same version we have. And as always we will be happy for feedback from you guys if you have tried the software yourself and how did you go on. What do you get when you combine the leaping ability of Shawn Marion, the soft touch of Tracy McGrady, and a combination of size and speed that makes entire NBA Draft rooms drool with anticipation? Under normal circumstances, Miami Heat center Shaquille Oa€™Neal, he of the a€?Man of Steela€? and Superman logo tattoos, might object to a young kid being so bold. While the analysis sounded great at the time, ita€™s a safe bet that six months earlier, Big Daddy Shaq probably had no clue who Thomas wasa€”or at least how good he could be.
McGrady, recall, was a skinny Florida teen who jumped from high school unknown to summer camp standout to lottery pick in the space of months. While he dreamed of playing in the NBA growing up in Baton Rouge, Thomas didna€™t participate in organized basketball until his junior year at McKinley High.
After announcing his intention to jump to the NBA, Thomas immediately shot up the charts as one of the most desirable picks in the NBA Draft. And the young gun with the Gumby arms saved his best for last, with a dominant NCAA Tournament performance, leading the Tigers to an improbable Final Four appearancea€”an explosion that was to NBA brain trusts as a dog whistle is to a schnauzer. Although it was largely the three weeks of the NCAA Tournament that determined his fate, Thomas insists that he is neither an improbable nor an overnight sensation.
For a Bulls team thata€™s made two consecutive playoff appearances and looks to step up from there in the 2006.07 season, therea€™s an expectation that a more ready-made player might be a better fit, even from a Draft slot as high as No. Paxson wistfully recalls a first glimpse of Thomas before an LSU road game, noting a confident a€?bouncea€? in Thomasa€™s step during warm-ups before he ravaged the 2nd-ranked Connecticut Huskies to the tune of 15 points, 13 rebounds and seven blocks.

Like any visitor at the Bulls workout facility, Thomas was in awe when he first arrived at the Berto Center. If Bulls brass has no doubts about Thomasa€™s talent level, surely therea€™s some question about his position. One scout for a Western Conference team rumored to be trying to trade up into the high lottery with the sole hope of selecting Thomas sees a Marion-type player who has the ability to play even bigger than the Phoenix Sunsa€™ defensive stalwart: a€?Particularly as a shot-blocker, [Thomas is] off the charts.
Playing somewhat out of position in collegea€”low block versus on the winga€”makes it easy to assume that Thomasa€™ offensive game is underdeveloped. Ita€™s merely a coincidence, but after declaring for the Draft and inking an agent, Thomas began his NBA preparation at the hands of family friend and LSU alum Randy Livingston, whose most recent NBA experience came in the stretch run of 2005.06a€”with the Bulls. To Thomas, the complimentsa€”particularly the all-too-convenient connection made between him and ex-Tiger Stromile Swift, another 6a€™9a€? forward who left LSU after one standout seasona€”dona€™t add up to much. Nobody would deny that a teenager with 32 college games under his belt, for all his talent, is still raw. Clearly, Thomas and his new coach will be quickly and steadfastly bonded by their similar devotions: a€?Randy told me about Scott Skiles, that hea€™s a good guy who loves hard work. You dona€™t expect a 19-year-old to sound so grounded, but Thomas is serious about making an impact with the Bulls and in the NBA. Expectations may be high, but Brady doesna€™t have any worries about the maturity level of the teenager who has left the Tigersa€™ den: a€?Tyrus is a cana€™t-miss player in my eyes, and the Bulls are a perfect fit for him. While ita€™s nearly impossible to read a story written about the Bulls in the Paxson-Skiles era that doesna€™t bombard you with the notion of hard work, should it really be any other way?
As you can see, when it comes to demands, Paxson and Skiles can spout and sputter until they are blue in the face, but no one will raise the bar any higher than Thomas already has, as perhaps the hardest-working Draft pick in NBA history. Like any visitor at the Bulls workout facility, Thomas was in awe when he first arrived at the Berto Center for his pre-Draft workout, saying, a€?The first day I came here I just stood for five minutes, looking around. A life spent making mistakes is not only more honorable, but more useful than a life spent doing nothing. Discovery consists of seeing what everybody has seen and thinking what nobody else has thought. I was recently asked which non-fiction books should be at the top of the list for a new college graduate wanting to work on personal development and their finances.
Upon creating my list I realized that these books were not just great for new college graduates but anyone wanting to better their life.
The Time Paradox by Philip Zimbardo – this book will change how you look at the way you plan and those around you plan for the future.  This is one of those books that is not widely popular but is full of fantastic information! Slim for life by Jillian Michaels – love her or hate her, this book is a great summary of everything I have researched and learned about health over the past 20 years! I found the class I took very motivational and eye awakening to the process I should be doing. I thoroughly enjoyed Andrea’s engaging personality, creative problem solving, and straight forward approach to coaching. I was in need of some expert business advice to help market my invention.   Developing a marketing plan for a new product can be a very daunting process for someone with no experience in marketing or business planning.
Andrea fully understood my goals and was able to help me develop a plan that did not require a large capital outlay, giving me maximum return on minimum investment.
After working with Andrea  I am WAY more organized when it comes to the business side of life.  My husband and I are communicating on a very regular basis about our finances and have come up with a budget that works for both of us.
We have also come up with plans to save for retirement to meet our goals and have put everything in writing so that we can stick to it. Further down on the site you have some pictures of customers that claims so and so, if this is correct I cannot say, but actually I did not find them as stock photos when I searched for them, so I guess that is a good thing..

And we know this, because our top trader, Ben Newman have done this many times on his live webinars in our own TRENDXPERT, but of course not every day, that is just impossible, but they don’t promise that you will get $1200 every day so far, so that is good sign. WOW.  If you want to see any more off this ridiculous video you can do it HERE, I didn’t bother any longer after I saw his trading account with some billions or what it was, but this was AFTER he bought his Rolls Royce. I think it was a new video here also, but I can assure you I did NOT terrorise myself by going through that one, but please, be my guest if you want to or struggle sleeping. Perhaps the most amazing aspect of Thomasa€™s ascension to the NBA is that in a world where the scrutiny of basketball prospects has gone worldwide and into greater depth than ever, this teenage forward shot from being a stealth-cloaked Louisianan a year ago to No.
Thomas was an even bigger surprise, as an unknown until midway through last season, first exploding onto college basketballa€™s biggest stage, then crashing the NBA lottery party like John Belushi in a toga. That layoff earned him no additional accolades, and, entering 2005-06, Thomas hardly was mentioned in all but the most detailed Tigers season previews. With nine points, 13 rebounds, and five blocks versus Duke in the Sweet 16 and 21 points, 13 rebounds, and three blocks in an Elite Eight upset over Texasa€”helping hold highly touted post man LaMarcus Aldridge to two-of-14 shootinga€”Thomas was named the Atlanta Regiona€™s Most Outstanding Player. Hea€™s oft-compared to elite NBA wingmen like McGrady and Marion, but played the post in a conservative LSU offense last season. He may be more advanced on defense at this stage in his career, but dona€™t discount his ability to put the ball in the hole. Hea€™s going to push you harda€”he has high expectationsa€”but Ia€™m not afraid of anyone pushing me to my limit.
He knows words like athleticism, potential, freakish and length are mostly made-up terms often shouted out to fill air time in Draft coverage. Ita€™s a young team that plays together, and that speaks a lot to how well John Paxson and Scott Skiles have constructed that team.
As such, Thomas is an almost impossibly perfect fit for the vision of the cluba€™s administrative dynamic duo. And to his credit, Thomas was all of four years old when Paxson shot the Bulls to their first title in Game 5 of the NBA Finals, yet hea€™s deeply studied the methods of those Championship teams. Dyer –  if you find yourself using the same excuses over and over again, then this book is what you need to help you break the habit! Her insights and commitment to asking the tough questions challenged me to reevaluate my current paradigms, enabled me to dream big dreams, and provided me with tools to create systems for building ongoing success. Just four years after playing his first organized basketball, with only a few dozen games at the collegiate level under his belt, Thomas felt that it was T-Time in the NBA. No worries, says the youngster; what he learned as a Tiger will only make him strongera€”and into a unique inside-outside tool. Undoubtedly, Chicagoa€™s Paxson-Skiles brain trust already has anticipated the trap of setting unrealistically high goals.
Scott demands a lot from his players, but he makes those demands in a respectful way thata€™s easy to respond to.
In fact, Thomasa€™ thoughts on honing his gamea€”mind you, this coming from a newly-minted millionaire teenagera€”almost read as if they were typed up weeks ago on Bulls letterhead. Their new Exhibit A in the hall of highlight reel plays is this young workaholic from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. As for an NBA future, Thomas might as well have been playing in Bangladesh or Barbados, he was so far off the leaguea€™s radar.

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