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I didn’t realize it at the time but my negative habits just a few short years ago caused me to attract a lot of nasty things into my life. I first learned this from Jeffrey Gitomer and, although challenging, it’s well worth implementing. This entry was posted in Goal Setting And Achievement, Happiness, Inspiration and tagged attitude, happiness, law of attraction, personal development, personal growth, positivity on July 26, 2013 by Andrew Hines. When I saw The Secret for the first time it was my first exposure to how mental attitude could affect what happens to me in my life. In developing a positive attitude that attracts what you want, the best thing you can do for yourself is to never, ever complain about anyone and anything. It is very thought provoking and right in the assumption that you can be the positive change in your life.

It is the diligence we must keep on not complaining about anything or anyone, even in jest because our minds don’t know joking from serious. Over the weekend I heard a very memorable quote from a person that is a big inspiration to me.
I temporarily changed and then fell back into bad habits when things didn’t go perfectly. What I’ve realized is that mastering a positive attitude takes maintenance and continuous intention. One helpful practice is to wake up every morning and write out 10 things you’re truly grateful for. From experience I’ll tell you that I had to catch and correct myself several times per hour but I started making good progress after that.

I appreciate you and your commitment to sharing thoughts and doing what you love (blogging) :). By the Law of Attraction, the act of gratitude and focusing on what’s good in your life will allow more of it to come to you.

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