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Subject: According to the title some highly classified super-secret amazing trick that will give you everything you want. This is not a bad thing on its own, but I get a little peeved about it because Rhonda Byrne did not deliver some brand new secret thing, the information was already widely available, this just became a hype. Anyway, now that I got that off my chest, the book includes a lot of explaining, a lot of quotes from people you’ve never heard from and a brief step by step plan how to put it into work. Kookiness (1-10): If you can deal with me, you can probably deal with the book in terms of kookiness. Quotes: Sorry, guys, I cant be arsed reading and remarking his book for the umpteenth time. I hope you have enjoyed these Law Of Attraction quotes, I will be adding to this post when I can with more amazing quotes! I Invite you to “Like” us and follow us on Facebook, and join the conversation in our Facebook Group.

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You can find a big ass list here, though! I read them and I think they represent the book nicely, without too much of the American Preacher Factor thrown in. I think making the LoA sound like one big secret attracted a lot of readers and people changing their life for the better. Ik klink nu een beetje als Oprah zelf, maar dit boek heeft serieus mijn leven totaal veranderd.
En het heeft m’n mindset zeker op een positieve manier verandert en me met verkoop en andere doelen halen ook zeker geholpen.
It looks terrible, but it’s readable and that way you can read it and send it back to me when you’re done! It’s good reading material and even though I was familiar with the Law of Attraction before buying this book, it taught me a lot more.

Ik dacht eigenlijk dat de schrijfster de hele law of attraction had bedacht, maar dat is dus helemaal niet zo!
Natuurlijk hoef je niet alles voor waar aan te nemen, maar ik denk dat iedereen er zeker wel iets voor zichzelf uit kan halen.
Ik vind deze boeken e-boeken nog wel beter, omdat het meer geschreven is voor girls like me.

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