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Do you know that 60 to 70 percent of meaning in human communication is derived from nonverbal behavior? Everyone knows that there are only 24 hours in a day, and it is impossible to get any more added on. While thinking about what the best approach to certain things is a good idea, many people (and companies) make the mistake of over-thinking every little decision. Setting the bar high for your goals, and those of your facility, is a great way to get more done.
Phone calls, co-workers stopping in to chat, smoke-breaks and any other interruption of work is a real productivity killer. For many organizations, the challenge or lack of enthusiasm begins to set in after the third S. Sort: Eliminate all the things in the workplace that are not being used and store them away. Set in Order: Arrange the items used on a daily basis so that they can be easily accessed and quickly stored. When working through the 5S process, you have to remember that in fact it is a process, not an ideology that can be improvised. Before each employee clocks out for their shift, they are to spend 5-7 minutes making sure their work area is clean and in the same (or better) condition that they received it in.
This is part of the standardization process that is essential moving forward in your 5S development. Sustaining your 5S commitment is a collective effort that takes a cultural transformation to ensure it becomes the way things are done in your organization. A key to getting everyone on board with your 5S sustainment process, is the example set my upper management.
To help sustain your efforts on a day-to-day effort, you can also appoint a 5S coordinator, who are essentially volunteers that help to keep consistency, monitor progress, and push the implementation forward.
This entry was posted in 5S Manufacturing, Lean Manufacturing, Waste and tagged 5s, kaizen, lean, visual workplace on January 9, 2014 by Kyle Holland. A visual workplace is one that relies on visual cues and communication to operate efficiently and safely. This step involves sorting through each detail of a work area and removing what is not needed.
Cleaning – It is essential to first clean the work area before attempting to identify unnecessary items. Classifying – While the area is being cleaned, it is inevitable that different kinds of supplies will be found. Ownership – Once found, some items will need to be returned to the appropriate owners. Red Tagging – If items cannot be classified or returned to their owners, they should be red tagged. Recycling –  After a set time period, items that have not been claimed should be disposed of or reassigned. The focus of the Set step is to create effective storage methods so equipment can be easily found and returned for future use. The 5S Program is an inexpensive management approach that focuses on visual order, organization, cleanliness and standardization.
Contemplation: At this stage, the employer has considered the possibility of change, but still have not fully committed to the idea.
Preparation: At this stage, the employer knows that the change is immanent, they believe they can do it and are preparing themselves for the change, say in a week or two. Maintenance: Once your 5S process has been fully integrated and running for awhile you are now in the sustainment phase.
Those who study changes in behavior do agree that sustained change is most likely when it’s self motivated and rooted in positive thinking. Unfortunately, this seems to be the million dollar question that gets debated over time and time again. This entry was posted in 5S Manufacturing, Lean Manufacturing and tagged 5s, 5s behavior change, 5s path, 5s Tips, lean transformation, sustain 5s on August 12, 2013 by Kyle Holland. Earlier this year, it was an honor to have our parent company, Creative Safety Supply support Habitat for Humanity in their efforts to open a new location in Seminole County, Florida. With the amount of volunteer organizations and temporary employees  continuing to grow the need for collaborations like this are becoming more important by the day. The first concern for any temporary employee or volunteer is their safety within the facility. This is where the simplest, yet still overlooked tools can make a huge difference in the safety of the people and the overall efficiency of the organization. ProPublica cited similar information stating that temp workers in construction and manufacturing were twice as likely to be injured as regular staff doing the same work.
Many organizations simply don’t know where to start when it comes to designing labels or safety signage. Having a professional handle your safety needs can help alleviate the stress from your staff, but also ensure that the quality and design will be just what you need to help any temp or volunteer remain safe and informed at all times.
From your most basic ideas to your most complex messages, safety should always be a priority. This entry was posted in 5S Manufacturing, Floor Marking and tagged 5s, OSHA, safety equipments, safety signs, temporary employees, The value of safety on July 25, 2013 by Kyle Holland. Implementing lean strategies in any company is difficult, but it is something that most companies agree is worth doing.
When employees are told they are supposed to follow the 5S standards which have been laid out for them, only to find that their managers are not doing the same it can be very discouraging. Using visual examples of what a good 5s workplace will look like is a great way to ensure people know what is expected of them.
Implementation can be a difficult time for any 5s strategy which is why it should be properly planned out. Once the initial implementation of the 5s strategies have been put in place, encourage everyone to be constantly on the lookout for things that can be improved. This entry was posted in 5S Manufacturing and tagged 5s, 5s Tips on July 18, 2013 by Antonio Ferraro. In facilities across the country and around the world people learn about 5S through their own research, attending conferences or educational courses.
When they present it to the management team, however, it often gets overlooked or ignored by those who need to give it their approval. It is, however, possible to present the 5S system in a way which allows management to see the benefits both in the short term and the long term. Find a Key Supporter – Many people make the mistake of presenting 5S to an entire management team at once.
Present the Savings – Management is typically concerned with the bottom line and little else.
Start Small – Don’t try to convince people that this system will change the way the facility works overnight. Use Data – Many managers are data driven, so provide them with the data from other companies in the industry which have already implemented 5S strategies. Make it a Requirement – In some cases it will be possible to work with upper management to make 5S initiatives a requirement for their performance reviews. These are just a few of the many different ways in which it is possible to gain management’s support for 5S. For some ideas on how Lean and Kaizen supplies might help you in your work environment, we encourage you to visit Free Lean Guides. When running international facilities you can create any color coded scheme you desire, though there are already standards in place which are recommended by many 5S experts.
Many facilities will have people who travel from one place to another working in the area.  With this standardization throughout a global company it is possible to ensure everyone is aware of what a label means, even if they can’t read the exact words. Finding as many ways to do things the same way at every facility in any country will help ensure acceptance and compliance with the standard and can even save money by allowing a company to buy the materials needed in bigger bulk. The following video is an example of how many employees might feel when the corporate leadership decides that everyone must accept the new business philosophy of the day for their workplace – 5S. Kyocera has dictated that their employees MUST clean up their act and implement the new 5S standards within their cubicle space.
See how employees at Kyocera’s North American headquarters in San Diego declutter their cubicles by following a workplace organization practice known as 5S. This entry was posted in 5S Manufacturing, Floor Marking, Kaizen, Lean Office and tagged 5s, 6s, kaizen, lean on April 11, 2013 by Mike Wilson. If you think that your mind is not working properly or it is too slow, then you don’t need to stress anymore!
I rarely lose my things like keys or sunglasses because I put them in the same place every time. If you really want to remember something critical, intentionally break the routine surrounding it. Lots of brain foods improve your memory because they are filled with special vitamins and antioxidants.
I am all for zoning out on light fiction and mindless videos, but actually challenging my brain makes me sharper and more effective at remembering the things.
Numbers and names by themselves can be easily forgotten if there is little small or no context involved. I constantly use to make up songs, poems and other mnemonics to lock important facts in my memory.
Ultimately you want to shift important facts from your short-term memory to your long-term memory.
A good fitness plan can ensure you lead a healthy and fulfilling life, and even though fitness can often be grueling, it pays off in the long run in more ways than one.

Focusing on one muscle group means you will be fit and firm in certain parts of the body but lack muscle in others. In order to stop yourself from becoming bored of your fitness routines, you need to mix it up and keep it alternating.
If you are going to really improve your health, you need to ensure that the temptations are locked away. Here’s a manifesto to improve your body language such that you can connect with people better.
When thinking about increasing production in a facility, this means you must always think first about how to become more productive, rather than just trying to get people to work more hours. In many cases you’ll waste far more time contemplating the best course of action than you could possibly save. When people put something off to do later, it is not only wasting time at the moment, but also in the future.  Find ways to break the cycle of procrastination and learn to get things done right away.
While it is impossible to eliminate every interruption, every one that can be gotten rid of will be a great accomplishment. While there are certainly tasks that are best left to one person, many others can be delegated.
In fact, many of the things people spend time on really don’t have a big impact on the bottom line at all.
Combining a list with the prioritization can help ensure less time is wasted on things that don’t really need to get done.
However, turning their excitement into execution, is often times a challenge they are not prepared for.
Success with 5S, comes when you follow through with the process and spend the extra energy needed on the last two S’s to ensure success for the long-haul. Once you’ve worked through the sort, set in order, and shine, you have to define what you expect out of your employers, including their responsibilities and daily schedules. Include details that explain how it is supposed to be cleaned and inspected, as well as who is to do it and how often it is to be done. You should also make your employees accountable by posting the 5S scores in the work areas.
Without the complete involvement of the organization, waste will continue to find places to hide and make the individuals that are putting the effort, have to work that much harder.
The benefits of visual workplaces include increased quality, productivity, safety and employee morale. Materials, equipment, supplies and tools that are not used frequently should be moved to separate areas for storage.
Storage areas should be marked with labels and frequently used equipment can be stored on shadow boards.
By developing a work structure and written standards the new methods of operation will become habitual. More times than not, it’s the first phase of a lean transformation within an organization, which makes the path to a 5S behavior change that much more important. They have walked by the 5S station, they’ve read up on the materials, maybe even cleaned up their work area a bit. While nobody seems to have the one size fits all answer, there are plenty of good tips and methods that certainly help promote a change in behavior.
When navigated correctly however, can lead to a successful lean transformation with endless possibilities –Good Luck!
The floor marking tape Creative Safety Supply provided, enabled the workers at the location to create a safe, organized and pleasant experience for both shoppers and volunteers alike. Anytime you have new or unfamiliar faces in a facility the risk factors increase significantly, causing efficiency to decrease and chances of injury to increase.
Overall, almost one-fifth of the total job growth since the recession ended in mid-2009 has been from the temp sector.
Studies show that frequency and severity rates of on-the-job injuries are significantly higher with temporary workers. They recently launched an initiative to protect temporary employees from workplace hazards.
Employers are responsible for ensuring the safe conditions of all their employees, including those who are temporary. If you’re a non-profit organization and would like assistance in planning or need help with materials, reach out today to see what they can do to help. The problem is when companies do it improperly, the implementation fails and they end up losing out on the time and money invested. The leadership team should always be the examples which other people can follow, not a source of trouble for the lean team.
Taking before and after photos of an area which was organized by a 5S expert is a great way to start this process. Adding recognition for 5S specific things is a great way to not only show appreciation, but also encourage people to follow the standards.
Having a written plan with set milestones is the best way to get the results you’re looking for. Even a well implemented 5s strategy can get old and out of date without ongoing improvement. Once they’ve heard about all the benefits this system has to offer, they want to implement it in their own facility.
Unless it is presented properly, 5S can seem like an expense without sufficient benefit to many people in management. Ideally you could give them a full presentation or send them to a 5S conference where the entire concept could be properly explained.
If you present the savings and increased productivity from a well-planned 5S system, management is much more likely to give it serious consideration. This will not only appeal to their data driven mind, but also show them that the competition is a step ahead. Have key individuals in each area there to explain the benefits they could enjoy from 5S strategies.
Browse through the products there and see if you don’t come up with some ideas or rather, some products, that might be helpful to you in your lean journey. How would YOU handle the dictates at work to suddenly bring order into the chaos of your own cubicle? On the rare occasions I really don’t put them in their proper place, I can drive myself crazy trying to find them. Try adding more green tea, salmon, blueberries, cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, dark chocolate and turmeric to your daily intake. Mental challenges like studying complex concept make simple tasks like remembering names at a party seem like a piece of cake. As you are being introduced to new information, be aware of the surroundings and any possible details you may associate with specific information. But it is not necessarily your best friend if you want to remember some of those important nuggets off the top of your head. Science dictates that this process takes about 8 seconds of focused attention on a specific item. Not only does exercise make the brain work better, getting the blood pumping actually makes it work harder.
Major muscle groups include back, chest and legs while minor muscle groups include biceps, triceps, shoulders, traps, and calves. When you feel yourself start to get bored from a routine, switch it up and keep it exciting. Whether it be a couple of dumbbells, a workout machine like a bowflex, some cardio exercise machines such as a treadmill, or even just an empty space for abs and body-weight exercises, make sure the area is 100% fitness related. Diet is a big part of building muscle and becoming healthy, and without a balanced diet, you will not be maximizing gains. It may be difficult to become healthy on your own and often times a little support and motivation for someone else can be highly beneficial.
Mindset is the single most important factor when trying to improve your health, and without the right positive mindset and willpower, it is impossible to sustain a healthy lifestyle. Your goals will dictate the type of workouts you will be performing, but I highly recommend that no matter what your goals are, that your workout routine contains a balance of both strength training and cardiovascular exercise (click for a great article on the best time to do cardio exercise). Improved productivity is a great way to eliminate waste in facilities, and get the added production that you need for the company.
Even just implementing one or two of them can be a great way to start down the road toward improved productivity.
When working on improving productivity, start by looking at the technologies (or lack thereof) that your facility is using.
Make sure you know when it is more productive to just take action instead of thinking about every possible scenario. Whether it is someone’s competitive spirit or their desire to succeed, setting the bar high can often encourage people to accomplish more than they would have dreamed possible. Figure out what level of excellence you need to hit for each task, and then make sure to get to that point. When people are able to focus on one task they can complete things far faster than if you have to stop and start the activity over and over again. Delegating work to others is a great way to get more done each day, because you’re effectively adding more productive hours by allowing someone else to help.
Checking items off of lists is also a great way to get a sense of accomplishment, which can be very motivating. When you’re focused, you are not distracted or interrupted or procrastinating or wasting your time thinking about perfection. As a whole, your organization needs to determine how much time is needed everyday to ensure your 5S is maintained and a continued focus.
This will allow them to be reviewed by others so they can look for continuous improvement opportunities and see what they need to improve on first hand. Visual controls provide employees with the information they need by answering questions, identifying equipment and describing procedures.

On a shadow board, the outline or shadow of the tool is used to identify its position on the board. As S5 practices become more common they should be updated and modified to improve upon the process each time. Lean manufacturing is a production method that focuses on eliminating waste to create value. Our built in stubbornness has a tendency to block out even the most obvious benefits associated with a change in behavior. This model assumes that at any given time in the process of behavior change an individual is at one of the following stages: precontemplation, contemplation, preparation, action, or maintenance. The TTM model might help you and your team get through the path and on the road to the lean transformation you seek. A helpful tip to get this employer over the hump is to give them a small task that involves the 5S method so that they can see the direct benefit for them and the task. They are seeing the benefits first hand and have developed regular routines for their actions that directly correlate with the 5S process. As the initial ether wears off, employees can become stagnant and start revert back to their old ways if you back off your plan. Hopefully this quick insight into the TTM model and how it relates to the 5S process will help you on the path to a 5S behavior change. These are two things any organization can ill-afford to have take place, much less a non-profit.
No matter the employee or volunteer’s experience you can never assume they can come into your facility and be safe without direction.
OSHA had received numerous reports of temporary workers suffering fatal injuries during the first days on the job and is hoping to put a stop to the trend as soon as possible. Not only to they have a proven track record helping non-profit organizations like Habitat for Humanity, Oregon Food Bank, various schools and festivals, but also with hundreds of organizations, designing safety tools for all. The proposed fines totaled $192,000 for the various safety violations (Bacardi is currently challenging the fines). This can be discouraging for everyone involved at every level, and it can also make it more difficult for future attempts at change and improvement in a facility.
Managers at every level should be required to have clean, organized desks and also enforce the same on their teams throughout the company.
Make sure to clearly show everyone not only what it should look like, but also why it is so important. Recognizing excellence in this area is much more effective than attempting to force people to follow the 5s standards of a specific facility.
When the plan is written and easy to understand it is much easier for everyone at all levels to follow properly.
This improvement should be prompted by not only the lean team or the management staff, but also by the value-adding employees. Win this person over and you can use their influence to get the rest of the management team to give it their attention as well. Everyone has the best interests of the facility, so your job is to simply get the management team to see how these concepts will benefit the facility in the long and short term. Or would you still persist with old, perhaps unproductive habits as were depicted int he video?
Recognize the order of events and then you can replay them in your mind to retrieve the answer. I still use the 30 days has September poem from childhood to figure out the number of days in each month.
So next time you have to encode something important, focus on it while counting to 8 alligators and lock it in. When it comes to intense workouts, remember the old cliche saying of quality over quantity as this applies to world of exercise. Major muscle groups should make up a majority of your workouts but make sure to work in minor groups in a lesser quantity as well.
This will prevent you from getting bored and stagnant, and will help keep you stay motivated to improve your health for the long hall. Keeping it solely for fitness means you have no other associations with that area other than high intensity workouts and getting in shape. Having a training buddy allows you to both measure your improvement against each other and provide encouragement when you need it the most. Make a plan for yourself and get into the habit of making fitness a constant, positive, and big aspect of your life.
There will be bumps and bruises along the way, but when you have to work hard for something, it makes the reward that much greater. Consider updating systems or implementing new technologies to help get more work done for every hour of the day. Constant improvement can continue, but in the meantime your productivity will go up dramatically if you stop worrying about making sure every tiny detail is perfect.
Which will eventually lead to a negative attitude towards the process and a culture that no longer sees it as a valuable asset to their organization. The goal with 5S is to eliminate waste from your organization in all forms including transportation, inventory, motion, waiting, overprocessing, overproduction, and defects, otherwise known as the seven deadly wastes. You can’t sit in an office and send out memos on how to sustain 5S, you have to get on the ground floor and show that your engaged with the process.
It is a systematic approach to workplace organization that if done correctly, can make a dramatic change in your organization and culture, for the good. The many results garnered from implementing this approach include improved profitability, heightened efficiency and better service. It also addresses an individuals readiness to act on a new behavior which can be extremely helpful when navigating the path to a 5S behavior change. This should not take as much effort has in previous steps, but still needs a bit of a nudge to take action. At this point it is a good idea to engage with the employee to make sure they are not having any issues or have questions with the process. So how do you create a universal transformation that fills the needs of everyone’s motivation and thinking? In most of the cases OSHA found that the employer had failed to provide safety training or inadequately addressed hazards in the workplace. Fines for serious offenses can reach up to $7,000 and for repeat violations, up to $70,000. Looking at the following five tips for 5s success will help any facility get on their way to a successful implementation. While creating the plan make sure to include all the key teams which will be needed during the implementation process so they can give their input and have a good understanding of how everything works throughout the process.
They are in a position to see exactly what types of things are working well and which ones could be improved upon. If you establish desktop folders and specific e-mail for critical documents, you’ll know right where to go first. Put them in your left side pocket in the morning so when you are ready to leave you have to break your pattern.  The odd feeling acts like a string around your finger and making you aware that something needs to be done. Of course, too much of that and you probably won’t remember that what happened the night before. The actual act of physically writing something down helps to register text in your mind where you can recover it later.
This will allow you to get in a quality workout even if you are not able to make it to the gym one day. Make sure to consume an adequate intake of protein, complex carbs, and omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. Keep a positive mind-set and remember that you have the ability to do anything you desire in life.
An initial clean-up may eliminate a few wastes, but without a method to standardize and sustain your efforts, the chances of continuing to eliminate waste, are slim to none. Upper management should conduct a walk around often and be a part of the audit process so they can include their feedback, as well as hear what others have to say. In order to use visual tools to help employees better contribute to the company, it is best to implement a system known as the 5S Program.
The program should be practiced on a long-term basis, thus it is a commitment to actively complete all parts of 5S and to prevent workers from reverting back to old habits. Whether you’re trying to quit smoking or implement 5s, the road can seem extremely narrow at times. If you can relate the change to their specific interests and show them how a 5S mentality will have a direct benefit on them. The confidence is there, they just need to implement their new knowledge into a working process.
An employer can quickly go back to their old ways if they can’t get the help they need while taking action. This reminds them how important 5S is to the organization and reward those who continue to work towards the ultimate goal. The 5S Program was developed in Japan and stands for seiri or tidiness, seiton meaning orderliness, seiso or cleanliness, seiketsu meaning standardization, and shitsuke which means discipline. For instance, if they can see how they can become more efficient and productive, they might be more willing to get motivated for other possibilities 5S has to offer them. Breaking it down individually with small tasks might be just what the contemplator needs to get over the hump.
A cleaner work area also makes t easier to detect spills and breakages which could pose safety hazards.

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