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At 15, Chloe Moretz is one of the youngest names on our 25 Crushable Girls Under 25 list, but to not include her would be ridiculous. Marissa, she probably took acting classes, so she learned how to present herself in public.
In the last three years alone, she’s gone from memorable bit parts in movies like (500) Days of Summer to helming her own action, horror, and comedy movies—sometimes all three in the same role. We prefer not to remember 15, since it involves braces and frizzy hair and unrequited crushes. She doesn’t look awkward when making silly faces, like in this photo shoot for Flaunt magazine. Suffice to say, she’s neither getting an allowance nor toiling away in a dead-end summer job to get spending money.
She’s gotten to work with Aaron Johnson, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Johnny Depp, and more talented stars. While the rest of us were awkwardly fumbling in back seats with boys, Chloe gets to explore her sexuality on-screen in movies like Hick and really own it. Unlike kids wanting their buddies to come distract them from their jobs, Chloe doesn’t let her friends visit her on-set or come to premieres.
She doesn’t seem like she has low self esteem, so I think you need to work on that part and love being yourself.
We’re always delighted to see her in a new role, and we love following her Twitter because she posts cute twitpics from behind the scenes of her new movies or just hanging out with her friends. Let’s look at the 15 ways that her life, though not tabloid fodder or ringing any child-star alarm bells, is still a fantasy compared to our adolescences. You totally buy her as a bloodthirsty vampire or a rampaging prepubescent fighter because she sells that rage boiling inside her tiny figure. Earlier this year she was named the latest brand ambassador for Aeropostale, after also being called the Face of the Future by MaxMara.
There was at least one Hit-Girl at the Carrie panel, though sadly I haven’t found any photos of Chloe posing with her alter egos. Her films Let Me In, Carrie, and Kick-Ass 2 all have her at the center of bullying plotlines, but as far as we can tell from interviews, Chloe hasn’t been the victim of cruel peers. Whereas the rest of us only dream of being buddies with Katniss, Chloe worked with her on The Poker House back in 2008.

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