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Descent will go down in history as being one the best cases for motion sickness with gamers. Descent Freespace is a modders dream where just about everything is up for grabs to be changed. For an idea of the breadth of the mods available, there are ones for Babylon 5, Battlestar Galactica, Wing Commander and even Star Wars. Carl WilliamsIt is time gaming journalism takes its rightful place as proper sources and not fanboys giving free advertising. Features laser cut balsa fins, slotted body tubes, plastic nose cones and self-stick decals.

After he and the other AUTOBOTS have their minds transferred into synthoid bodies, he quickly finds himself in the thick of things, leading him to be able to help end the threat that VICTOR DRATH poses. This series has also gone through more changes and variations than a Kardashian television show.
People have taken the base game and created mods that recreate some pretty damn amazing battles, moments and scenes from other media. The right place to start if you are a first-time "mazer"! HARD MAZES - The hard mazes will challenge your skill, attention span and patience. Starting out as a 3D tunnel exploration flight sim that literally had no up or down, sort of like space but without the openness.

As the series progressed, it was understandable to see the series finally hit space in the aptly named, Descent Freespace: The Great War which coincidentally is now available on Steam. This level of customization has helped keep Descent Freespace in the minds of gamers for years after release.

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