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Super Mind 1 Hypnosis program will guide you through a variety of mental exercises which will help you to effectively use each of your senses (sight, hearing, touch, smell, taste) when working on your goals with self-hypnosis. Super Mind 2 Hypnosis program will guide you through mental exercises for transferring your consciousness to different parts of your body. Super Mind 3 Hypnosis program will guide you through mind exercises for projecting your consciousness outside of your body - into an inanimate object, into a plant, into an animal, into another person, and into highly evolved spiritual being - for the purposes of gathering information, gaining new learnings and wisdom, or healing.
Jean Marie Stine, renowned for her nationwide seminars on "instant learning", draws on cutting-edge scientific research to present an unprecedented strategic program for liberating the vast untapped reservoir of brain power -- and getting it operating at its peak.Through proven, simple-to-master exercises, readers will learn how to optimize their six innate intelligences to achieve every goal. It is where everything originates, the source for ones ideas, thoughts, actions and behaviour.
Sometimes when you just do the action without thinking it essentially means that the thought originated subconsciously without you being aware of it. This is exactly why you should train your subconscious mind because this is what will lead you to improve the quality of your life, beyond what you could ever have imagined possible. Visualization:- Visualization is something which is very effective in increasing your mindpower.
You can use visualization to help you develop some of the psychic abilities which are naturally present in every human being. Quantum Mind Power Brainwave entrainment:- This is a new audio technology which is brainwave synchronization. When we talk about developing mindpower, what we really mean is unlocking the potential psychic abilities which are present in every person and starting to access the potential of that 90% of the brain which we don’t use every day.
This audio layers Classical Music with Alpha Binaural Beats + Isochronic Tones associated with accelerated learning and memory retention as well as increased intelligence.
The Alpha range (8hz – 12hz is assocaited with light relaxation, “super learning”, and positive thinking. The main objective of IMP workshop is your Oneness with The One within and thererby activating your dormant psychic potential using scientifically designed, step-by-step, multi-dimensional Integral Mind Power Practice based upon time tasted ancient wisdom and latest science and technology. This workshop will act as a catalyst for your speedy integral evolution and equip you with the tools, truths, technology and teaching to solve your current life problems with INTEGRAL MIND POWER TM  .
For Better Relationships: IMP workshop can save you from people whose relationships can harm you in anyway by allowing you to read their energies beforehand.
For Spiritual Development: All spiritual practices are aimed to connect you to your True Inner Self. For Clearing Negativity: Learn to clear off negative energies blocking your evolution from your auric field and from your mind. For Time Travel: Learn to see your probable future with guided meditations bringing messages from core of your Being to your conscious mind. Workshop will be conducted by Amitt Parikh, a modern mystic, a prolific writer, an intuitive life coach, the author of ‘Conversations with The Mysterious One’ and the Founder of Spiritual Science & Research Foundation (SSRF), India. Note: Please bring your own portable mp3 player and stereo headset to work with brainwave entrainment technology. 4)     Lifetime Membership of Integral Mind Power Club – Get heavy discounts on spiritual products and workshops!
Movies like Limitless and Lucy try to show how humans don’t use 100% of their brain capacity, and these movies obsess on showing what happens when humans do reach its full potential.
To fuel your intelligence and enhance your creativity, it’s necessary to make mental associations to remember things. There’s an idea that chewing gum increases the blood flow to the brain that it delivers not just oxygen but also nutrients. Listening to music causes a dopamine release into our system that results in making you smarter and more mentally responsive. Being physically active can prevent cognitive decline, something that many of us are scared of when it comes to growing older. In this age of mobile phones and tablets, writing notes on paper is slowly becoming obsolete.
We can’t all be super humans, but we can at least make sure that we end up maximing our brain power.

Subliminal, supraliminal and supraliminal plus programs are designed to impress suggestions for enhancing your ability to use all of your senses effectively while using self-hypnosis, directly upon your subconscious mind. Subliminal, supraliminal and supraliminal plus programs are designed to impress corresponding suggestions directly upon your subconscious mind. Backed by personal testimonials and telling anecdotes, these brain-friendly techniques promise amazing immediate benefits.
The probable incident that triggered your action must have been for something like a commercial of a product which you dont particularly like.
You need to focus your mind, eyes closed and see the things which you want to happen in your mind. If you keep practicing, visualization can bring these latent abilities to the surface and increase your mindpower even further.
At another frequency natural endorphins are released into your body which heal and alleviate pain. Conducive to creative problem solving, accelerated learning, mood elevation, stress reduction, etc., characterized by intuitive insights, creative “juice”, inspiration, motivation, daydreams etc. University research in France, published in Learning and Individual Differences, found that students who listened to a one-hour lecture where classical music was played in the background scored significantly higher in a quiz on the lecture when compared to a similar group of students who heard the lecture with no music. One of the main objective of this workshop is to promote Oneness Revolution as guided by The Mysterious One and help you easily connect to your Authentic Higher Self!
Open up your natural intuitive powers with scientifically designed step-by-step process that increases your success rate in remote viewing. You may not be able to fly or to last for days without sleeping, but there are some life hacks that can help you remember names or perform at work better. This is why it’s commonly advised to have a hearty breakfast instead of skipping it and making up for it during lunch or dinner. Creating mental associations is one of the easiest way to remember, and one of the effective ways to do that is through mind mapping. However, some types of music may actually be damaging especially when you’re trying to focus.
But working out regularly prevents the degeneration of our hippocampus, the part of the brain in charge of memory, inhibition and space. Working on puzzles and activities  sharpens the brain and slows down the brain’s aging. It’s easy to say that you remember the important points, but reiterating them to another person can test how much you actually remember.
But it’s something that must be kept alive, because the mere act of writing down something forces one part of the brain to actively help in memorization.
Sleeping recharges you for another day and the lack of it can cause more disasters than one would like. It’s a community of like-minded individuals who are passionate about knowledge, awareness and self-improvement. For that reason, all esoteric traditions have given a lot of thought to mind-training exercises that can help people get the most out of using their mind-power. Taking a daily activity such as TV watching, what actually happens when you want to change the channel? This in turn triggered your subconscious mind where the thought of changing the channel first originated and then manifested on the conscious level thereafter.
When you keep focusing on the image of what you want, your mindpower will be built up and you’ll eventually be able to make it a reality through your efforts. Hypnosis:- Hypnosis well known for increasing mindpower, since it allows direct communication with the subconscious mind. You can also use brainwave entrainment to access a meditative state very quickly so that you can communicate with your subconscious mind and therefore develop your mind power and bring it to fruition. Some have thought that humans indeed had this power many thousands of years ago, but it has become repressed and devalued in the years since.
From her the audio scans the entire delta range from 8hz to 12hz back to 8 hz in 1 hour sequences.

Promotes mental resourcefulness, aids in mental coordination, enhances relaxation, “Can move quickly + efficiently to accomplish whatever task is at hand.”, feelings of “at ease” + calm, promotes good moods, a bridge between conscious + subconscious, alpha waves indicate a person is alert but not actively processing information, seen more in extroverts than introverts, seen during creative problem solving. For binaural beats to be effective headphones must be worn, however you will still experience entrainment from the isochronic tones without headphones. Make sure that you include eggs in your meal as it contains omega-3 fatty acids that help nerve cells fire at an optimal speed.
In a recent study, chewing gum is proven to boost one’s mental power for at least twenty minutes. So if you need to be attentive, it’s essential to note that there are the right kind of music that enhances productivity.
There are also studies on Magnetic Reasoning Imaging that show how meditation thickens the areas related to cognitive processing, emotional well being, awareness and retention.
Explaining concepts and discussing ideas are great ways for you to retain important information.
It also helps to keep a diary or a blog since it helps in being more coherent and eloquent in speech. You can see a professional hypnotist to be placed into a trance while they give mindpower-boosting suggestions to your subconscious mind.
There are also frequencies which stimulate the chakras these are the human body’s energy centers. Through this method, you try to to create a visual representation of everything you know so it helps to enhance memory and understanding. Though it doesn’t last longer than one desires, it can help an individual when faced with a task that requires cognitive reasoning and memory skills. The brain needs to be challenged and it’s up to us to give it challenges, diverse and various, instead of the usual trivialities we face every day. It also helps in assessing and calming down your emotions for a more focused functionality. You may get the most out of your mind if you incorporate what you learn here with some NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) techniques, as they have their own value in accelerating the progress you make. While some people have known that these techniques work for some time now, it is only in the last few years that we’ve come to see exactly how these methods may work. There is such a thing called Mozart Effect wherein listening to Mozart’s music improves cognitive performance.
Start off your day by doing activities like Sudoku, Rubix Cube, crossword puzzles and playing cards.
Just by adding 20 more minutes to your sleep every day, you already boost your chances of performing 2-3 times better at work or school. However, the focus of NLP is quite different.The exercises in this series begin with the basic training in the use of all your your senses (sight, hearing, smell, touch, taste), until you can experience them in your inner world as vividly and as real as if they were actually present in your outer world. This is somewhat advantageous to a live session, because it’s less expensive than a live session and you can also listen to the hypnotherapist again and again. The secret of successful self-hypnosis, prayer, or any other type of use of mind-power, depends on your ability to experience your desired outcome as if it were real for you now.
It is not enough to just imagine it, but you must feel the reality of it, with all of your senses - you must be able to concentrate and focus upon your outcome to the exclusion of everything else for the time being and as you focus deeply, you become absorbed by the subject of your focus and eventually you become it within you and then the outer world merely reflects it for you.The series follows with the mind-exercises for development of your ability to transfer your consciousness to any part of your body, experiencing yourself as if you are in effect that part of your body and allowing everything else to fade from your awareness. Then you must learn how to generate it and how to project it, with your mind, whether you desire to create an effect in your own body or somewhere outside of your body.The following part of the mind-training exercises deals with mastering the ability to transfer your consciousness outside of your body - into an inanimate object, into a plant, into an animal, into another human being or into a higher-evolved spiritual being. You can use these abilities to create desired changes in your body, in your life, to gather information, to gain insight, to gain new learnings and wisdom, to help heal yourself and others, and to influence others remotely.

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