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One of the more common questions we field about The Listening Program® (TLP) is "which brain areas are involved in music listening?" Alex Doman addressed this in his blog last week. The brain is musical; neuroscience has proven through functional brain imaging that when we listen to music, virtually the whole brain is involved. TLP helps conduct the neural symphony, connecting the most ancient parts of the brain to the most advanced. If you are not already familiar with TLP it is an easy, pleasurable and effective method to improve your brain health and performance. Executive function is an umbrella term for a set of high-level mental processes that control and regulate other abilities and behaviors. Communication is your ability to exchange information, thoughts, and opinions through verbal and written expression including speech, language, voice and writing; as well as non verbal expression such as gesture, facial expressions, and body language. Your ability to relate to others, manage emotions, resolve conflicts, understand and respond to social situations is impacted by your social skills and emotional intelligence. Your body and brain is hard-wired to react to stress to protect you against threats, whether real or imagined. Based on sound science, The Listening Program® music trains the brain to improve how you perceive, process and respond to the flood of sensory information in our environment today. He has focused his career on sound, music, and technology and their capacity to improve brain health and performance. He lectures internationally and has trained thousands of allied health, education and music professionals in brain based applications of sound and music. Many things can give away what type of personality you have - your body language, tone of voice and the way you can communicate with others.
Carle told indy100 that she created the test as a fun way for people to assess subconscious behaviours. Running to the doctor when we get sick is based on several assumptions we make without even realizing that we did. The second assumption, similar to the first, is that the doctor stays up to date on the latest treatments, cures and remedies. You might find it interesting that the medical symbol is not one but two snakes wrapped around a staff. The fourth assumption many people make is that the doctor only has your best interest at heart.
My point overall is that your body, your life and your health are primarily your responsibility.
Given the strong response to the article we thought we would take the opportunity to share it with you here.
Music listening not only involves the auditory areas of the brain, but also engages large-scale neural networks including; prefrontal cortex, motor cortex, sensory cortex, auditory cortex, visual cortex, cerebellum, hippocampus, amygdala, nucleus accumbens, corpus callosum, autonomic nervous system, vestibular system, and the enteric nervous system.

They include the ability to initiate and stop actions, to monitor and change behavior as needed, and to plan future behavior when faced with novel asks and situations.
Difficulty processing auditory information can have a negative impact on learning, thinking, communication and relationships.
But, if your mind and body are constantly on edge because of excessive stress in your life, you may face serious health problems.
This leads to personal growth helping you to live a happier, productive, and more fulfilling life. He serves as an advisor to; Sound and Music Alliance, Sanoson, NeuroPop, and Concord Music Group. But apparently little things around the house give away traits about ourselves, including the way you hang your toilet paper. But she ended up finding that those who pull their paper over are more dominant, whereas those who pull it from under are more submissive. You may say you go to the doctor because you did not know what else to do, but did you try to find out? So let’s discuss those subconscious assumptions we make and if they are factual or not.
Doctors do a lot of good for many people, but then there is the other side of the coin consisting of malpractice suits, mistakes and dangerous side effects from the medicine in some prescriptions. There are many good and caring doctors, but for most doctors, their primary concern is their own family and thus their income and practice or livelihood. People often try to equate the symbol with Moses and when his staff turned into a snake to devour Pharaoh’s serpents. But what would you say about the men in Tuskegee who were given Syphilis because they were guinea pigs? If you trust a doctor but do not do your own research, you are letting someone think for you.
Relationship expert Dr Gilda Carle has come up with a test which tells you about a key aspect of your personality based on your loo roll habits. We could quite possibly know what to do in many cases if we would use the internet, do a little research and stop letting someone think for us.
But not likely because medical science and God are largely at odds so a medical symbol representing a Biblical event probably won’t happen.
What would you say about how the African infected with Ebola was treated when he was sent home and eventually died? Sometimes the side effects can be worse than the condition you are taking the medicine for. Carle explained her Toilet Paper Personality Test to indy100, revealing her theory and how her findings supported them.

While those of us who are not doctors neither have personal medical knowledge nor medical training, the internet gives us access to sites like WebMD and data everywhere from across the sea to John’s Hopkins.
But even while this journal is being printed, new procedures, treatments and cures are developing- none of which will be in that next copy of the journal.
But either way, you do not come first – like it or not and no matter what they say to butter you up. What would you say when you find out that the first nurse who treated him has a multi-million dollar law suit against the hospital because she was never trained on how to take care of Ebola patients and she contracted it?
I find it interesting that we can clone living creatures, grow test tube babies and put a rover the size of a truck on Mars, but our medical industry cannot cure a cold. So it is likely that the medical symbol represents a staff carried by a thief who stole secrets from the gods.
There are many good, professional, skilled and dedicated doctors, but then there are the others. If we spent a fourth of the time we spend on Facebook and sending text messages researching our illnesses and injuries, we would find out about solutions, cures and treatments our doctors have not even learned about yet. Have you ever gotten a prescription that did not work, made you sicker or cost a lot even though some of the same stuff was sold over the counter at your local Walmart?
Even ancient practices like acupressure and acupuncture or herbal remedies have their place. The problem comes about when we throw out everything but the doctor and the medical industry. Think, ask questions, get a second opinion, do your own research and keep an open mind about all possible solutions to your illness, injury or condition. Either option should depend on the situation, not just an across the board dash to the doctor.
I personally consider myself a pessimist, but of course there are always times when I’m not. I may need to rethink the situation.Stopping by from #commenthour Kesha Thanks for stopping through deary! Hopefully, I can continue to do that for you ??~Kesha Kieran I read a wonderful book recently called Three Feet From Gold.

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