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When you look in the mirror, what do you see?  What do you say to yourself?   Do you speak to yourself with encouraging words or do you criticize yourself with an internal dialog of contempt? Despite our best intentions to love ourselves, to have a good day or to not use harmful behaviors or substances, we often wind up thinking and doing the exact opposite.  Why?
Because your subconscious mind processes information at 1,000,000 faster than your conscious mind, it is critical to address the root cause of your negative belief patterns, align your conscious and subconscious mind with subconscious mind training.  To heal all limiting beliefs at the very core of your soul is at the very source of being connected and at peace with your Self. The Sanctuary at Sedona is very secluded and has a maximum of seven clients, to keep your experience personalized, intimate, of the highest quality and very private. Pillai, VideosKarma is your Thought Process 600 years ago before Jesus Christ, the Buddha came and said that he didn’t believe in a God.
Pillai, VideosWaiting is a Waste of Time The format that I am going to follow from now on will be like in every clip that I make, there will be a message, and then there will be training, there will be coaching and training both together.
Pillai, Meditations, VideosA Gift from The Divine This program is a Gift from The Divine, not from me, especially for those who don’t have the resources or the ability to come to the Full Moon of the Guru Program on July 16 for the four days or so.
Pillai, VideosEach Finger is Wired to the Brain in a Distinct Way In today’s session, I’m going to talk a little bit about theories behind all that we have been doing, and we are going to Tap with all of the fingers when we complete the program.
Pillai, VideosFeel the Brain Exploding with Energy We were practicing Tapping with the Pinkie. Yet the Sun in this sign can help you succeed in your career and bring wealth with these 3 easy steps. Here’s a quick guide for getting help from Venus in Cancer to improve your finances and love life. PillaiNuclear metaphysics, alchemy and super speed for manifesting are some of the elements within the new Mystery School program introduced in Dr. Learning how to let go of the past, release limiting beliefs, transform your wounds into sources of wisdom and strength is at the very core of The Radical Transformation Program offered at The Sanctuary at Sedona.  Are you ready to recapture your physical, emotional, and spiritual health?

You will experience a comprehensive healing program that addresses ALL of you – your body, mind, soul and spirit. And I am going to compress time, so the clips will be only 3 minutes, and 2 minutes of talk and then 1 minute of coaching as well as training. I want to reiterate it is not a gift from me, but it is a Gift from The Divine who functions through me. Pillai’s special invitation to an exceptionally auspicious Full Moon of the Guru is extended to all.
Now, the teaching today is compressing time, and it is quite an appropriate topic because I have compressed time now.
And make available this teaching to you so that you can have the tools to deal with the problems of life, particularly financial problems, health problems, relationship problems. You have to understand that each finger is wired to the Brain in a distinct way and have distinct functionalities associated with it because the goal of the program is to make your brain to work better, and suppress the skeptical, doubtful, negative brain, and open the MidBrain which will give you success, prosperity and that is primarily the goal. The Four Parts of the Brain So the Pinkie has Friendliness and Love associated with it and it is linked to the brain in a very specific way, and functionality.
First, you Tap with the Pinkie, then you remember the Pinkie, you remember Friendliness that the Pinkie represents, and also you remember the Root Chakra, and then you feel every time you Tap, you feel the brain exploding with energy.
The message is: “Why do we tap across the forehead going bottom to top?” To open the MidBrain. So that’s what we practiced, and then there are two types of Tapping that we are to keep in mind. Get Beyond the Karmic Brain I would put it in a different way living in the 21st Century, that karma is deposited in your brain and that gives you orientation to a good life, a mediocre life, or a very, very poor life. Because the Unconscious is more important than the Conscious, it is the Unconscious that makes a man poor, rich, intelligent or ignorant.
You know, if you look at my old picture, some of you have known, but I wanted to show some of my old pictures.

So the 4 parts, the 4 Tappings, represents the 4 places in the forehead corresponding to the brain, and the Yogis used to work on these lines. Then what you do, this is new, go on Tapping, Tapping, Tapping… fast, as fast as you can, and then stop. So all of these are embedded within the brain, – in your orientations to relationships, towards money, towards health, that’s why the Midbrain Tapping would help you to get beyond the karmic brain. The unconscious is very important, but there is no training available to make the Unconscious Mind to become powerful, or the Subconscious Mind to be powerful. You know, just approximately 4 parts, and this is 1, and then the end of this one is 2, and this one is 3, and this one is 4. So that’s why I prescribe this technique across the board to everyone so that you can use this technique to change your condition whether if you want money, relationship, or health. Operating from the Midbrain Allows You to Do Good Things You’ll be able to do a lot of good things for yourself and for your family and the world if you operate from the MidBrain, and the MidBrain Tapping, the technique that we have been experimenting. I want one day the world, the whole world to learn, to come and learn this technique to open the Unconscious, or the Subconscious. And I still have an experimental group here with me so that I could create a great technique for you. So I changed and began to dress differently, or I began to dress conservatively so I would be able to go through the airport quickly without being stopped. Don’t think about anything, but Tap, Tap, Tap, Tap, Tap and feel the Brow Chakra in between the two eyebrows. Three, Four, Five, Feel all of the parts: the Pinkie, the Brow Chakra, the Root Chakra, the brain.

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