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I have just finished a five-day “live in” retreat called the Awakening with a small group of my students. Firstly, practicing something regularly will make it a permanent habit, which can benefit us.
Practice mind power daily and it will become a permanent part of our life that can assist us in having a great life.
This entry was posted in Nature of Reality & Consciousness, Practicing MindPower and tagged how to be successful, john kehoe mind power blog, John Kehoe mindpower, practicing mind power. Quantum physics has determined that we are much more than our perceived three dimensional existence.
The world is on a collision course with the collapse of the dollar, martial law and World War III. This series of articles explores the hidden powers which lies inside of all of us and the proper use of these God-given powers have the potential to change the course of human history.
In order for the human race to survive the coming carnage, we do not have to resort to violence. As human beings, we have incredible superpowers which would make the superheroes very envious.
Human beings, beyond the laws of statistical probability, have the ability to anticipate unseen and unheard danger.
Human beings, as demonstrated in the a€?Princeton Eggsa€? experiments, have the unconscious ability, as manifested in our autonomic nervous system, to anticipate catastrophic danger 3 to 4 hours in advance of the event. Human beings, as demonstrated in a multitude of double-blind research studies, have the ability to affect a physical change in the environment when collective mental processes are utilized in harmony in a phenomena known as mass consciousness. The Supreme Creator fashioned the universe based upon a very consistent and predictable scientific set of processes. Once I became awake to the conspiracy of the bankers who have hijacked the planeta€™s governments and economic systems, did I come to view the suppression of human potential as a conspiracy to limit the growth and power of every person on the planet with ultimate enslavement as the goal. I take my vial of the olive oil, I asked a blessing on when I filled the vial…I wet my fingertip with oil and in the name of Christ, I rub it on my forehead. The content of this post is a personal opinion of mine and not a reflection of any bloody entity I have worked in, working in, will work in, studied in, serviced, or been serviced by, sexually or otherwise, metaphorically or in the literal sense, in this life or the next, in my dreams, be they wet or dry, real or fictional, in any country on this planet, terrestrial, aquatic, aerial or virtual. So the interview goes smoothly for a few minutes before the interviewer’s eyes widen at the blasphemous text which claims I am studying Masters.
I lost count of the number of times me and my friends have been rejected or put on the sideline because we are trying to better ourselves.
If you just want to meet your bottom lines, then change the job descriptions and change your screening criteria. There is just so much I have to say – companies and brands which force their employees to only use their products (examples are cigarette companies and soft drink companies and probably condom companies). We are *all* striving to be unique and proudly exhibit our uniqueness yet we struggle with the sense of belonging with everyone else and become like everyone else. A pretty heavy question but one I think that you can appreciate. If YOU are the most confident person that you know then no need to read further. You can go finish taming lions or asking-out super-models or whatever it is that the most confident people in the world do. See the thing about confidence is that it is at the core of so many other issues and at the subconscious mind level, the lack of confidence affects EVERYTHING IN YOUR LIFE. In this self-paced 4-part series How To Be The Most Confident Person You Know – Using Four Simple Techniques you will learn exactly how to do #3. You will not see any of this material anywhere else on the web because this will not be just theory but my own personal stories and Herculean struggles that have gotten me to where I am today and the techniques that I’ve learned along the way. In a nutshell I basically said by the end of this four-part course you will become the most confident person that you know.
I was in a job where I felt like I was just another number on the payroll, waiting for the end of the day and Monday was a dirty word to me.
I instead tried to convince myself that I should be lucky just to have a job in this crazy economy!
The funny thing about lack of confidence is that when you fear doing something you end up being your #1 critic and talking yourself out of what you fear most.

I even visualized crawling back to the former boss begging him to take me back and letting him know how silly I was to think that I could leave the comfort zone of my cubical and corporate America.
Coincidentally there were many similar lost souls there as it happened to be the same campground area where one of the most profound spiritual teachers, Eckhart Tolle was giving a talk.
Tolle said that lack of confidence (or low self-esteem) will always be a challenge to maintain because one cannot constantly be in a state of high self-esteem. That would mean continually giving yourself positive affirmations and reassuring yourself of your own value.
You end up judging yourself against either what someone else thinks or what you think that someone else thinks about you. But that’s all most of us know how to do, compare ourselves and that usually means judging either others or ourselves. The amazing little secret is that once you stop comparing yourself and making judgments,there is no such thing as lack of confidence because you have nothing to be fearful of. That typically has the effect of making you question your self worth which leads to low confidence. This is the beginning of being The Most Confident Person You Know because now you are automatically on level-ground with everyone else. You can’t control what someone says or does but you can control the way you react to it.
Getting upset is natural–we all do it, but again its your reaction to that event that matters more than anything else.
If you are not grateful for something in your life that is usually the same thing that you place little value on. Expressing gratitude bolsters self-worth and self-esteem. When you realize how much people have done for you or how much you have accomplished, you feel more confident and efficacious.
Unfortunately, for many people, it comes more naturally to focus on failures and disappointments or on other people’s slights and hurts. Gratefulness can help you unlearn this habit. Instead of automatically thinking, “Woe is me,” in response to any setback, the practice of gratitude encourages you instead to consider what you value about your current life or how you are thankful that things aren’t worse. Think of someone that was very influential in your life, someone that has done something amazing for you or something important for you. The point here is that you are calling someone out-of-the-blue and unexpected and unscheduled.
Well it made my day just knowing that you now have it as a building-block to becoming The Most Confident Person That You Know. And to me passion is something that excites me and something that gets me closer to my purpose in life (or my yearly goal).
So the Idea Machine is a technique to write down 10-20 ideas a day about anything that you can possibly imagine. Idea Conception + Idea Nourishment + Idea Execution = Confidence that you can creatively get closer to whatever helps you to grow as a person.
Yesterday was probably one of the funnest techniques that I’ve come across to help get the confidence juices flowing.
The worst thing about future situations is the tension and anxiety that slowly builds before the actual event. I spent so much time worrying about what people would think of my presentation that I sometimes forgot what I was saying.
For the longest three seconds of my life I saw nothing but curious faces looking at me–almost as thought they have been waiting for this moment.
Well thankfully I quickly segwayed into something else but let me tell you–there is nothing worse than feeling like a complete fool in from of a crowd.
In fact from that day on, which was actually not that long ago, I promised myself that this would never happen again.
As it turned-out, I was actually correct in thinking about my presentation before hand but what I did wrong was obsess over and dissect only the parts where I thought I would look bad or come off as looking like a fraud. The trick was to not think about what I would say or how I would look but how I would feel. However following her advice I started off visualizing the people smiling in the audience, then some of them actually so nervous that it was hard for them to maintain eye-contact with me, then some of them actually not wearing any clothes, then finally a great line starting to form before I was finished speaking of people lining up to speak to me after the presentation.

You see the more ridiculous I played out the scenario in my mind the more confident that I was actually the one that would was in for a good show. Well since I started those visualization and fantasy-scenario techniques I have been eager to give presentations ever since. Not only visualize but actually feel it–feel the emotions as your are simulating that scenario in your head. For some of us it’s hard to learn to become confident just by reading a series of techniques. Even though the past four techniques that I shared over the past four days are some of the most powerful in the world. During one of our many processes, one of my students came up with a brilliant quotation and I felt I had to pass it on to you. Secondly, practicing something regularly permanently changes the neurological circuits in our brain as well. Research studies in the area of social psychology have demonstrated that people can usually tell when theya€™re being stared at from behind even when there are no possible sensory cues to tip them off. Research results on human consciousness may not speak as loudly as the propaganda of the mainstream media, but the results speak the truth much more loudly than our friends do from the corporate controlled media. As I began to become exposed to some of the good research being done by scientists such as Dean Radin, I was forced to take note of the sophistication of the research data which was highly suggestive of the fact that we, as human beings, possess incredible and seemingly magical powers. I have also heard of experiments that prove our brains also operate in the future about 5 minutes or so, this was commented on by Alfred Rupert Sheldrake in a podcast with Joe Rogan. Quantum physics proves physics is wrong, is about the only true thing you can state about it.
I have a *lot* on my mind and, quite frankly, at the moment I don’t feel quite the diplomatic, complacent self that I am.
Most notably are soft-skills such as your amazing ability to motivate yourself to move forward while the company closes all doors of hope in your face and subjects you to endless psychosomatic torture.
You seek a person who is self-learning, self-improving, multi-talented, multi-tasking, multi-anus, and instead of commending their pursuit of self-everything you start questioning business impact?
It feels as though the mediocrity of education is directly proportional to your investment.
Steve Jones, he is actually one of the foremost experts on confidence in the world–and has a VERY successful, well-established practice in beautiful Savanna, GA. The banksters who have hijacked our government have indeed planned for our demise under the most violent of circumstances. This ability has obvious implications towards our survivability and, therefore, should be considered to be a natural part of the repertoire that we possess in order to maximize and enhance our prospects for longevity.
However, within the alternative media and the truth movement, I see a large knowledge gap, thereby, creating the need to bring this information out to a different audience.
The expression “practice makes permanent” is more accurate and has two important connotations, which are both valuable to us.
We are more than matter and energy, physics does not account for any consciousness experienced by any organism. I am not undermining formal education of course – but at least provide a service that is equivalent of how much money I am investing. Or how about companies which claim to be pro-free-speech and support global causes (such as uprisings and the such) yet at the same time ask you to remove any remarks made about clients?
Are we now instruments to our organisations that we cannot voice our own opinions without consent?
The same companies whose employees tweet and post about the backwardness of authoritarian rule will themselves practice such methods in their organisations.

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