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Our unconscious mind plays a fundamental role in our health, wellbeing and in the changes that sustain them. There are many approaches out there to help cure insomnia however most don’t address change at an unconscious level so their long term impact is patchy at best. Sleepora includes specially written brain entrainment programs, some of the most tried and tested NLP techniques, neuroscience principles plus the latest thinking in tackling insomnia. The ancient storytellers used story telling to convey lessons and meanings to those who listened. We shall look at the Chinese folklore of the Monkey King in the story titled Journey To The West.
Xuanzang and his 3 disciples encountered many ghosts and demons who try to trick, kidnap and kill Xuanzang in their long journey.
Wukong the Monkey King possessed great fighting abilities,strength, endurance and magical powers. Now if we dig a little deeper beneath the surface of the story, we can easily observe the symbology hiding behind the drama. Thus, the monk sets on a journey to control and discipline his mind, lust, greed, laziness and anger in order to attain peace and enlightenment, or Buddhahood.
One day we will awaken from this sleep and dream, and when our consciousness is awakened we will know we are the sole cause of everything we experienced.
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Blog sponsorship and banners Contact us if you wish to place a link or banner advertisement to your site or to sponsor this blog. This is because marijuana for some people causes not only a physical dependence, but a mental one as well much like smoking cigarettes. Stop smoking hypnosis treatments have been in use for many years to help people kick the habit. The answer is that hypnosis can certainly play a powerful role in helping people quit, but they may need an effective support system as well. Before hypnosis can help the person who is addicted, they must recognise that they need help in a deep, profound way.
Once the addiction is recognised, one of the most common reactions is just how much marijuana has taken from your life.
Hypnosis can help not only to curb the withdrawal that many feel once they have given up marijuana, but also in addressing the physical habits and mental state that is now being missed by the brain. Hypnosis can address the cravings, the feelings of being uneasy, the anticipation and the feelings of loss when the addiction is no longer present. Basically, when the mind has reached a point where the feelings of addiction start to kick in, the hypnosis treatment reacts by initiating a triggered response of calm or serenity.
In addition, the hypnosis can address some of the physical sensations associated with withdrawal as well, such as the nausea and discomfort that they will feel. Naturally, the effectiveness of the therapy will depend in large part on the willingness of the patient to overcome their addiction, the number of treatments and having a support group to help them stay on the right path. In stop smoking hypnosis sessions, the focus is on overcoming the personal image that addicts have of themselves.
To stop smoking weed is not an easy process and not everyone will succeed, at least at first. For those who are willing and want to change, have the support system in place and can even remove themselves from the environment that helped create the conditions for the addiction, hypnotherapy can really help in putting a person on the path to never smoke weed again.
For more information get in touch using the contact form sessions can be done in person or via Skype. I was hypnotized a few years ago when I was addicted to pain killers, surprisingly the first time I went I was cured, well not right away as a few days later I had cravings, so I got hypnotized until I had no interest in it again.
For me I would rather smoke marijuana, but I know for some people, marijuana can be a serious problem, as they smoke too much and keep needing more and more.
My addiction to marijuana isn’t so bad, but I do often smoke a little too much so I might give hypnosis a serious shot.
I have heard hypnosis works brilliantly against other addictions, but I had no idea there was a chance that marijuana was addicting. This is the second time i have seen Biodun and both times he made me feel very relaxed and he actually cares about your problems and doesnt just wnat you in and out to get your cash, i had a phobia which i didnt think i would get rid of and after 1 session its gone, its crazy but it works.
I suggest if you have a problem and you are looking for a great hypnotherapy go to Optimind. Thank you to Biodun for all your support and encouragement in helping me on this journey, How you managed to change my attitude completely I am not sure as i now think like a thin person.
Normally I don’t post the articles like this, but these pictures really astonished me so I decided to share them with the readers of my blog who love optical illusions and are fond of the paranormal.
A private collector from Spain has a unique collection of old paintings with stereo effect, which makes the image change at an angle. It is often shrouded in mystery when talked about because as it’s name implies it is out of our conscious awareness.
This is proven by taking medication where a person consistently needs to take medication to deal with the problem. It is designed around your individual needs so is flexible enough to cater to your own insomnia issues. In ancient times, the masses were not educated and could not read, therefore the best mode of conveying any message is by story telling or parables. In ancient China, the people knew that enlightened monks who attained Buddhahood came from India (west of China). Similarly, Jesus was confronted by the devil and Buddha saw the devil when he was meditating under the Bodhi tree right before attaining enlightenment. The various traits of the human mind and emotional psyche are personified into characters in the book! In the end, all of the characters attained buddhahood due to their contributions along the journey.

Marijuana is a very addictive substance that has millions of people in this country and around the world hooked. However, while cigarette smokers can gradually cut down on nicotine while using e-cigs to help fight the addiction, there are generally less developed methods for those who want to know how to stop smoking weed. Over this time, studies have been performed on the effectiveness of hypnosis when it comes to using the abilities of the mind itself to stop smoking weed.
This is because as with most addictions, the problem cannot be quickly solved and expected never to return. Otherwise, no treatment can possibly help them in terms of trying to recover and gain back their lives.
There are so many experiences that were missed, so many opportunities not taken all because you were dependant on weed for your enjoyment. It bring the power of the mind into play in order to help people fight the effects of missing their addiction. Hypnosis works by sending messages to the conscious and subconscious parts of the brain, resulting in changes to the automatic stimulus that the addictive elements of marijuana brings. Basically, hypnosis can actually help your mind in overcoming the elements that have caused and carried on the addiction for all this time.
In essence, those that undergo the treatment will find themselves feeling something different instead of the normal sensations of withdrawal from the addiction.
By addressing both the stimulus and discomfort, effective hypnosis therapy can be used to help people overcome their addiction to weed in a gradual manner. However, the hypnosis sessions will help them overcome the deeply held beliefs which they have that hold them to their addiction. This means that if the subconscious mind sees themselves as a marijuana addict or pot smoker, then hypnosis can be used to overcome this perception. In fact, proper addiction treatment in how to stop smoking weed requires several treatments and reinforcement sessions over a period of time in order to be fully successful.
I expect it works similarly to the likes of smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol, or any other addiction out there.
I have a feeling that those who’re addicted to marijuana could get hypnotized to get out of said addiction.
For me I smoke on occasions, and I rarely smoke a lot, so if I wanted to quit, I’d simply quit. I mean, I could afford to save some money from buying weed all the time and use it for medical expenses, school and so on. I have had hypnosis done to me because of this site and I’m doing so much better because of it. I did it sometime ago to help me get over my addictions and problems and low and behold I don’t have said problems. I have smoked it myself a lot in the past, but I never really thought too much of it as an addiction. I have smoked my whole life and it has really tore apart my earnings from work and I hate to see any money lost to pot rather than to some important medical bills or whatever else that needs paying.
I want to say thanks because I’ve learned a lot about hypnosis because of you and I appreciate everything.
For me I was able to curb my addiction to cigarettes, alcohol and other drugs by simply using hypnosis. I have trouble being hypnotized, so perhaps this could help me be relaxed enough to take suggestions.
I was referred through word of mouth to try Optimid therapy but in the beginning was quite suspicious towards the outcome since I thought hypnosis does not work. It's exactly one year ago that I started on this journey and i have lost 6.5 -stone in weight and I have completely changed my lifestyle. However, once you change the view angle, a scary picture of an evil creature will appear before you. It’s a community of like-minded individuals who are passionate about knowledge, awareness and self-improvement. The world famous NLP Trainer and coach Joseph O’Connor sums up the unconscious mind very well and helps the make the intangible more tangible. Your memory is stored in your unconscious, it runs your body, your habits are formed at an unconscious level, it preserves the body (eg. This shows that the body has not returned to balance and resumed normal sleep patterns (without continued assistance). It is designed and packaged in a way which allows flexibility in dealing with your individual insomnia conditions. Note that there are no devils per se, but the our own human nature of doubt, greed, lust, and anything that is anti-love or anti-oneness. Sandy the demon had little character development in the story, but it was understood that he was an angry demon trying to repent and release his karma. Sun Wukong the mighty monkey king who has great powers, intelligence, magic and fighting skills is capable of great trickery to defeat his enemies. According to legends, he was a deity in heaven who was lazy and lustful, and was sentenced to earth as punishment by the Gods to become a pigman. Neville Goddard once remarked while in meditation one day, he had a vision of a man sitting in a lotus posture. The characters are ancient personifications and metaphors for the aspects of our mind, emotions and consciousness.
For many who want to stop smoking weed, the prospects of actually quitting marijuana are daunting indeed.
Effective methods that rid the body and mind of the addictive properties of marijuana take a combined approach that lasts long after the main treatments are completed. Weed is a rather sneaky issue because unlike alcohol which can leave you feeling physically devastated or heroin whose properties are highly addictive and destructive, marijuana is more subtle and less obvious.
Too many people fool themselves into thinking that they either do not have a problem or that it does not control their lives.

For many however, it is a rather liberating experience to know that once you have overcome your dependency, that there is a life waiting for you to experience. This is because there is more than just a physical dependency on marijuana, there is a mental one as well.
Of course, the hypnosis is being directed by a hypnotherapist who will search, identify and address the conditions of addiction through the use of trigger responses. You can really see hypnosis as a way to reprogram the brain much like a computer can be reprogrammed to accept new information and disregard the old or unwanted feelings, urges and conditions that have created and perpetuate the addiction. Well, I don’t really consider marijuana as addicting, since I smoked it a lot in the past and I gave it up quite easily, but I suppose some people could be addicted to it. But when some are severely addicted, yes people can be addicted to pot, they tend to need help to get through it, and hypnosis is a great way.
Back then I thought it was some fairy tail and never believed it, but I do have questions and thoughts on it these days. I have gone back to my addictions in the past, but I always use hypnosis to get out of said addictions again. I always felt I could quit anytime and I usually did, but I’d always fall back on it. Hypnosis worked for me, and it should work for a lot of people, you just need to give it a real shot. The human mind can be changed with some tricks I bet, so I’m going to give it a real shot and see where it brings me. I remember watching some show where this guy would hypnotize guests for fun, I never believed in it until now. In other words it is the equivalent of putting continuous plasters on a wound that doesn’t heal as opposed to finding a way to get the  wound to heal properly and naturally. In AD 640, a Chinese monk named Xuanzang travelled across the mountains and deserts of Inner Asia to India to study and search for Buddhist scriptures. Together they all serve their master Xuanzang in his quest for the Buddhist scriptures in the west to attain Buddhahood.
In Buddhism, in our journey to englightenment, we have to discipline our laziness, greed and lust. Unfortunately, too many people either do not take the right steps or use treatments that simply are not that effective. Weed affects the mind and body in ways that over time can be quite debilitating, but it does not have the immediacy of many other addictive drugs so most people may not recognise that they have a problem. As with smoking cigarettes, the person who smokes weed will actually develop physical actions such as how the joint is held, inhaled and the physical actions afterwards as well. I got into a car accident because of it, thankfully I didn’t hurt anyone, but it was an eye opening experience. But I may have some learning to do, because I watched some videos just now and I am starting to believe it’s a real thing.
I am addicted to marijuana and it isn’t a burden as in smoking, but more of a burden on my financial future as I have barely anymore money during my paychecks, and I need to stop it.
Anyways I just wanted to say that I’m thankful and that hypnosis really works, you just need to let your mind go with the flow. I may not be completely cured, but I am doing less and less of the harmful things these days, so it does have an effect on people to some extent. I think I’m going to see if there are any hypnotherapists in the area where I can actually get over some past events in my life, nothing serious, just annoying mostly. She is particularly interested in topics regarding introversion, consciousness and subconscious, perception, human mind's potential, as well as the nature of reality and the universe. For example you don’t have to consciously tell your heart to beat, a wound to form a scab and heal, your sweat glands to activate when you are too hot or indeed for you to shiver if you are too cold. That’s not to say that medication is bad only that a natural, non-invasive solution in the long term is preferable.
Optimind helped me fight all this and made me regain my control over my emotions.If I feel weak at any point in the future I know I could go there and regain the strength, which over time completely removes all the problems experienced in the past. I just need to remain focused and know that this is a lifestyle change and not just a diet.
Even those actions which you have some conscious control over are (such as breathing or blinking) are generally operated at an unconscious level. According to the folklore, the Monkey King was imprisoned under a rock by the Buddha for 500 years before he freed himself and joined Xuanzang on the journey.
He was once in heaven but was punished by the gods and sent to earth as a demon-man because of his uncontrolled anger. If we had to consciously (24 hours a day) think about our breathing, blinking and so on we would not have the mental bandwidth to be able to function properly in the world. The Goddess Of Mercy (Guanyin) of Heaven, bestowed upon Monk Xuanzang 3 disciples to protect him in his journey against demons who intent to obstruct him. We must always keep our emotions in check, especially our negative emotions in order to be able to meditate and attain our Buddhahood.
His disciples were Sun Wukong (a monkey king), Zu Pajie (a pigman) and Sha or Sandy (a demon who was training himself to control his anger and release his past karma). Because according to Buddhism, in order to attain enlightenment and let go of our dogmas, beliefs and thoughts and associated feelings and karma, we have to quiet the mind in meditation.
Therefore, the monkey king (the mind) must be disciplined by one who is enlightened about the nature of the mind (the Buddha). The examples of Pigsy and Sandy also goes in line with the fact that we are all gods, but we have come to this world to experience the human experience, human nature and emotions.

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