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Registration allows you to keep track of all your content and comments, save bookmarks, and post in all our forums. While the daily-grind, hard work and associated rewards are noble ways to go about building your Sims a happy and fruitful lifestyle, there is no Sanbox mode in The Sims 3 which allows you to simply build a dream house and live a life of leisure and luxury with no constraints. Hi I'm going to show you all how to have alot of money without a have to press the Shift,Ctrl,and C at the same time then let it go2nd. You can pick your own audio to play while your Sims listen to the radio or CD player in game via the Custom Radio channel.
If you push Ctrl,Shift,C and type motherlode spelled like that you get 50,000 dollars for your Sims. So if you want that stuff that you can only get with life time happiness or over things for the sims 3 here is the Cheat: TestingCheatsEnabled true then put buydebug and there ya go!
Hold Ctrl + Shift + C, and a box should appear then type 'testingcheatsenabled true' do not include the 's. You can make your needs go up by holding them and pulling it up or down and If you click on the mailbox by holding shift and pressing it you can make everyone's health in your household go up. Okay, so you know how you want more lifetime happiness points to get the fertile treatment etc. Some of the building tools are also restricting, confined to a grid and not allowing complete control over object placement. Some of you were wondering: I read the fishing for dead book, but I can't find a vampire fish anywhere! EA have generously provided a heap of cheats, some very useful and some merely humorous to ease these potential limitations.All traditional cheats in the game must be entered via the game's 'console' or command line. In that box type in testingcheatsenabled true Then press enter4th.Then Press the same thing Shift,Ctrl, C same time5th.
Make sure you access the Sims folder via 'My Documents' or 'Documents' on Vista and not the one you may find through Program Files, as that does not appear to work.These folders also have the names of some of the tracks included with the game, if any take your fancy.

Well on the Main menu page press Ctrl + Shift + C and you will see a blue bar appear on the top. If you type in the testingcheatsenabled true cheat first however, it will give you a wider range of cheat codes. As long as you have the cash to begin with, you can effectively 'borrow' items, use them, for reasons such as to upgrade your Sim or make them happy, and then sell them before 24 hours is up with no loss of value. Type in the box 1st Familyfunds (your family's last name) Then Type the amount of money you wantTrust me it works !!
You can upgrade the stereo in game if your Sim is handy enough, allowing your favourite tunes to bellow throughout the entire plot! Does not affect the speed of time in-gameUnlockOutfits [on or off] - This must be entered before going into CAS.
Where a series of values is given, such as 0-5, only one number between the values should be entered. BUT then hold down Ctrl and on the right of the number of point you got, while holding down ctrl at the same time you keep clicking on the top right of the points you got and then the number of points you got should go up a lot! You can also find 'Unknown seeds' in the graveyard to allow you to reproduce the flower in your garden, and you must find alternative means of getting the flower after one tangle with the Reaper.
Note:If any cheats do not at first work, try activating testingcheatsenabled true before entering them. While every effort has been made to test all of the above cheats to ensure they are reported accurately here, the above technique should solve any possible errors. You can make use of it in Create-a-Sim and through a chest of drawers where you create a new outfit for your Sim. This is a good way to keep your family unit the same as when you began the game, and also to keep managing your family as easy as possible. Use SHIFT+Click and 'Add to household' to reverse the effect, adding NPCs to your family unit.

Again with testingCheatsEnabled true entered, you can interact with certain items in the game world to change your Sim's life. You can thus set up amusing scenarios of heists, funerals and pizza deliveries in one place.'Set Career' lets you pick a job for your Sim. For any character in the game you can 'Trigger age transition', levelling them up in the same way a birthday cake does for young Sims. This allows you to control their negative needs, such as bladder, hunger and hygiene, and focus on the fun stuff. Replace on with off to disable.Constrainfloorelevation false is a fun one, which lets you raise and lower the floor of your house's plot regardless of the house. You can therefore create geometrically horrific but nonetheless intricately unique designs.
Some are funny, others, less so.EnableLlamas on enables llamas, though no one has yet discovered the significance of this cheat. You get a funny message at least.FadeObjects on makes objects fade when the camera zooms in near them. To turn it off, simply set the number at 0.Fps on shows the current frames per second that the game is running at in the top right hand corner of the screen. Replace on with off to disable.RecordVideo captures the game's video using the specifications you will or will not have set in the options menu.
Pressing V also achieves this end.Speed 0-4 changes the game speed in the same manner as the icons on the user interface. Replace off with on to reverse the effect.FullScreen switches the game from full screen to windowed and vice versa.

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