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Your instructors will share with you experiences and skills to give you an in depth understanding and powerful life changingexperience. How your brain was programmed in early years of your life How you can reprogram your brain.
You are now guided through a the first projection exercise, designed to enhance your imagination and visualization. You go to Alpha level once again and project your awareness into your home and exercise your imagination as you make a mental survey of your house. The next experience is Psychometry, which is so amazing for most people that they tend to not believe how much they have already learned and it's only day one.
Next your instructor will guide you through Silva centering exercise and you will find yourself reaching the THETA level of mind even faster than before, your concentration gets even stronger.

By this time you find you are ready to project your mind in to an advanced living creature, the animals.
You will learn the difference between the two techniques andunderstand their various applications. You will attempt to bring this person into your mind and describe their emotions, physical state, and life.
During the course, everyone will have the opportunity to test their ESP on at least 10 problem cases. But since you still need to expereince it, you may want to know what happens in Silva UltraMind classes that makes them so much more benifitial. You will practice mentally  projecting yourself into metals at a molecularstructure and sense information within metals.

You find yourself reaching the deeper levels faster and easier each time  you practice and your concentration getting stronger. In deep THETAlevel of mind, you will  mentally project yourself in to plants and trees. At this point you are able to reach the alpha level even more quickly with a lot moreconcentration. You project your awareness into a loved one and learn how to detect abnormalities as well as how to provide mental healing.

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